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  April 4, 2000


Monthly listings of extramural funding are supplied to the Advance by the Office of Sponsored Programs. The full month's list is posted to this website, generally by the third week of the month following the receipt of the grant by OSP. Grants are published in the weekly print version of the Advance on a space-available basis.

PLEASE NOTE: The format for the grant listings has been revised: department names now conform to those provided by OSP; a column for the award period has been added; and departments are grouped by school/college.

The following grants were received by the Office of Sponsored Programs in February:
(Those with UConn listed as a sponsor represent a redistribution of a larger award to the University)
Agricultural and Natural Resources
Liberal Arts and Sciences

Social Work
Research & Graduate Education

College, School, Department: Agriculture and Natural Resources
Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
ANIM SCI Andrew, S. USDA-National Research Initiative $27,706 1/00-12/01
Effect of Increased Rumen-Undegradable Protein on Milk Protein Content in early Lactation for High Producing Holstein Cows
ANIM SCI Yang, X. DED-CII-Critical Technologies $289,744 8/99-7/01
Combined Embryo Biotechnologies-A Viable Business in Ct Corps: Fairvue Farms Partnership/Connecticut Area Biotechnology Advisors
COOP EXT Arnold, C. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency $30,000 8/99-8/00
Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO) Workshops for Selected "Tier Five" National Esturay Programs
COOP EXT Broderick, S. U.S. Department of Interior $12,500 1/99-12/00
A Three Year Cooperative Agreement (Co-Investigator: Leslie B. Snyder)
COOP EXT Broderick, S. Ruffed Grouse Society $12,700 1/00-12/00
Creating Forests for Wildlife and Timber Education Through Demonstration for Owners of Forest Resources in Vermont and Connecticut
COOP EXT Gaudio, M. Connecticut Department of Public Health $50,200 9/99-8/00
Pilot Training Curriculum to Provide Instruction in Lead-Safe Work Practices
NUTR SCI Lammi-Keefe, C. Nestle R&D Center Connecticut, Inc. $80,000 1/00-12/00
Use of Natural Antimicrobials for Food Safety
PLNT SCI Westa, M. Town of East Windsor, CT $1,700 1/00-12/00
Town of East Windsor-South Water Street Park
College, School, Department: Education
Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
EPSY McLean, L. Connecticut Dept of Mental Retardation $26,700 11/99-8/00
Birth-To-Three Service Coordinator Training
EPSY McLean, L. Connecticut Dept of Social Services $98,183 10/99-9/00
Tech Act Training
EPSY Rucker, C. Hampshire Educational Collaborative $11,000 7/99-6/00
The Hampshire Educational Collaborative
College, School, Department: Engineering
Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
CHEM ENG Bell, J. DACCO SCI, Inc. $82,778 12/99-11/00
Smart Coatings for Health monitoring in Corrosive Environments
CHEM ENG Cooper, D. Estee Lauder, Inc. $1,590 7/99-12/02
Emerging Technology Program
CHEM ENG Cooper, D. Laplace Engineering, Inc. $4,500 7/99-12/02
Emerging Technology Program
CHEM ENG Shaw, M. Electric Power Research Institute $30,400 1/00-12/00
Long Term Aging of Nuclear Plant Cables
CIV ENG Smets, B. Ed-Postsecondary Education $204,000 8/00-8/01
A Graduate Fellowship Program in Environmental Biotechnology at the University of Connecticut
ESE Luh, P. Toshiba Corporation $28,000 11/99-9/00
Improvement of Macro-Scheduling Method
ESE Tong, L. DOD-Navy-Young Investigator Program $40,000 7/99-6/00
Blind Signal Processing: New Methodologies for Adaptive Communication
ESE Willett, P. Qualtech Systems, Inc. $74,447 9/99-9/00
Enhanced Signal Processing for Real-Time Supervisors of Reactive Systems
MECH ENG Bergman, T. CUNO, Inc. $5,000 1/00-12/00
Senior Design Projects
College, School, Department: Liberal Arts & Sciences
Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
BIOL: PN Crivello, J. Northeast Utilities $26,085 3/00-2/01
Analysis of Winter Flounder population Structure by Genetic Identification
BIOL: PN Lo Turco, J. PHS-NIH-National Inst of Mental Health $97,060 2/00-1/01
Neurotransmitter Function in Neocortical Neurogenesis
