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  January 29, 2001


The following grants are a compilation of those received through the UConn Health Center's Office of Grants and Contracts in November. The list represents new awards as well as continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance by the Health Center Office of Grants and Contracts and is published in one or more issues of the print edition, depending on space available, but the entire list is provided online.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Research - Federal
Psychiatry Bauer, L. National Institute of Mental Health $103,414 9/99-5/01
Neuroimaging of HIV and Comorbid Disorders
Psychiatry Ford, J. National Institute of Justice $246,659 11/00-10/01
Evidence-Based Enhancement of the Detection, Prevention, and Treatment
Neuroscience Mains, R. Johns Hopkins University $651,059 6/00-5/01
Prohormone Cleaving Enzymes in Brain and Pituitary Neurons
Biochemistry Setlow, P. General Medical Sciences $448,980 9/99-8/01
Degradation Reactions in Spore Germination
Research - Private
Comm. Medicine Babor, T. Donaghue Foundation $386,874 11/00-11/01
Vital Signs Program
Pediatrics Bruder, M. Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute $99,944 10/00-9/01
Early Childhood Research Institute on Increasing Opportunities for Children
Community Medicine & Healthcare Burleson, J. Baystate Medical $14,272 12/98-9/00
Evaluation of Renal Palliative Care Initiative
Infectious Diseases Dieckhaus, K. Yale $28,701 9/00-8/01
Adherence Through Home Education and Nursing Assessment (ATHENA)
Cardio-Pulmonary Hager, D. Duke University $2,200 6/98-6/01
Sudden Cardiac Death in Heart Failure Trial - SCD-HEFT
Pediatric Dentistry Hand, A. University of Rochester $22,207 9/99-8/01
Physiology of Mucus-Secreting Salivary Glands
Pediatric Dentistry Hand, A. University of Rochester $19,289 4/00-3/01
Molecular Basis of Idiopathic Dry Mouth. Subproject 1: Xerostomia Defects
Pediatric Dentistry Hand, A. University of Rochester $17,696 9/00-6/01
Mechanisms of Anion Transport in Salivary Cells
Physiology Loew, L. Molecular Probes Inc. $772 4/95-4/01
Material Transfer
Hypertension/ Medicine Oncken, C. Yale $18,835 9/99-8/00
Subcontract to Yale University Center Grant
Pathology O'Rourke, J. Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation $5,000 1/99-12/00
Education Attack on Juvenile Diabetic Blindness with Pictures
Oral Diagnosis Peterson, D. American College of Radiology $10,000 6/00-12/01
18-367 Rinse in Reducing the Severity of Oral Mucositis in Patients
Endocrinology Raisz, L. National Childhood Cancer Foundation $2,047 1/99-11/00
Clinical Research Associates Committee
Genetics Rowe, D. Children's Brittle Bone Foundation $110,000 11/99-10/01
Design of Colla1 Promoter to Drive Replacement Collagen
Pediatrics Salazar, J. University of Massachusetts $170,155 3/00-2/01
Western New England ACTU
Pediatrics Tsipouras, P. Children's Hospital Medical Center $49,500 10/99-9/01
Use of Hammerhead Ribozymes in an Animal Model of Osteogenesis Imperfect
Research - State
Primary Care Gould, B. Department of Public Health $95,765 4/00-3/01
Administering Certain State Requirements for Primary Care
Related Programs
Hematology/ Oncology Bona, R. UP John $500 9/97-6/01
Hematology -- Oncology Intracity Seminar Series
Hematology/ Oncology Bona, R. Worcester Memorial Hospital $34,737 6/00-5/01
Hemophilia Center Program
Hematology/ Oncology Bona, R. Worcester Memorial Hospital $32,974 9/00-901
Hemophilia Treatment Center CDC Grant Agreement
Obstetrics Curry, S. Lilly Research Laboratories $1,500 1/99-7/01
OB/GYN Grand Rounds
Maternal/Fetal Egan, J. Department of Public Health $18,000 7/00-6/01
Pregnancy Related Mortality Surveillance Services
Rheumatology Parke, A. Unspecified Mixed Sources $5,000 11/00-11/01
Third International Conference on Sex Hormones, Pregnancy, and the Rheumatic Diseases
Health Career Opportunity Programs Plessy, B. Department of Higher Education $43,630 7/00-6/01
Connecticut Collegiate Awareness and Preparation Program