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UConn 'Alum' To Star In Hit Television Show
March 6, 2000

UConn's latest alum got his diploma after one of his "people" made a phone call for him.

But then again, Peter Gray is a virtual person, and so, perhaps it is fitting that his UConn diploma is a virtual one, too.

Gray is a character on CBS's hit television show Judging Amy. The show features Amy Brenneman, who was raised in Glastonbury and who based the show on her mother, Frederica Brenneman, a Connecticut juvenile court judge.

Brenneman plays a fictional judge, and Peter Gray is her brother.

Gray, it turns out, is a UConn alum, according to the script writers. So Chris Brown of the show's art department in Hollywood decided it would be wise to request a few props from the University. Working with the UConn Co-op, which supplied the items, University Communications sent the show a UConn cap, mug, pencil holder, Husky pillow and other items to be used in several shows that will air as soon as two weeks from now, according to Brown.

And hanging on the wall will be Gray's diploma - 1986, B.A. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Luckily, the frame will hide the words "void," written in the margins by Kathy Shipton, assistant registrar.

The show airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

Karen A. Grava