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  August 28, 2000


Monthly listings of extramural funding are supplied to the Advance by the Office of Sponsored Programs. The full month's list is posted to this website, generally by the third week of the month following the receipt of the grant by OSP. Grants are published in the weekly print version of the Advance on a space-available basis.

The following grants were received by the Office of Sponsored Programs in June:
(Grants with UConn listed as a sponsor represent a redistribution of a larger award to the University)
Agricultural & Natural Resources
Chancellor's Office
International Affairs

Liberal Arts and Sciences
Vice Chan. for Business & Administration
Vice Chan. for Research & Graduate Education

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture and Natural Resources
ANIM SCI. Yang, X Lingnan Foundation $100,000 4/00-3/03
China Bridges International Fellowship Program
COOP EXT Giannotti, L. CT Dept. of Environmental Protection $53,560 3/00-3/01
Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO) Workshops/Year 3
COOP EXT Little, W. National 4-H Council $70,000 1/00-12/00
Implementation Node Site
COOP EXT Mangle, H. CT Dept. Mental Health and Addiction Svs $68,714 12/99-6/00
Strong Families, Strong Kids
PATHOBIO Van Kruiningen, H. CT Dept. of Public Health $6,595 4/00-8/00
West Nile Virus Surveillance
MKTG Jain, S. ED-International Business Education $836 10/99-9/02
Ciber Match Account
STAMFORD Reitman, J. IEEE Industry Applic. Soc./IEEE Found $15,609 7/00-12/00
Westinghouse 1904 Time Capsule
CHEM ENG Erkey, C. NSF-Engineering $35,000 6/00-5/01
A Novel Approach to Design of Homogeneous Catalysts
CIV ENG Anagnostou, E. NASA $57,155 6/00-11/00
Investigating the Adequacy of TRMM Precipitation Radar Observations for Calibrating Ground-Based Weather Radar Reflectivity
COMP SCI Selridge, M. Ensatina Technologies Inc. $43,941 6/00-5/01
Robust Natural Language Interfaces
COMP SCI Shvartsman, A. Northrop-Grumman $25,000 4/00-12/00
Architectural Mapping of Parallel Algorithms
MECH ENG Bergman, T. Stanley Tools Inc. $10,000 1/00-12/00
Senior Design Projects
International Affairs
IPS-I Mahan, E. Brown University $4,494 8/99-8/00
Contract for Partial Payment of Salary of Kristin Jannke Demuzzio, Consortium Coordinator, Latin American Stud Consortium of NE
IPS-I Mahan, E. Yale University $4,749 8/99-8/00
Contract for Partial Payment of Salary of Kristin Jannke Demuzzio, Consortium Coordinator, Latin American Stud Consortium of NE
Law School
LAW Bauer, J. Internal Revenue Service $100,000 10/99-9/00
Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic FY2000
Liberal Arts and Sciences
BIOL: EE Chazdon, R. NSF-Biological Sciences $5,000 6/00-5/01
Distribution & Abundance of Vascular Epiphytes in Tropical Wet Forests: A Multiscale Approach (Grad Student: Cardelus, C.)
BIOL: EE Goffinet, B. Duke University $10,733 5/00-8/00
Morphological and Molecular Investigations on the Orthotricheae (Orthotrichaceae, Bryopsida)
BIOL: EE Trumbo, S. NSF-Biological Sciences $140,749 6/00-5/03
A Monographic Revision of the Subfamily Nicrophorinae (Coleptera: Silphidae)
BIOL: EE Turchin, P. Nature Conservancy $4,450 5/00-3/01
Population Viability Analysis for the Puritan Tiger Beetle; Looking Toward Regional Recovery (Grad Student: Omland, K.)
BIOL: EE Wagner, D. CT Dept. of Environmental Protection $5,000 6/00-5/01
The Imperiled Dragon Fly and Damselfly Fauna of Connecticut
BIOL: EE Wagner, D. US Dept. of Interior $7,500 5/00-5/01
The Sand Plain Communities of the Connecticut River Valley
BIOL: MC Zhang, P. NSF-Biological Sciences $125,000 7/00-6/04
Trans-Activation of the Drosophila Y Chromosome in Spermatogenesis
BIOL: PN De Blas, A. PHS-NIH-Neurol. Disorders and Stroke $77,250 7/00-6/01
Localization of GABAA Receptors and Subunit Composition
BIOL: PN Lo Turco, J. Beth Israel Hospital $41,357 4/00-3/01
Animal Models for Learning Disabilities
CAP Ranjeet, B. Dept. of Higher Education $64,883 7/00-6/01
Connecticut College Admission and Bridge Program (CONNCAB)
CHEMISTR Birge, R. Purdue University $129,884 1/00-5/02
Integration of Spin-Polarized Quantum Dots with Bacteriorhodopsin
ECONOMIC Carstensen, F. Clarke & Co. $16,500 3/99-10/00
The Economic Impact of Millstone Nuclear Power Plant
ECONOMIC Heffley, D. UConn Health Center $28,898 1/00-12/00
Improving Prenatal Screening Protocols
FOR LANG Herzberger, D. Office of International Education $118,707 7/00-6/01
A National Study of Secondary to Postsecondary Foreign Language Articulation (COPI: Reagan, T.)
MARINE Lin, S. State University of New York $177,718 1/00-8/00
ECOHAB: Factors Affecting Growth of Pfiesteria Pisscicida
MARINE Ward, J.E. NSF-Office of the Director $5,655 6/00-8/00
Trophic Interactions Between Benthic Suspension-Feeders and Marine Aggregates/REU Supplement
PHYSICS Gibson, G. NSF-Mathematical & Physical Sciences $121,182 5/00-4/01
Studies of Molecules in Strong Laser Fields
PHYSICS Stwalley, W. NSF-Mathematical & Physical Sciences $390,077 6/00-5/01
Group Research on Ultracold Science and Spectroscopy
PSYCH Kenny, D. CT Dept. Mental Health and Addiction Svs $25,000 4/00-7/00
Evaluation of General Assistance Behavioral Health Program
NURSING Shah, H. PHS-HRSA-Bureau Health Professionals $60,352 7/00-6/01
Professional Nurse Traineeship
PHARM SCI Bogner, M. Pfizer Inc. $1,000 7/99-12/01
General Research Support
PHARM SCI Bouvier, M. PHS-NIH-Environmental Health Svs $177,500 7/00-6/01
Role of HLA-A11 in the Cellular Immune Response to HIV-1
PHARM SCI Hubbard, A. PHS-NIH-Natl. Research Service Award $39,232 7/00-8/01
Regulation of ICAM-1 on Mouse Macrophages
Vice Chancellor for Business and Administration
PUB SAFETY. Hudd, R US Dept. of Justice $18,000 9/99-8/00
Corps More 1998 Grant
Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education
MSTC Babb, I.G. The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation $10,000 6/00-6/01
Unseen Wonders-Exploring the Depths of Lake Yellowstone