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  October 30, 2000


The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs. The full list for each month is posted to the Advance website and is printed in one or more issues, according to the space available.

Grants with UConn listed as a source represent a redistribution of a larger award to the University.

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in September. The list represents only new proposals awarded and excludes continuations.

Agricultural & Natural Resources
Allied Health
Chancellor's Office

Family Studies
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture and Natural Resources
AGR Kerr, K. USDA-HATCH-ADMINISTRATION-428 $622,422 10/00-9/01
HATCH 428 Mother File FY2001
AGR Kerr, K. USDA-MULTISTATE RESEARCH-462 $354,718 10/00-9/01
Multistate Research-462 Mother File FY2001
ANIM SCI Yang, X.J. Colorado State University $28,000 7/00-6/01
Fellowship Account for Tshimangadzo (Lucky) Nedambale
COOP EXT Broderick, S.H. USDA-FOREST SERVICE $25,000 8/00-6/01
Connecticut Forest Stewardship Program
COOP EXT Ricard, R.M. USDA-FOREST SERVICE $35,000 8/00-9/01
Urban Forestry Volunteer Grant
PATHOBIO Hill, D.W. Association of Racing Commissioners Intl $26,000 1/00-12/01
Development of Analytical Methods for the Detection of Carbidopa in Equine Urine
PLNT SCI McAvoy, R.J. Bristol Mums Inc. $750 7/00-6/01
Developing Unique and Commercially Ornamental Plants
PLNT SCI McAvoy, R.J. DED-CII-High Tech Res & Dev Grant Prog $75,000 7/00-6/01
Developing Unique and Commercially Valuable Ornamental Plants Through Genetic Engineering
PLNT SCI McAvoy, R.J. William Pinchbeck Inc. $750 7/00-6/01
Developing Unique and Commercially Valuable Ornamental Plants
Allied Health
ALD HLTH Adams, C. Windham Community Memorial Hospital $16,374 8/00-5/01
Clinical Investigations of Diabetes Mellitus
ALD HLTH Faghri, P.D. Hospital for Special Care $10,000 9/00-8/01
Bone Density in Acute Spinal Cord Injury: Effect of Early Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and Standing
IMS Scola, D.A. Polycom Technologies Inc. $89,357 7/00-7/01
Space Ready Materials
EDCI Reyes, X.A. ED-Bilingual $260,708 9/00-8/01
Bilingual Education Fellowship Program: Preparing Teacher Trainers
EPSY Kehle, T.J. Glastonbury Public Schools $20,075 9/00-6/01
Psychological Services to Students (Co-PI: Bray, M.A.)
EPSY Kehle, T.J. Millbury Public Schools $20,075 8/00-8/01
Psychological Services to Students (Co-PI: Bray, M.A.)
EPSY Kehle, T.J. Norwich Free Academy $11,878 8/00-8/01
Psychological Services to Students
EPSY Young, M.F. NSF-Geosciences $84,458 9/00-8/02
Geoscience Environmental Education-Web-Accessible Instrumented Systems (Co-PI: Torgersen, T.)
CHEM ENG Cooper, D.J. Honeywell Corp. $4,500 7/00-12/02
Emerging Technologies
CHEM ENG Wood, T.K. NSF-Engineering $124,740 9/00-8/01
Redirecting Cellular Metabolism for the Biodegradation of Mixtures of Chlorinated Solvents
CIV ENG Ivan, J.N. U.S. Department of Transportation $99,900 7/00-9/01
Using Multiple Response Hierarchical Bayesian Models to Select Exposure Measures for More Accurate Highway Crash Prediction
ESE Jain, F.C. DED-CII-High Tech Res & Dev Grant Prog $290,750 7/00-6/02
Adv SI/GE Field-Effect Transistor Design & Processing Tech To Fabricate 10 GB/S+ Line Interface Circuits for Fiber Optic Communication
ESE Jain, F.C. E-Lite Technologies Inc. $468,000 4/99-7/01
Dev of High Bright Quantum DOT Based Nanophosphors for Electroluminescent Flat Panel Displays and Illuminators (Co-PI: Papadim, F.)
ESE Jain, F.C. Transwitch Corp. $100,000 7/00-6/02
Advanced Sige Field-Effect Transistor Design and Processing Technology
ESE Taylor, G.W. Intelligent Automation $36,000 8/00-2/01
High Frequency Optoelectronic Pulse Source
ESE Taylor, G.W. Intelligent Automation $27,600 6/00-11/00
