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  July 10, 2000

Police Department Gains National Accreditation

The University's Police Department has received accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

In March, members of the UConn Police Department appeared before the full commission in Nevada, when the commission voted unanimously to award them accreditation.

On June 30, President Philip E. Austin hosted a ceremony and reception to honor the department and thank the police for their contributions to the success of Spring Weekend.

"Police accreditation is a voluntary commitment to law enforcement excellence undertaken by progressive police departments that measures their ability to comply with professional standards updated by the CALEA" says Major Ronald Blicher.

The accreditation process began for the UConn Police Department in December 1997 and was managed by Major Donn Herindeen.

There are only 13 police departments in Connecticut and approximately 500 in the U.S. that have received accreditation from the CALEA.

Sherry Fisher