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 April 24, 2000


Monthly listings of extramural funding are supplied to the Advance by the Office of Sponsored Programs. The full month's list is posted to this website, generally by the third week of the month following the receipt of the grant by OSP. Grants are published in the weekly print version of the Advance on a space-available basis.

PLEASE NOTE: The format for the grant listings has been revised: department names now conform to those provided by OSP; a column for the award period has been added; and departments are grouped by school/college.

The following grants were received by the Office of Sponsored Programs in March:
(Those with UConn listed as a sponsor represent a redistribution of a larger award to the University)
Agricultural and Natural Resources
Chancellor's Office
Liberal Arts and Sciences

Social Work
Research & Graduate Education

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture and Natural Resources
ANIMAL SCI Yang, X. Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. $23,001 3/00-12/01
Production of Transgenic Mice for Collaboration Research
COOP EXT Eller, C. Conn. Dept. of Social Services $30,000 7/99-8/00
Pilot Education Program for School-Age Child Development Association
COOP EXT Gray, P. Conn. Dept. of Education $15,200 10/99-10/00
Leadership Skills for Life (CO-PI Kanode, S.)
PATHOBIO Hill, D. Association of Racing Commissioners Intl. $14,218 1/00-12/00
Development of Analytical Methods for the Detection of Carbidopa in Equine Urine
PLANT SCI Bible, B. New England Greenhouse Conference $1,825 9/99-6/01
The Effect of Calcium and Aluminum Nutrition on Bract Necrosis and Botrytis of Poinsettia
PLANT SCI Legrand, A. New England Greenhouse Conference $2,000 2/00-12/00
Evaluation of a Physical Insecticide Against Western Flower Thrips
PLANT SCI Legrand, A. New England Greenhouse Conference $1,995 2/00-12/00
Evaluation of Host Plant Resistance Against Western Flower Thrips
PLANT SCI McAvoy, R. New England Greenhouse Conference $2,000 2/98-2/01
A Molecular Genetic Approach to Improving Easter Lily
Chancellor's Office
IMS Xie, X. PHS-NIH-National Institute of Drug Abuse $95,931 2/00-1/01
Integrated Nuclear Magnetic Resonance / Computer Modeling for Cannabinoid Ligand Design
LABOR ED Reese, C. DOL-Mine Safety & Health Admin. $11,430 10/99-9/00
Connecticut Surface Mine Safety and Health Project
LIB-DODD Wilsted, T. Conn. Humanities Council $90,765 12/88-12/01
Promoting Access to Connecticut's Graphic Resources: Data Base Creation
LIB-DODD Wilsted, T. Nat. Historical Publications & Record Comm. $9,184 4/00-3/01
Electronic Records at the State of Connecticut: A Planning Project
Neag School of Education
EPSY Puntambekar, S. NSF-REC-Career Development Program $91,751 4/00-3/01
Career: Designing Hypertext Materials for the Science Classroom
School of Engineering
CHEM ENG Cooper, D. American Cyanamid Co. $795 7/99-12/02
Emerging Technology Program
CHEM ENG Cooper, D. Amgen Inc. $795 7/99-12/02
Emerging Technology Program
CHEM ENG Cooper, D. International Paper Co. $795 7/99-12/02
Emerging Technology Program
CHEM ENG Cooper, D. Ocean Spray Inc. $2,385 7/99-12/02
Emerging Technology Program
CHEM ENG Cooper, D. Owens Corning Co. $3,347 7/99-12/02
Emerging Technology Program
CHEM ENG Cooper, D. Pavilion Technologies $4,500 7/99-12/02
Emerging Technology Program
CHEM ENG Weiss, R. NSF-Div. of Materials Research $198,000 9/00-8/02
Ionomer Containing Binary Polymer Blends
CIV ENG Accorsi, M. Dept. of Defense-U.S. Army $74,997 2/00-1/01
Advanced Structural Modeling for Fully Coupled Parachute Dynamics (Co-PI Leonard, J.)
CIV ENG Grasso, D. USDA-Coop. State Res., Ed. & Ext. Serv. $265,000 12/99-12/02
Innovative Technology Dev. for Prevention of Pathogen Migration Away From Feedlots (Co-PIs Smets, B., Robt, T.)
CIV ENG Nikolaidis, N. United Technologies-Sikorsky Aircraft $152,720 1/00-5/01
AC-6/AC-10 Natural Attenuation Study of Chromium and Chlorinated Ethenes at the Sikorsky Facility in Stratford, Conn.
COMP SCI Ammar, R. NSF-Div. of International Programs $36,500 3/00-2/01
Workshop on Information Technology Research Trends in Network Based Environment
ESE Enderle, J. Whitaker Foundation $10,000 2/00-1/01
The 26th Northeast Bioengineering Conference at the University of Connecticut
MECH ENG Bennett, J. Nellie Mae Foundation $50,000 9/99-8/01
Paths Toward the Future: A Community of Learners
MECH ENG Bergman, T. Gerber Technology $3,000 8/99-12/00
Senior Design Projects
MECH ENG Faghri, A. General Electric Co. $278,000 3/00-12/02
A Comprehensive Research Partnership Between GE and the School of Engineering at UConn (Co-PI Kazerounian, K.)
METALL Padture, N. Clemson University $143,042 2/00-1/01
Advanced Thermal Barrier Coatings for Industrial Gas Turbine Engines
METALL Potter, D. Waterbury Rolling Mills Inc. $5,000 9/99-8/01