Optoelectronic DAC and ADC Integrated Circuit Technology
ESE Taylor, G.W. Intelligent Automation $27,600 6/00-11/00
A Monolithic Uncooled Infrared Array with Integrated Readout Capability
ESE Willett, P.K. Pennsylvania State University $10,000 6/00-9/00
Target Model for McDaniel's Reverberation
MECH ENG Murphy, K.D. NSF-Engineering $212,963 1/01-12/03
Development of a Test Facility and Modeling Capability for Microelectro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) Research and Education
Family Studies
FAM STDS Anderson, S.A. Connecticut Office of Policy and Management $30,000 7/00-6/01
Evaluation of Title V Delinquency Prevention Programs
FAM STDS Harwood, R.L. PHS-HIH-Child Health and Human Develop $415,255 9/00-5/01
Cultural Changes in Child Rearing Beliefs and Practices
FAM STDS Super, C.M. PHS-HIH-Child Health and Human Develop $348,310 6/00-6/01
The Socialization of Infants' State, Attention, and Affect
Liberal Arts & Sciences
BIOL: EE Turchin, P. NSF-Biological Sciences $967,596 9/00-8/01
Building a Mechanistic Basis for Landscape Ecology of Ungulate Populations
CHEMISTRY Suib, S.L. Daido Steel Co. Ltd. $25,000 9/00-3/01
Hydrogen Generation from Water by Pact Reactions
CSRA Barnes, C. Children's Health Council $31,500 7/00-10/00
State of Connecticut Husky Children's Health Insurance Plan Study
CSRA Barnes, C. Rutgers State University of New Jersey $4,500 8/00-8/00
Lucent Technologies Foundation Global Science Scholars Project
CSRA Barnes, C. Rutgers State University of New Jersey $7,999 6/00-7/00
New Jersey Internet Recruiting Study
ECONOMICS Carstensen F.V. Metro Hartford Growth Council $23,324 8/00-1/01
Benchmark Analysis of Metro Hartford Region
ENGLISH Benson, C.D. Harvard University $112,280 7/00-6/01
Visiting Professor
GEOG Cromley, E.K. Connecticut Children's Medical Center $8,719 8/00-5/01
Database Development for an Electronic Atlas of Childhood Injuries in Connecticut
MARINE Cooper, R.A. Department of Defense Office of Naval Res $85,350 7/00-9/00
Charter of R/V Connecticut
PHYSICS Cote, R. NSF-Information Technology Research $166,209 8/00-7/01
Quantum Information Processing with Ultracold Rydberg Atoms
PHYSICS Dutta, N.K. Multiplex Inc. $90,803 9/00-8/02
Advanced Semiconductor Laser Design
PHYSICS Dutta, N.K. Multiplex Inc. $110,002 8/00-8/02
Lasers for Radio Frequency Photonics Applications
PHYSICS Gai, M. Detection & Inst for Adv Neutron App LLC $27,000 7/00-1/01
Ion Source for Radioactive Beams and Biomedical Applications
PHYSICS Jones, R.T. NSF-Mathematical & Physical Sciences $96,095 6/00-7/01
Research Program in Experimental Intermediate Energy Physics
PHYSICS Ramsey-Musolf, M.J. Department of Energy $78,000 9/00-8/01
Fundamental Interactions in Nuclei
PHYSICS Smith, W.W. NSF-Mathematical & Physical Sciences $126,461 8/00-7/01
Cold Atomic and Molecular Ion-Atom Collisions in a Hybrid Trap
PSYCH Fein, D. National Alliance for Autism Research $38,894 7/00-6/01
Early Detection of Pervasive Developmental Disorders
PSYCH Fisher, J.D. PHS-NIH-National Institute of Mental Health $27,144 9/00-8/01
HIV Coping and Safer Behavior: A Theoretical Approach (Grad Student: Korchmaros, J.)
NURSING Cusson, R. Yale University $256,975 7/00-12/03
Program for the Study of Health Care Relationships
PHARM SCI Rhodes, D.G. Common Grounds Group, USA $4,500 8/00-5/01
Stability of Liposomal DNA Vectors
Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education
ERI Carley, T.J. City of Hartford $36,895 7/00-9/00
Hartford and the Environment: Critical Issues for the New Millennium
ERI Carley, T.J. NE Interstate Water Pollution Control Comm. $54,600 5/00-1/01
Connecticut River Fish Tissue Study (Co-PI: Perkins, C.R.)
ISI Rockwell, R.C. NSF-Biological & Critical Systems $99,694 9/00-2/03
Biocomplexity: Incubation Activity: Complex Systems: Cities in their Environments