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  July 10, 2000


Monthly listings of extramural funding are supplied to the Advance by the Office of Sponsored Programs. The full month's list is posted to this website, generally by the third week of the month following the receipt of the grant by OSP. Grants are published in the weekly print version of the Advance on a space-available basis.

The following grants were received by the Office of Sponsored Programs in May: (Grants with UConn listed as a sponsor represent a redistribution of a larger award to the University)

Agricultural and Natural Resources
Chancellor's Office
Neag Education

Fine Arts
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Research & Graduate Education

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture and Natural Resources
COOP EXT Gaudio, M. City of Hartford, Health Dept. $16,300 1/00-6/00
Lead Poisoning Prevention Activity Book for Second Graders
COOP EXT Gaudio, M. City of Hartford, Health Dept. $19,870 1/00-9/00
Lead Poisoning Awareness Program for Childcare Providers
NAT RES M&E Civco, D. U. of Hartford-Space Grant College Consort. $3,400 3/00-2/01
Connecticut Space Grant College Consortium: UConn Campus Director Subcontract
PATHOBIO Geary, S. US Dept. of Agriculture $501,500 4/00-4/-05
Advanced Vaccine Research (Co-PIs: Marcus, P., Garmendia, A., Silbart, L., Beck Von Bodman, S.)
PLANT SCI Ellis, D. US Dept. of Interior $4,000 5/00-6/01
Biological Control Site Monitoring for an Invasive Species in the Connecticut River Watershed
PLANT SCI Los, L. CT Dept. of Environmental Protection $70,000 3/00-3/01
Coastal Integrated Pest Management Education and Demonstration Project (Co-PI: Ashley, R.) (Co-I: Boucher, T.)
AVERY PT Duguay, T. CT Commission on the Arts $2,000 7/99-9/99
Summer 1999 Jazz Festival
LIB-DODD Wilsted, T. CT Humanities Council $2,500 1/00-5/00
Children's Literature in a Multicultural World: The Arbuthnot Lecture
EPSY Bradley, K. CT Developmental Disabilities Council $22,000 1/00-12/00
Family Community Employment Partnership
EPSY McLean, L. CT Developmental Disabilities Council $18,979 1/00-12/00
Inclusive Education Partnerships (IEP) for Connecticut
CHEM ENG Bell, J. Ford Motor Co. Fund $6,500 12/99-12/00
Surface Polymerized Coatings Process Development
CHEM ENG Bell, J. 3M Co. $40,000 12/99-12/00
Surface Polymerized Coatings Process Development
CHEM ENG Cooper, D. CPC International Inc. $2,385 7/99-12/02
Emerging Technologies Program
CHEM ENG Cooper, D. Eli Lilly & Co. $5,000 7/99-12/02
Emerging Technologies Program
CHEM ENG Fenton, J. Energy Research Corp. $75,000 6/99-9/00
Development of a High-Temperature Membrane Material for PEM Fuel Cells (Co-PI: Cutlip, M.)
CHEM ENG Helble, J. DOD-Office of Naval Research $38,851 5/00-9/00
Advanced Coating Technology Development for Enhanced Durability and Reduced Costs
CHEM ENG Weiss, R. NSF-Mathematical & Physical Sciences $7,000 6/00-8/00
REU: Ionomer-Containing Binary Polymer Blends
CIV ENG Accorsi, M. DOD-Office of Naval Research $32,000 6/00-5/03
Analytical Determination and Optimization of the Mechanical Properties of Lattice Block Materials
CIV ENG Dougan, C. Florida Dept. of Transportation $75,260 5/00-4/01
Use of Videolog Technology to Facilitate Operations in the Florida Department of Transportation
CIV ENG Garrick, N. CT Dept. of Transportation $257,727 6/00-5/01
Joint Highway Research Advisory Council Work Program for Year 2000-2001
COMP SCI Demurjian, S. Mitre $76,806 12/99-9/00
Software Architectures and Database Interoperability for Distributed Systems
ESE Kirubarajan, T. DOD-Office of Naval Research $60,000 6/00-11/02
Feature-Aided Tracking for Robust Countering of a Wide Range of Ballistic Missile Threats
ESE Willett, P. DOD-Office of Naval Research $48,016 5/00-12/00
The Probabilistic Multi-Hypothesis Tracker
MECH ENG Bergman, T. DOD-Office of Naval Research $21,799 5/00-9/00
Advanced Coating Technology Development for Enhanced Durability and Reduced Costs
MECH ENG Pitchumani, R. NSF-Engineering $219,903 9/00-8/03
Investigation of Interface and Interphase Development in Polymer-Matrix Composites
METALL Aindow, M. NSF-Math. & Physical Sciences $114,766 7/00-6/01
Interfacial Structure and Processes in Lamellar Tial-Based Alloys
METALL Shaw, L. NSF-Engineering $116,570 9/00-8/01
Rapid Prototyping of Dental Restoration Thru Multi-Materials Laser Densification