Metallurgical Microstructure Verses Mechanical Properties of Copper Alloy Strip
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
BIOL: EE Goffinet, B. International Association of Biologists $1,400 2/00-1/01
Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of the Moss Family Pottiaceae Subfamily
BIOL: MC Gage, D. NSF-Integrative Biology & Neurosciences $100,000 9/00-8/01
Cell Biology and Genetics of Rhizobium Meliloti Infection and Invasion of Host Plants
BIOL: MC Kendall, D. Pfizer Inc. $5,000 7/00-6/01
CHO Cells Transfected with Cannabinoid Receptor 2
BIOL: MC Knecht, D. PHS-NIH-Gen. Analysis of the Cytoskeleton $219,595 4/00-3/01
Molecular Genetic Analysis of the Cytoskeleton
BIOL: PN Crivello, J. Perkin-Elmer Corp. $500 5/99-5/00
Estuary Watch Conference, May 21, 1999
BIOL: PN De Blas, A. PHS-NIH-Neur. Disorders and Stroke $308,500 4/00-3/01
GABAA Receptor-Interacting Proteins
CHEMISTRY Bailey, W. Lundbeck, H. A/S $112,000 3/00-3/02
Asymmetric Synthesis of 3-Substituted Indolines Via Anionic Cyclization
CHEMISTRY Birge, R. PHS-NIH-General Medical Studies $195,499 3/00-2/01
Photobiology of Rhodopsin, Bacteriorhodopsin and Viodopsin
CHEMISTRY Papadimitrakopoulos, F. Dept. of Defense-Office of Naval Res. $110,000 3/00-2/01
Laser-Assisted Solid Freeform Fabrication Manufacture of Micro/Meso "Photonic" Crystals
CSRA Barnes, C. Conn. Dept. of Social Services $60,000 10/99-6/00
Child Care Services and Demand
ECONOMICS Carstensen, F. U.S. Bureau of the Census $10,000 2/00-12/00
Integrated Statistical Systems Project
ECONOMICS Carstensen, F. Hartford Economic Development Commission $10,000 3/99-9/00
Economic Impact Assessments (Data Manipulation)
GEOG Cromley, R. U.S. Dept. of Transportation $9,000 1/00-12/01
Establishing the Connecticut Repository for the National Pipeline Mapping System
MARINE SCI Dam, H. University of Maryland $15,126 12/99-11/00
Mechanistic Controls of Carbon Flux by Mesozooplankton: A Joint Global Ocean Flux Study Synthesis
MARINE SCI Ward, J. NSF-OCE-Career Development Prog. $92,308 3/00-2/01
Trophic Interactions Between Benthic Suspension Feeders and Marine Aggregates
PHYSICS Budnick, J. North Carolina State Univ. $63,000 12/99-12/00
Constr. of Enhanced Intens. Diffraction Anomalous Fine Structure Apparatus & Applic. of EXAFS to the Study of Binary & Ternary System
PHYSICS Budnick, J. NSF-Division of Materials Research $40,090 9/00-2/01
Structural, Magnetic, and Electronic Properties of Interstitially Modified Magnetic Systems
PHYSICS Javanainen, J. NASA $67,000 2/00-1/03
Bose-Einstein Condensate and Atom Laser: Coherence and Optical Properties
PHYSICS Stwalley, W. NSF-PHY-Res Experience for Undergraduates $62,425 3/00-2/01
REU Site in Physics at the University of Connecticut
POLI SCI Gilmour, R. State of Connecticut General Assembly $13,137 1/00-6/00
Connecticut Legislature Assistantship
PSYCH Denenberg, V. PHS-NIH-National Institute of Mental Health $22,923 4/00-3/01
Developmental Parameters of Corpus Callosum Feminization (Graduate Assistant: Heather Bimonte)
PSYCH Turvey, M. NSF-Social & Behavioral Research $75,000 3/00-2/01
Coordination Dynamics
STATISTICS Gelfand, A. University of Minnesota $111,708 12/99-11/02
Statistical Methods for Environmental Social Science
STATISTICS Wang, Y. DOD-National Security Agency $26,869 3/00-3/01
Function Estimation, Long-Range Dependence and Indirect Data
School of Nursing
NURSING Beck, C. Donaghue Medical Research Foundation $28,171 1/00-12/00
Screening Hispanic Mothers for Postpartum Depression
School of Pharmacy
PHARM SCI Bogner, R. Pfizer Inc. $2,000 10/99-9/01
Method to Measure the Concentration, PH, Microviscosity and Dielectric Profiles
PHARM SCI Makriyannis, A. University of California at Irvine $59,200 9/99-7/00
Investigation the Properties of Anandamide Transport in the Brain
PHARM SCI Pikal, M. Baxter Healthcare Corp. $88,344 3/00-3/01
Formulation of Freeze Dried Recombinant Factor VIII: Process Robustness and Stabilization Mechanism
PHARM SCI Rosenberg, D. PHS-NIH-Environ. Health Scis. $70,833 3/00-2/01
Mechanisms of Intestinal Carcinogenesis of Disinfection By-Products
School of Social Work
SOC WORK Hesselbrock, M. Conn. Dept. Mental Health & Addiction Svs. $69,732 9/99-9/00
Agreement Between DMHAS and UConn Social Work African American Family Project
SOC WORK Hesselbrock, M. Conn. Dept. Mental Health & Addiction Services. $117,416 9/99-9/00
Agreement Between DMHAS and UConn Social Work Northend Network Project
Office of Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education
ERI Carley, R. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $63,620 7/99-6/01
Toxics Air Study in Connecticut (Federal Funds)
ERI Carley, R. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $245,451 7/99-6/01
Toxics Air Study in Connecticut (State Funds)
MSTC Babb, I. Dorr Foundation $34,772 7/99-12/00
Signs for Science