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  November 20, 2000


The following grants are a compilation of those received through the UConn Health Center's Office of Grants and Contracts in October. The list represents new awards as well as continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance by the Health Center Office of Grants and Contracts and is published in one or more issues of the print edition, depending on space available, but the entire list is provided online.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Scholarships & Fellowships
Physiology Clark, H. General Medical Sciences $30,916 09/00-08/01
Research Fellowship -- Heather Clark
Psychiatry Modesto-Lowe, V. Alcohol Medical Scholars Program $15,000 10/99-10/00
Alcohol Medical Scholars Program
Physiology Wagner, J. Child Health & Human Development $32,416 11/00-10/01
Research Fellowship -- John Wagner
Educational Related Programs
Library Arcari, R. National Library of Medicine $387,022 05/96-07/01
National Network of Libraries of Medicine New England Region
Child & Family Studies Bruder, M. Mental Retardation $117,838 07/00-06/01
An Evaluation of the Birth-to-Three System -- Outcome Study
Ob/Gyn Curry, S. Lilly Research Laboratories $2,250 01/99-07/01
Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds
Behav. Scis. & Comm. Health Lepowsky, S. Health Resources & Services Administration $138,365 08/00-08/01
Advanced Education in General Dentistry
Health Care Opportunity Progs. Plessy, O. Health Resources & Services Administration $548,385 09/00-08/01
Health Professions Partnership Initiative
GI/Medicine Ramsey, W. Misc. Sources $600 04/97-03/01
Gastroenterology Grand Rounds
Endocrinology/Medicine Smith, J. Astra Merck Inc. $6,000 12/99-11/00
CME -- Women's Health Update -- Medical Issues of Menopause
Surgery Albertson, P. Health Services Research $281,016 09/99-09/01
Comparison of Treatment of Efficacy for Prostrate Cancer
Neuroscience Eipper, E. National Institute of Diabetes/Digestive Kidney Disease $506,301 07/00-06/01
Biochemistry and Physiology of Peptide Amidation
Family Medicine Fifield, J. National Center Health Services Research (CASH) $529,821 09/00-09/01
Better Pediatric Outcomes Through Chronic Care
Biomaterials Goodman, S. General Medical Sciences $330,872 04/00-03/01
Multi-Photon Biomedical Nanofabrication
Physiology Han, D. Heart, Lung & Blood Institute $288,000 09/00-06/01
Apoptotic Signaling Networks in Atherogenesis
Genetics & Development Helfand, S. National Institute of Aging $23,588 04/99-03/01
Single Gene Mutants that Confer Longevity in Drosophila
Psychiatry Hesselbrock, B. Alcohol & Alcoholism (NIAAA) $38,511 12/99-11/00
Core: Research Center Etology & Treatment of ALC Depend
Neuroscience Hewett, S. Neurological Disorders & Stroke $71,331 09/97-05/01
Cytokine-Medicated Enhancement of Neuronal Injury
Physiology Hla, T. National Institute of Diabetes/Digestive Kidney Disease $252,109 09/97-08/01
EDG - 1 Signaling in Angiogenesis
Biostructure & Function Kosher, R. Child Health & Human Development $341,385 04/00-03/01
Genetic Control of Limb Development - Core B
Psychiatry Kranzler, H. Alcohol & Alcoholism $185,722 09/96-08/01
Targeted NAL Trexone for Early Problem Drinkers
Community Medicine & Health Care Kulldorff, M. National Institute on Aging $16,139 09/00-08/01
Health, Aging and Body Composition Study
Genetics & Developmental Biology Lalande, M. Neurological Disorders & Stroke $267,142 01/99-08/01
Genomic Imprinting of Human Chromosome 15Q
