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  May 15, 2000


Monthly listings of extramural funding are supplied to the Advance by the Office of Sponsored Programs. The full month's list is posted to this website, generally by the third week of the month following the receipt of the grant by OSP. Grants are published in the weekly print version of the Advance on a space-available basis.
The following grants were received by the Office of Sponsored Programs in April:
(Those with UConn listed as a sponsor represent a redistribution of a larger award to the University)
Agricultural and Natural Resources
Chancellor's Office
Neag Education

Family Studies
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Research & Graduate Education

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture and Natural Resources
COOP EXT Gray, S. Conn. Dept. of Mental Retardation $11,000 1/00-12/01
Nutrition Training for Birth to Three Providers and Parents
Neag School of Education
ED PSYCH Brown, S. United Technologies-Corporate Headquarters $100,000 1/00-8/00
UTC/UConn/Hartford Partnership: Professional Development Academy
CHEM ENG Bell, J. United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney $46,000 3/00-12/00
Research Assistance: Pratt & Whitney Supplemental Environmental Project
CIV ENG Accorsi, M. DOD-ARMY-Intergovernmental Personnel Act $14,982 5/00-8/00
IPA 2000 on Advanced Parachute Simulations
CIV ENG Leonard, J. DOD-ARMY-Intergovernmental Personnel Act $21,283 5/00-8/00
IPA 2000 on Advanced Parachute Simulations
COMP SCI McCartney, R. NSF-Computer & Information Science & Eng. $165,000 7/00-6/02
Academic Diversity in Computer Science
COMP SCI Santos, E. Sytronics Inc. $40,000 3/00-9/00
Active User Interfaces for Crew Intent Understanding
ESE Luh, P. IEEE Industry Application Soc. & IEEE Foundation $50,000 1/00-12/00
Editor-In-Chief Support, IEEE Transactions
ESE Taylor, G. DOD-Defense Univ. Res. Instrumentation Program $199,144 4/00-4/03
Network Analyzer and Coupled DC Parameter Analyzer
MECH ENG Begley, M. NSF-Engineering-Career Develop. Program $196,144 7/00-6/04
Career: Determining Time and Temperature Dependent Material Properties for Small Components: Integrated Research and Education
MECH ENG Bergman, T. Massachusetts Institute of Technology $5,000 1/00-12/00
Senior Design Projects
MECH ENG Faghri, A. National Aeronautics and Space Administration $40,000 3/00-11/03
Transport Phenomena in Thin Rotating Liquid Films Including Nucleate Boiling
MECH ENG Jordan, E. Department of Energy $151,647 2/00-1/01
Development of Non-Destructive Inspection Technique for Thermal Barrier Coatings (Co-PI: Gell, M.)
METALL Shaw, L. DOD-NAVY-Defense Univ. Res. Instr. Program $176,796 3/00-9/00
Advanced Tribometer and Non-Contact Profilimeter for Structural, Magnetic and Bio-Materials Applications
Family Studies
FAMILY STDS Asencio, M. Soc. for the Psych. Study of Social Issues $1,000 3/00-8/00
The Cultural Structuring of Universal Developmental Tasks
Liberal Arts and Sciences
BIOL: EE Cardon, Z. Mellon Foundation $350,000 6/00-3/04
Carbon Fluxes From Plant Roots to Soils: How Timing, Quality and Quantity of Fluxes Affect Rhizosphere Microbial Activity
BIOL: EE Simon, C. NSF-Biological Sciences $270,000 5/00-4/03
Allochronic Speciation, Repro. Char. Displacement and Sexual Selection in Periodical Cicada (Migicicada spp.)
BIOL: MC Albert, A. PHS-NIH-National Eye Institute $243,497 4/00-3/01
Rhodopsin Structure and Environment in Vision