Fine Arts
ART Greeley, R. Rockefeller Foundation $33,000 9/00-8/01
The Gendering of Mexican Culture Nationalism 1920-1946-1970
Liberal Arts and Sciences
BIOL: EE Colwell, R. Natl. Aeronautics and Space Admin. $22,000 8/00-7/01
Predicting the Distribution of Biodiversity: Integrating Remote Sensing Technology and Field-Based Ecological Sampling
BIOL: EE Wagner, D. CT Dept. of Env. Protection $5,000 6/00-5/01
Invertebrates of the Sandplain and Barrens Communities of Matianuck State Park, a Proposed Natural Area Preserve
BIOL: MC Chen, T. USDA-Agric. Research Service $324,395 4/00-4/05
Development of Superior Rainbow Trout Broodstocks for Aquaculture by Transgenesis
BIOL: MC Lynes, M. Applied Biophysics Inc. $60,355 5/00-10/00
Automated Monitoring of Chemotactic Cell Movement
BIOL: PN Villalobos, A. PHS-NIH-Env. Health Sciences $631,622 5/00-6/00
Modulation of Choroid Plexus Choline Transport by Metals
CHEMISTRY He, Q. PHS-NIH-Natl. Cancer Institute $141,833 5/00-4/01
In Vivo Proton MRS Detection of Malignant Breast Cancer
CHEMISTRY Howell, A. NSF-Math. & Physical Sciences $70,800 5/00-4/01
2-Alkylidene Oxetanes Versatile Molecular Scaffold for the New Molecules and Advanced Materials
CHEMISTRY Kumar, C.V. NSF-Math. & Physical Sciences $34,049 8/00-7/01
Bioactive Composite Material: Proteins Immobilized Layers of Alpha-ZR IV Phosphonates
CHEMISTRY Sung, C.S.P. DOD-Office of Naval Research $32,000 2/00-1/01
Synthesis and Characterization of Organic Light Emitting (OLE) Materials
COMM SCI Krcmar, M. Natl. Association of Broadcasters $5,730 5/00-4/01
Using Ratings and Advisories
CSRA Barnes, C. CT Office of the Attorney General $55,000 3/00-3/01
Connecticut Physicians Survey
ECONOMICS Carstensen, F. Town of Stamford, CT $6,250 3/99-10/00
Planning Implications of Alternate Stamford Growth Scenarios
ECONOMIC Carstensen, F. Town of Stamford, CT $6,250 3/99-10/00
Impact Analysis of Alternate Economic Development Scenarios
GEOG Cromley, E. Conn. Dept. of Public Health $20,425 2/00-2/01
Risk Factors for Lyme Disease Infection in Specific Geographic Foci
HISTORY Omara-Otunnu, A. Dept. of Econ. & Community Dev. $50,000 9/99-8/00
DECD: Memorandum of Understanding UConn-ANC Partnership
HISTORY Omara-Otunnu, A. United Negro College Fund $190,066 6/00-5/03
Tertiary Education Linkages Project (TELP) University of Connecticut and the University of Fort Hare, South Africa
MARINE Ward, J. E. NSF-Geosciences $4,937 6/00-8/00
REU: Trophic Interactions Between Benthic Suspension Feeders & Marine Aggregates: Initiative for Experiential Learning in Coastal Studies
MARINE Whitlatch, R. NSF-Geosciences $80,472 5/00-4/01
Physical & Biological Processes Linking the Sources of Larval Production to Subsequent Recruitment into Subtidal Benthic Communities
PHYSICS Gould, P. NSF-Math. & Physical Sciences $4,250 6/00-9/00
Ultracold Atoms Near the Ionization Threshold
PHYSICS Sinkovic, B. New York University $120,000 2/00-11/01
Fundamental Limits to Small Scale Magnetorresistive Memory & Elements
PHYSICS Wells, B. Alfred P. Sloan Foundation $40,000 9/00-9/02
Sloan Research Fellowship
PSYCH Denenberg, V. Beth Israel Hospital $96,737 4/00-3/01
Animal Models for Developmental Learning Disabilities
PSYCH Fein, D. March of Dimes Birth Defects Fndn. $79,023 6/00-5/01
Oxytocin and Oxytocin Extended Peptide in Individuals with Autism
STATIST Gelfand, A. NSF-Math. & Physical Sciences $52,374 7/00-6/01
Methodology for Analyzing Spatial Data
PHARM SCI Burgess, D. UConn Health Center $153,713 9/99-9/00
Tissue Engineering to Enhance Biosensor Function in Vivo
PHARM SCI Makriyannis, A. PHS-NIH-Natl. Inst. of Drug Abuse $358,039 4/00-3/01
Dopamine Transporter Ligands as Cocaine Medications
PHARM SCI Rosenberg, D. PHS-NIH-National Cancer Institute $215,309 6/00-5/01
Molecular Analysis of Colon Tumor Susceptibility
Office of Vice Provost Research & Grad Ed
MSTC Auster, P. NOAA-Natl. Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. $26,250 4/00-12/00
Res. and Res. Coordination Activities for the National Marine Sanctuaries Program (Stellwagen Bank Natl. Marine Sanct. & Woods Hole)
ERI Carley, R. City of Hartford, Health Dept. $49,660 3/00-2/01
Hartford Air Toxics Study (Co-PI: Perkins, C.)
MSTC Babb, I. NOAA-Natl. Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. $1,000,000 1/00-12/00
The National Undersea Research Center