Rheumatology Lefrancois, L. Nat'l. Inst.of Arthritis & Muscolskeletal & Skin Diseases $211,356 09/99-08/01
Regulation of Mucosal Memory T Cell Induction
Rheumatology Lefrancois, L. Nat'l. Inst.of Arthritis & Muscolskeletal & Skin Diseases $219,396 09/99-08/01
Mechanisms of Autoimmune Damage of Intestinal Epthelium
Neuroscience Morest, D. Neurological Disorders & Stroke $144,187 07/97-04/01
Inner Ear and Central Auditory Development
Biomaterials Moussy, F. Research Resources $384,473 09/99-09/00
Control of Sensory/Tissue Interact for Extended Lifetime
Clinical Affairs & Administration Mullen, G. General Medical Sciences $161,615 09/97-09/01
NMR Structural of DNA Polymerase B
Physiology Peluso, J. Child Health $139,137 08/98-07/01
Progesterone Regulation of Granulosa Cell Function
Psyhciatry Petry, N. National Institute of Drug Abuse $106,188 09/00-09/01
Treatment for Dually-Dependent Methadone Patients
Psyhciatry Petry, N. National Institute of Drug Abuse $320,436 09/00-09/01
Vouchers vs. Prizes. Contingency Management
Rheumatology Puddington, L. Heart, Lung & Blood Institute $288,000 09/00-07/01
TCR Gamma Delta Cells Promote TH2 Lineage Commitment
Endocrinology & Medicine Raisz, L. National Institute on Aging $1,386,379 09/00-09/01
Claude Pepper Older Americans Independence Center - ADM.
Genetics & Developmental Biology Reenan, R. NSF, Physiology, Cellular & Molecular Biology $90,000 09/99-09/01
Molecular Genetic Analysis of RNA Editing in Drosophila
Behavioral Science & Comm Healing Reisine, S. Child Health & Human Development $500,000 08/00-07/01
UConn Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Women's Health
Genetics & Developmental Biology Rowe, D. NASA $67,500 05/00-09/01
Use of GFP Transgenes to Assess Osteoprogenitor Progress
Pediatrics Rowe, J. Office for Women's Health $207,618 09/97-09/01
Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement
Biochemistry Setlow, P. U.S. Army $90,000 09/99-09/01
Studies on Bacterial Spore Resistance and Regulation
Primary Medicine Thrall, R. Allergy & Infectious Diseases $228,966 09/99-09/01
The Role of Gamma/Delta T Cells in a Mouse Model of Asthma
Community Medicine & Healthcare Babor, T. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation $607,833 09/00-09/01
Managing Risky Drinking
Biomaterials Goldberg, J. Jeneric/Pentron, Inc. $35,000 12/97-06/01
Passive Dental Applications of Fiber-Reinforced Composite
Surgery Kurtzman, S. Pittsburgh $200 03/97-01/01
NSABF Breast Cancer and Bowel Cancer Treatment
Behavioral Science & Comm. Healing Litt, M. Yale $62,815 08/97-07/01
Field Study of Smoking Cessation in Alcoholism Treatment
Pharmacology O'Rourke, J. Connecticut Eye Bank Visual Research Foundation $35,000 07/99-06/01
Taylor Postdoctoral Fellowship for Vascular Eye Research
Pharmacology Pachter, J. Multiple Sclerosis $11,747 09/99-09/01
Cellular Interactions at the Blood-Brain Barrier
Neuroscience Pfeiffer, S. Multiple Sclerosis $121,372 09/97-09/00
Molecular Mechanisms of Myelin Biogenesis
Pharmacology Smilowitz, H. University of Bern $7,571 04/99-12/00
Collaborative Research on Malignant Glioma Therapy
Oral Diagnosis Tanzer, J. Buffalo $154,833 08/00-07/01
Amylase Binding Streptococci, Dental Plaque and Caries
Neuroscience Zecevic, N. Multiple Sclerosis $101,387 04/99-09/01
Microglia and Golli-NBP Proteins in Human Developing CNS
Community Medicine & Health Care Babor, T. Mental Health/Addiction Services $332,075 09/98-09/01
Psychiatry Ford, J. Child Health & Development Institute of Connecticut $15,000 04/00-11/00
Early Childhood Behavioral Health Problems in Connecticut