BIOL: MC Gogarten, J. National Aeronautics and Space Administration $47,100 12/99-11/00
Deciphering the Molecular Record of Early Evolution
BIOL: MC Knox, J. Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories $100,000 3/00-3/02
Crystallographic Structures of Two SHV Beta-Lactamases and Their Reaction Intermediates With Tazobactam
BIOL: MC Reiter, W-D Department of Energy $95,000 4/00-4/01
Genetic Analysis of Nucleotide Sugar Interconversions in Arabidopsis
BIOL: PN Johnson, B. American Heart Association $65,000 1/00-12/02
Regulation of the Cardiac L-Type Calcium Channel by the Cytoskeleton Pathways
CHEMISTRY Rusling, J. NSF-Mathematical & Physical Sciences $360,000 4/00-3/03
Dynamics of Mediated Electrochemical Synthesis in Micro-Emulsions
CHEMISTRY Seery, T. NSF-Mathematical & Physical Sciences $71,999 2/00-2/01
Direct Synthesis of Polymer Brushed Using Organometallic Catalysts
CHEMISTRY Seery, T. NSF-Mathematical & Physical Sciences $60,000 3/00-2/01
REU Site in Polymer Materials for Sensing and Actuating
COMM SCI Gaztambide, J. UConn Health Center $38,843 9/99-8/00
Barriers to Health Communication Among Hispanic Elders in Connecticut
ECONOMICS Carstensen, F. CIGNA Corp. $31,460 3/00-10/00
CIGNA Developmental Proposal
ECONOMICS Heffley, D. Ruth and Lovett Peters Foundation $74,776 3/00-9/01
Evaluating Standardized Test Performance (Co-PI: Ray, S.)
ENGLISH Fairbanks, A. Conn. Dept. of Education $100,000 7/99-6/00
Connecticut Writing Project (Co-PI: Manning, J.J. Jr.)
GEOLOGY Cormier, V. DOD-Defense Threat Reduction Agency $48,358 3/00-3/03
Seismic Calibration for International Monitoring System Stations in Eastern Asia
MARINE SCI Cooper, R. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. $27,853 1/00-12/00
The Aquanaut Program 2000
MARINE SCI Monahan, E. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. $848,000 3/00-2/01
2000-01: Conn. Sea Grant Coll. Program (Co-PIs: Laufer, H., Balcom, N., Chen, T., Yarish, C., Scheifele, P., Arnold, C., Crawford, H., Babb, I.)
MATH Gine-Masdeu, E. DOD-National Security Agency $10,000 4/00-4/01
5th World Congress of the Bernoulli Society-Partial Support U.S. Participants
PHYSICS Gould, P. Commerce-Natl. Inst. of Standards and Tech. $5,000 2/00-6/00
Conference Proposal: Annual Meeting of the Division for Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
POLI SCI Dautrich, K. The Dallas Foundation $80,400 7/99-12/00
Center for Survey Research and Analysis
PSYCH Fein, D. PHS-NIH-National Institute of Mental Health $24,521 4/00-3/01
The Autism Screening Project (Graduate Assistant: Robins, D.)
PHARM SCI Manautou, J. PHS-NIH-Environ. Health Sciences $106,876 4/00-3/03
Analysis of Multi Drug Resistance-Associated Protein (cMOAT) Expression During Hepatocellular Proliferation
Office of Vice Chancellor for Bus. & Admin.
PUB SAFETY Hudd, R. Conn. Office of Policy & Mgmt. $4,736 3/99-2/00
Bullet Proof Vest Partnership Program
Office of Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education
ERI Carley, R. City of Hartford, Health Department $49,660 3/00-2/01
Hartford Air Toxics Study (Co-PI: Perkins, C.)
MSTC Babb, I. NOAA-Natl. Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. $1,000,000 1/00-12/00
The National Undersea Research Center
The following grant received in March was omitted from the list supplied to the Advance:
Agriculture & Natural Resources
IWR Thomas, H. Dept. of Interior-U.S. Geol. Survey $68,178 3/00-2/01
State Water Resources Research Program