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  October 23, 2000

Activities & Achievements

Entries Welcome

We invite faculty (including emeriti), staff and graduate students to submit entries for Activities and Achievements. Entries must be typed and e-mail submissions are strongly encouraged: Elizabeth Omara-Otunnu, editor,

Articles & Chapters
Garry Clifford, Political Science, "Endings and Beginnings," Victory in Europe 1945: From World War to Cold War (University of Kansas Press, 2000).

Lynne Healy, John Maxwell, and Barbara Pine, Social Work, "Exchanges That Work: Mutuality and Sustainability in a Caribbean/USA Academic Partnership," Social Development Issues, 21.3 (1999), pp. 14-21.

Linda Pescatello, Allied Health, "El Ejercicio Einamico Normaliza la Tension Arterial de Reposos en Mujeres Premenpausicas con Hipertension Leve," Sociedad Iberoamericana de Información Científica, an electronic journal at

Sally Reis, Educational Psychology, "Underachievement of Gifted Students: Many Frustrations and Few Solutions" Promise: The Newsletter of the New Jersey Association for Gifted Children (September 2000), pp. 4 & 16.

Awards & Honors
Mark Bridgen, Horticulture, in the Department of Plant Science received the G.A. Mehlquist Award from the Connecticut Horticulture Society for his outstanding contributions to the field of Horticulture.

Anita Garey, Family Studies, won the 2000 William J. Goode Award for her book Weaving Work and Motherhood, for the best book-length contribution to family sociology from the Family Section of the American Sociological Association.

Jim Gibbons, Land Use Educator, received the 2000 Frederick Law Olmsted Award for his dedication to educating citizens throughout Connecticut about land use decisions. The award was presented to him on Oct. 4 at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven.

Donna Lee, Political Science, won the British Political Science Association Bernard Crick Award for Outstanding Teaching for 1999-2000.

Nikolaos Nikolaidis, Civil & Environmental Engineering, won first prize at the 10th Annual Connecticut Innovations Technology Exhibition for an exhibit on his recently awarded U.S. patent on an arsenic remediation technique he developed, "Immobilization of Inorganic Arsenic Species Using Iron."

Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos, Chemistry, won second prize at the 10th Annual Connecticut Innovations Technology Exhibition for a poster display on four promising technologies: Organic Light Emitting Diode Displays; II-VI Semiconductor Nanoparticles; Carbon Nanotube Actuators (molecular muscles); and Projection Displays using full color semiconductor lasers integrated on a chip.

Jonathan Rosen, Primary Care Education & Research, won one of only two 2000 Exemplary Teaching Award for Volunteer Faculty citations presented by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

George Cole, Political Science, emeritus, and Christopher Smith, alumnus, The American System of Criminal Justice, 9th edition (Brooks/Cole, 2000).

Camille Forman, Library, emerita, A Perfect Time for Butterflies (Mt. Hope Books, Mansfield Center, 2000).

Peter Kingstone, Political Science, Democratic Brazil: Actors, Institutions, and Process (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2000).

Alex Gitterman, Social Work, has been appointed to the editorial committee of the Journal of Social Work.

Ronald L. Taylor, Sociology, has been appointed to the editorial board of Contemporary Sociology.

Arthur Engler, Nursing, presented results of his dissertation research at the National Association of Neonatal Nurses Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, on Sept. 28-30.

Annette Fitzgerald, Cooperative Extension, was luncheon speaker at the National Conference on Girls, Women and Money in Boston, Mass., on Sept. 23. Her topic was "Those Golden Years," focusing on the financial empowerment of women through participation in the Women's Financial Information Program.

Deborah Kidder, Management, facilitated two sessions, "Managing Trust" and "Conflict, Culture and Gender," at the Academy of Management annual meeting in Toronto in August.

Donald J. Leu, Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Psychology, presented an invited paper, "Exploring the New Literacies of New Technologies: Principles that Inform Research and Practice," to the Southeast Literacy Consortium at the University of Georgia in Athens, Ga., on Sept. 29.

Yan Ling, Management, graduate student, presented a paper, "Work-Family Conflict in Contemporary China: An Alternative to the Western Model," co-authored with Gary Powell, Management, that was nominated for The Carol Dexter Best International Paper Award, at the Academy of Management annual meeting in Toronto in August.

Thomas Shea, English, delivered a paper, "Patrick McGinley, Intertextuality, and the Cuchulainn Myth," at the American Conference for Irish Studies held in Limerick, Ireland, in June. At the same conference, he also chaired two panels, on "James Joyce" and on "The Cultural Geography of the Recent Irish Novel."

Other Activities
Herbert Lederer, Modern & Classical Languages, emeritus, is one of nine subjects of interviews with Jewish Holocaust survivors from Austria who became college professors of German Studies in the U.S. and Canada. The volume, edited by Beatrix Müller-Kampel and published by Niemeyer Verlag in Tübingen, Germany, is titled Lebenswege (Paths of Life).

Hilary Onyiuke, Surgery, was named a member and chairman of the state's Spinal Cord Injury Research Board by Gov. John G. Rowland.