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  September 18, 2000


The following grants are a compilation of those received through the University of Connecticut Health Center Office of Grants and Contracts in June. The list represents new awards as well as continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance by the Health Center's Office of Grants and Contracts. The full list for each month will be posted to the Advance website and is printed in one or more issues, according to the space available.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Biostructure & Function Barry, M. Nat'l Inst. on Deaf & Comm. Disorders $69,650 6/00-5/01
F MRI Study of Taste Cortex Using Focal Stimuli
Psychiatry Bauer, L. National Institute of Mental Health $121,499 9/99-5/01
Neuroimaging of HIV and Comorbid Disorders
Center on Aging Fortinsky, R. National Institute of Nursing Research $181,871 4/99-3/01
Resource Use and Patient Outcomes in Medicate Home Care
Neuroscience Hewett, S. Neurological Disorders & Stroke $35,666 9/97-5/01
Cytokine-Mediated Enhancement of Neuronal Injury
Medicine Mukherji, B. National Cancer Institute $228,892 8/99-5/01
T Cell Response to Genetically Engineered and Matured DC
Pathology Rajan, T. Allergy and Infectious Diseases $21,000 7/96-1/01
Factor Affecting Grown on Brugia malayi in Scid Mice
Biostructure & Function Rossomando, E. Dental Research $10,921 10/98-8/00
Intergovernmental Personnel Act Agreement - E. Rossomando
Genetics & Development Biology Wu, D. General Medical Sciences $64,244 10/00-6/01
Molecular Basis and Function of Signal Transduction
Center on Aging Bellantonio, S. Alzheimer's Association $40,000 8/99-7/01
Extent to which Risk Factors and Multidisciplinary Geriatrics Team
Oral Diagnosis Frank, M. University of Miami $49,581 3/00-2/01
Molecular Physiology of Glutamate in Taste: Project 2
Physiology Jaffe, L. Human Frontiers of Science $39,975 5/00-4/01
Signal Transduction During Oocyte Maturation
Psychiatry Kadden, R. Chestnut Health Systems $60,136 9/99-9/00
Effectiveness of Treatment for Cannabis-Dependent Youth
Psychiatry Kadden, R. Chestnut Health Systems $16,263 10/00-7/00
Chestnut Health Systems Subcontract
Center on Aging Kenny, A. American Federation for Aging Research $150,000 7/98-6/00
Beeson Faculty Scholars in Aging Research Award
Surgery Kurtzman, S. Pittsburgh $800 2/97-1/01
NSABP Breast Cancer and Bowel Cancer Treatment
Physiology Terasaki, M. Human Frontiers of Science $39,975 5/00-4/01
Signal Transduction During Oocyte Maturation
Medicine Wu, G. Connecticut Innovations $25,000 12/99-11/00
Development Chimeric Human-Rodent Livers
Research - State
Community Medicine & Health Burleson, J. Mental Health: Health/Addiction Services $4,250 4/00-9/00
Connecticut's Tobacco Buy-Rate Survey Contract
Scholarships & Fellowships
Microbial Pathogenesis Sellati, T. Allergy & Infectious Diseases $40,936 7/00-6/01
Research Fellowship - Timothy Sellati
Educational Related
Library Arcari, R. National Library of Medicine $401,232 5/98-4/00
National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New England Region
Pediatrics Algranati, P. Kaiser Permanente $2,000 5/00-4/01
Development of a Videotape for Use in Teaching Pediatric Physical Diagnosis
Pediatric Dentistry Beazoglou, T. National School of Public Health, Athens, Greece $6,265 6/00-6/00
Health Services Development in the Western Greece Region
Pathology Rajan, T.V. Kaiser Permanente $600 5/00-4/01
CD-ROM Development of Computer-Based Interactive Cases
Psychiatry Deckel, A. Conn. Dept. of Social Services $306,000 7/99-6/01
Establish and Administer a Program of Services for Persons etc.
