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  March 5, 2001

Activities & Achievements

Entries Welcome

We invite faculty, staff and graduate students from all campuses to submit entries Activities and Achievements. Items must be typed in Advance style and email is strongly encouraged. Send to the Editor at

Ellen Ball has been appointed assistant vice president for corporate and foundation relations for the University of Connecticut Foundation. She joined the Foundation Feb. 19 from Tulane University Health Sciences Center.

Leo Lefrancois has been named chief of the newly formed Division of Immunology in the Department of Medicine at the Health Center. Administrative coordinator for the division is Sue Roman.

Articles & Chapters
Elizabeth Anderson, Nursing, "Thyroid Disease: A Review for Primary Care," Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 13 (2000), pp. 11-17; and "Self-Esteem and Optimism in HIV-Infected Men and Women," Nursing Research, 49 (2000), pp. 262-71.

Christine Earley, Accounting, "Knowledge Acquisition in Auditing: Training Novice Auditors to Recognize Cue Relationships in Real Estate Valuation," in The Accounting Review (January 2001), pp. 81-97.

Bruce Larson, Agricultural & Resource Economics, "Specific Environmental Regulations and Export Competitiveness," Land Economics 76 (2000), pp. 534-49; and in T. Panayotou, ed., Environment for Growth in Central America: Environmental Management for Sustainability and Competitiveness (Cambridge, Mass.: John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 2000), "Accounting for Sustainable Agricultural Growth in Central America," pp. 101-26; with J.M. Perez, "Sustainability and On-Farm Externalities in Central America: A Critical Review and Synthesis of the Literature," pp. 127-66; with S. Rosen, "The U.S. Organic Market: Size, Trends, and Implications for Central American Agricultural Exports," pp.167-207; and, with Jeremy Foltz and Rigoberto Lopez, both of Agricultural & Resource Economics, "Land Tenure, Investment, and Agricultural Production in Nicaragua," pp. 208-27.

Carol Lewis, Political Science, "Ethics Websites to Explore," Ethics Today, newsletter of the American Society of Public Administration section on ethics.

Sally Scott, Educational Psychology, & E. Manglitz, "Foreign Language Learning: A Process for Broadening Access," Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 14.1 (2000), pp. 23-37.

Don Tepas, Psychology, emeritus, "Should a General Recommendation to Nap be Made to Workers?" in S. Hornberger, P. Kauth, G. Costa and S. Folkard, eds., Shiftwork in the 21st Century: Challenges for Research and Practice (Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2000). In the same book, Tepas co-authored, with graduate students J. Pratt and H. Howarth, "Inter-Individual vs. Intra-Individual Differences: An Important Distinction for Shift-Work Research?" He also co-authored with J.M. Price "What is Stress and What is Fatigue?" in P.A. Hancock and P.A. Desmond, eds., Stress, Workload and Fatigue, (Mahaway, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2001).

Awards & Honors
Ulrike Klueh, Biomedical Engineering, graduate student, won the Society for Biomaterials 2001 Graduate Student Research Award. The society is the premier professional society for research and education in biomaterials, biomedical-surgical devices, and bio-implantation. Klueh will receive an honorarium and travel expenses to the 2001 meeting of the Society in Minneapolis. She will present her award-winning study, "Binding and Orientation of Fibronectin on Surfaces Using Collagen-Related Peptides," at a special session of the meeting, and it will be published in the Journal of Biomedical Research.

Maria-Teresa Lepeley, Continuing Studies and Business Administration, Management and Quality in Education: A Model for Assessment, published in Spanish (McGraw-Hill Interamericana, January 2001; English version forthcoming).

Srinivasan Ratneshwar, Marketing, David Mick, and Cynthia Huffman, eds., The Why of Consumption: Contemporary Perspectives on Consumer Motives, Goals, and Desires (Routledge, December 2000), 330 pp.

Elizabeth Anderson, Nursing, made a poster presentation on "Nausea/Vomiting in Long-term Care AIDS Patients," at the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care annual conference, Chasing a Changing Tide: Complex Clients, Care and Communities, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Nov. 4. She also co-presented, with M. Spencer and S. Lennon, "AIDS Related Nausea and Vomiting in Long-Term Care Patients," at the Hartford Hospital annual conference on research/research utilization: Enhancing Healthcare Outcomes Through Nursing Research, in October.

Henrietta Bernal, Nursing, gave a keynote presentation on "Diabetic Care for the Hispanic Population: Implications for Practice," at the research conference of the Veterans Administration Hospital and University of San Juan Puerto Rico School of Nursing, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Joan McGuire, Educational Psychology, Joseph Madaus, & J.H. Currie, presented "Secondary/Postsecondary Transition Issues: Shall the Twain Ever Meet?" at the International Conference of the Council on Learning Disabilities, in Austin, Texas, in October. McGuire also presented "Universal Design for Instruction: A New Approach to Academic Access." at the 25th anniversary celebration of PAL, during the Curry College Conference, in Norwood, Mass. in October.

Marc O'Reilly, Political Science, doctoral student, presented "Great-Power Travails: The United States and the Persian Gulf, 1973-89," at the International Studies Association convention in Chicago in February.

Linda Pescatello, Allied Health, presented "Heart Health," to the Wethersfield AARP Chapter #1222 on Feb. 12.

Sally Scott and Stan Shaw, Educational Psychology, presented "Ensuring Access to Higher Education through Effective Instruction," at the Council for Learning Disabilities International Conference, Austin, Texas, in October. Shaw also presented invited colloquia on "Postsecondary Education for Students with Disabilities" and "Eligibility for Services" at the University of South Florida, in Tampa, in January; with Loring Brinckerhoff, Manju Banerjee, and Jane Byron, Scott presented "The Changing Landscape: Higher Education and Services for Students with LD" at the national conference of the International Dyslexia Association in Washington, D.C., in November.

Professional Societies
Don Tepas, Psychology, emeritus, has been elected secretary of the Scientific Committee on Night and Shiftwork of the International Commission on Occupational Health and Safety.