CHEMISTR Bobbitt, J. The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation $20,000 1/00-12/01
Senior Scientist Mentors (Oxoammonium Salts as Oxidants in Organic Chemistry)
CHEMSTR Howell, A. NSF-CHE-Res Experience for Undergraduates $57,500 2/00-1/01
REU Site in chemistry at the University of Connecticut
CHEMSTR Suib, S. Northeastern University $75,000 11/99-10/00
Synthesis of Porous Materials
COMM SCI Bartlett, S. Mansfield Center for Nursing & Rehab $24,150 11/99-10/00
Provide Speech-Language Pathology Services at Mansfield Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation
ECONOMIC Barth, P. Connecticut Department of Labor $40,746 1/00-6/00
Worker and Employer Assessment of Employment Training programs
ECONOMIC Heffley, D. University of Connecticut Health Center $8,085 10/99-10/01
Improving Prenatal Screening Protocols
ECONOMIC Ross, S. Urban Institute $104,464 10/99-10/01
1999-2000 Housing Discrimination Study
ENGLISH Nelson, M. DOD-U.S. Military Academy $67,237 1/00-6/00
Visiting Professorship
MARINE Kremer, J. Marine Biological Laboratory $77,800 10/99-9/00
Social and Ecological Transferability of Integrated Ecological Assessment
PHYSICS Dutta, N. National Aeronautics and Space Admin $39,508 2/00-8/01
Phase I: Fiber laser and Fiber Amplifier for Micro Lidar
POLI SCI Boyer, M. DHE-Title II Math & Sci (Eisenhower) $24,885 3/00-9/01
The Global Village Meets the Internet
POLI SCI Dautrich, K. Hartford Courant $161,970 1/00-12/00
Hartford Courant/University of Connecticut Poll 2000
PSYCH Alonso, J. PHS-NIH-National Eye Institute $231,524 2/00-1/01
Functional Circuitry of Complex Cells in Visual Cortex
PSYCH Frisman, L. Ct Dept of Mental Health & Addiction Services $155,698 9/99-8/00
Mental Health and Addiction Services Research Development Initiative
PSYCH Frisman, L. Ct Dept of Mental Health & Addiction Services $177,686 11/99-9/00
Evaluation of Project Safe Homeless Families Initiative
PSYCH Johnson, B. Ball State University $6,864 8/99-7/00
Attitudes Toward Younger and Older Adults: A Meta-Analysis
PSYCH Salamone, J. PHS-NIH-Neurolog Disorders & Stroke $81,117 2/00-1/01
Behavioral Effects of Nigral D1 Antagonism
PSYCH Sohn, Y. Department of Defense-U.S. Army $25,000 1/00-12/00
Modeling Adaptive Thinking and Decision Support for Dynamic and Unconventional Battlespaces
College, School, Department: Pharmacy
Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
PHARM SCI Bogner, R. Bayer Corporation $8,000 9/99-12/00
Exploring Careers in Pharmaceutics
PHARM SCI Bouvier, M. PHS-NIH-Allergy & Infectious Diseases $221,768 3/00-2/01
Invitro Folding and Assembly of Class I MHC (Major Histocompatibility) Molecules
PHARM SCI Makriyannis, A. PHS-NIH-National Institute of Drug Abuse $286,927 1/00-12/00
Molecular Basis of Cannabinoid Activity
PHARM SCI Pikal, M. Pfizer, Inc. $28,165 2/00-1/01
Freeze Drying and Materials Science of Pharmaceuticals
PHARM SCI Pikal, M. Purdue University $10,000 10/99-5/00
Automated Process Design Through Manometric Temperature Measurement: Design of a "Smart Freeze Dryer"
College, School, Department: Social Work
Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
SOC WORK Bloom, M. Child & Family Agency of SE CT, Inc. $5,000 1/00-6/00
Agreement between Child & Family Agency and University of Connecticut Department of Social Work
SOC WORK Hasselbrock, M. Ct Dept of Mental Health & Addiction Services $127,789 9/99-9/00
Agreement between Department of Mental Health & Addiction Serv and the University of Connecticut Department of Social Work
SOC WORK Morales, J. Annie E. Casey Foundation $5,000 8/99-12/99
Connecticut Conference on Puerto Rican Children & Families/Child Welfare System
College, School, Department: Vice Provost Research & Graduate Education
Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
ERI Carley, R. Ct Dept of Environmental Protection $169,009 1/00-3/01
Location of Underground Storage Tanks Utilizing GPS (Global Positioning System)
ERI Carley, R. Ct Dept of Environmental Protection $10,000 6/99-4/00
Computer Software for State Facility Compliance with the Clean Air Act Title V Requirements
MSTC Auster, P. NOAA-Nat'l Oceanic & Atmos Admin $76,776 1/00-1/01
Research and Research Coordination Activities for the National Marine Sanctuaries Program