Medicine Dieckhaus, K. Yale University $42,042 9/99-6/00
Conn. AIDS Education and Training Center
Associate Dean, Student Affairs MacNeil, R. Kaiser Permanente $575 5/00-4/01
UConn's Dental Outreach Committee
Medicine Parke, A. Unspecified Mixed Sources $1,600 8/99-7/00
Rheumatology Grand Rounds
Obstetrics & Gynecology Curry, S. Lilly Research Laboratories $1,600 12/99-7/01
Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds
Clinical Trials/Milestone Awards
Medicine Azrin, M. Hoffman - La Roche $1,328 10/99-6/00
Paragon B Clinical Trial
Medicine Azrin, M. Smith Kline Beckman $16,100 3/99-12/00
9952AA Presto
Medicine Berns, E. Duke University $100 6/98-6/00
Sudden Cardiac Death in Heart Failure Trial - SCD-HEFT
Medicine Cherniack, M. Travelers Foundation $6,000 7/99-6/01
Lumbar Motion Monitor Project
Community Medicine & Health Cox-Chapman, J. Boehringer Ingelheim $9,617 11/98-8/00
Meloxicam Clinical Res. Agreement Protocol 201. 107
Psychiatry DeMartinis, N. Pfizer Inc. $34,687 10/00-12/00
A Multi-Center, Randomized Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Trial
Surgery Donshik, P. DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Co. $1,500 7/98-12/00
Ophthalmology Grand Rounds
Medicine Dorsky, D. Targetech Inc. $400 9/98-3/01
Material Transfer
Medicine Hager, D. Bristol-Meyers Co./Squibb Co. $1,750 11/97-12/00
Inhibition of Metalloprotease by BMS-186716 in Subjects (Impress)
Radiology Herbette, L. Doco Agro Sciences $3,085 9/98-9/00
An Exam of Physical Chemical Interactions of Various Analogs
Psychiatry Kranzler, H. Oy Control Pharmaceutical Ltd. $24,325 2/00-1/01
CPH-101 in Heavy Alcohol Drinkers with Impaired Control
Medicine LeFrancois, L. Phar Mingen $2,468 9/94-6/00
License Agreement
Medicine Malchoff, C. Genzyme Corp. $500 5/00-4/01
THYR-006-99 A Multi-Center, Open-Label, Single Arm Phase IV Trial
Pharmacology Pachter, J. Praecis Pharmaceuticals Inc. $1,625.10 10/97-12/00
Material Transfer
Medicine Raisz, L. Bayer Corp. $10,080 10/98-4/01
Testing of Antiresorptive Drugs In Vitro
Community Medicine & Health Rosen, J. Smith Kline Beckman $13,987 2/00-1/01
Prospective Observation Study for Disease Patterns in Patients
Periodontology Trummel, C. Collagenex $52,437 5/98-10/00
Periostat SRP Clinical Trial
Dermatology Whitaker-Worth, D. Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. $5,026 2/00-1/01
Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study of the Effect of H561.1-MAB on Patients
Medicine White, W. G.D. Searle & Co. $19,964 2/99-1/01
018 Comparative Study of Coer-Verapamil/Enalapril/Losartan
Medicine White, W. G.D. Searle & Co. $10,296 4/00-3/01
Celecoxib vs Placebo in Patients on Lisinopril for HTN/N49-99-02-048
Medicine White, W. Smith Kline Beckman $1,206 6/00-5/01
Natriuretic Peptides and CHF/217242/082
Psychiatry Winokur, A. Bristol-Meyers Co./Squibb Co. $12,400 6/00-5/01
Aripiprazole and Olanzapine in the Treatment of Patients
Medicine Wu, G. Agmen Center $900 9/98-8/00
Infergen 15mcg for Non-responders
Medicine Wu, G. Agmen Center $3,080 4/99-3/01
Infergen 15mcg for Chronic HEPC Patients Non-Responders & Relapsers
Medicine Zakko, S. G.D. Searle & Co. $235 10/99-12/00
Clinical Protocol for a Multicenter, Double-Blind, Parallel Group Study