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The following grants were received by the Office of Sponsored Programs in September 1999:
(Those with UConn listed as a source represent a distribution of a larger federal award to the University.)
Department Researcher Amount Source
Physiology & Neurobiology Stephen Korn $5,000 NSF-Integrative Biology & Neurosciences
Mechanisms of Ion Selectivity in Cloned Potassium Channels
Plant Science Derek Allinson $2,511 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Nitrogen Mineralization
Plant Science Richard Ashley $27,335 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Cover Crops and Reduce Tillage
Plant Science Carol Auer $8,910 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Plant Cytokinins
Plant Science Mark Brand $8,491 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Rhododendron Teratomas
Plant Science George Elliott $2,511 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Regulation of Plant Nutrients
Plant Science Donna Ellis $4,997 USDA-National Biological Control Institute
Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum Salicaria) Biological Control: Increasing Awareness Through Educational Outreach (Year 2)
Plant Science Donna Ellis $5,000 USDA-Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service
Cooperative Agreement Award for Noxious Weeds
Plant Science Donna Ellis $16,477 Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection
Hockanum River Watershed Resource Restoration and Demonstration Project: Management of Purple Loosestrife Through Biological Control
Plant Science Karl Guillard $36,432 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Nutrients from Turfgrass Clippings
Plant Science Yi Li & Richard McAvoy $298,925 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Molecular Genetic Improvement of Petunia & Chrysanthemum for Connecticut Floriculture Industry. Corporate Partners: Grower Direct Farms Inc./Lexington Gardens of North Haven
Plant Science Yi Li $8,910 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Plant Hormones in Transgenic Plants
Plant Science Richard McAvoy $8,843 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Controlled Plant Environment
Plant Science Richard McAvoy $8,910 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Molecular Gene Ties and Greenhouse Crops
Plant Science Thomas Morris $86,944 Univ. of Vermont
Alternative and Herbal Livestock Health Practices
Plant Science Cristian Schulthess $8,910 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Soil Chemistry
Plant Science Susanne B. Von Bodman $8,491 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
esaI/esaR Gene Systems
Political Science Everett Ladd $5,000 Michigan State University
Roper Center Membership
Political Science Everett Ladd $2,000 Univ. of Wisconsin
Roper Center Membership
Sport, Exercise & Leisure Sciences Carl Maresh $251,911 Knoll Pharmaceutical Company
Comparison of Analgesic/Anti-Inflammatory Medication on Muscle Pain, Performance, Return to Activity, Immune, and Hormonal Responses
The following grants were received by the Office of Sponsored Programs in October 1999:
Department Researcher Amount Source
Agricultural Economics Boris Bravo-Ureta $224,586 Technoserve, El Salvador
Rural Organizations and Environmental Conservation Activity: El Salvador (Training Component)
    $172,560 Technoserve, El Salvador
(Research Component)
Agricultural Economics Ronald Cotterill $374,240 U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Food Marketing Policy Center for Research
Animal Science Sheila Andrew & Rhonda Hoffman $26,647 USDA-National Research Initiative
Animal Nutrition and Antibiotic Investigations
Animal Science Xiangzhong Yang $228,532 Biotechnology Research and Development Corp.
Production of Cloned Pigs from Embryonic Cell Lines
Animal Science Xiangzhong Yang $70,000 Genzyme Transgenics Inc.
Production of Transgenic Dutch-Belted Rabbits
Animal Science Xiangzhong Yang $8,498 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Transgenic Animals
Art Susan Holmes $10,000 Conn. Commission on the Arts
Culturally Diverse Concerts and Workshops Featuring Traditional and Chamber Music
Chemical Engineering Douglas Cooper $795 Mixed Sources
  $795 Energy Research Corp.
$795 Procter & Gamble
$795 Schering-Plough Corp.
$1,590 International Flavors & Fragrances
$795 Praxair Corp.
$795 Lyondell-Citgo Corp
$795 Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc
$5,363 Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Emerging Technologies
Chemical Engineering Robert Fisher $39,369 Trinity College
Experimental & Theoretical Investigation of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: Use of CFD Models and Bioiemetic Flow Emulation
Chemical Engineering & Chemistry Joseph Helble & Steven Suib $200,000 DED-Connecticut Innovations Inc.
Review of Fitch Fuel Catalyst Proposal and Recommendations for Evaluation
Co-PI: Baki Cetegen
Chemistry William Bailey $80,000 Procter & Gamble
Synthesis of Heterocycles
Chemistry Kenneth Gonsalves $50,000 DOD-Office of Naval Research
New Resist Concepts
Chemistry Steven Suib $74,560 Duracell
New Materials for Battery Applications
Civil Engineering Ramesh Malla $6,000 Hamilton Standard
Study of Oxygen Generation De-Ionizing Bed Structure for Space Station
Civil Engineering Ramesh Malla $5,200 UConn-Space Grant (redistr.)
NASA Space Consortium: Administrative Costs for Campus Director
Computer Science Howard Sholl & Reda Ammar $30,000 Dapco Industries
Real-Time Architecture for High-Speed Pipe Inspection
Co-PI: Ian Greenshields
Conn. Small Business Development Center Dennis Gruell $1,036,820 Small Business Administration
Grant Proposal for Connecticut Small Business Development Center
Cooperative Extension Carole Eller $56,520 Conn. Dept. of Social Services
"All Children Considered" Newsletter
Cooperative Extension Carole Eller $205 Mixed Sources
Income Account for FRS 630230
Cooperative Extension Sharon Gray $25,993 UConn Health Center
Provision of Nutrition Services to Families of Children with Phenylketonuria (and Other Metabolic Disorders)
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Chris Elphick $28,520 Great Basin Bird Observatory
Predicting Breeding Bird Distributions In Nevada
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Donald Les $11,130 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPA Fellowship (Fellow: Robert S. Capers)
Economics Peter Barth $37,280 Conn. Dept. of Labor
Follow-up Study, Job Training Partnership Act in Connecticut, Part 14
Economics Fred Carstensen $9,800 Regional Growth Partnership
The Potential Economic Impact of High Speed and Enhanced Train Service In Greater New Haven
Educational Psychology Miriam Cherkes-Julkowski $4,599 UConn Health Center
Screening for Learning Disabilities in Pre-Adolescents
Electrical & Systems Engineering Eric Donkor $102,659 DED-CII-Critical Technologies Corp: (Spectran)
40 Gb/s Grating-Assisted Low-Power All-Optical Switching in a CDSSE-Doped Nonlinear Optical Fiber
Electrical & Systems Engineering Peter Willett $47,233 DOD-Navy-Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Practical Issues in Transient Detection
Electrical & Systems Engineering Quing Zhu $214,053 DED-CII-Critical Technologies (Corp: Multi-Dimension Technology)
A Novel Breast Imaging Device Using Ultrasound and NIR (Near Infrared) Diffusive Light
Electrical & Systems Engineering Quing Zhu $40,000 Multi-Dimension Technology
A Novel Breast Imaging Device Using Ultrasound and NIR (Near Infrared) Diffusive Light
Foreign Languages Sandra Schreffler $149,722 National Endowment for the Humanities
New Perspectives on Cultural Transformation in the Spanish Caribbean
Geography Thomas Lewis $25,000 National Geographic Society
Elementary Family Geography Challenge
Graduate School Dorothy Williams $4,174 UConn-Graduate School Senate (redistr.)
Support for Graduate Assistant
History Cornelia Dayton $30,000 National Endowment for the Humanities
Negotiating Boundaries of Self: Mental Disorders and Incapacity in New England, 1620-1820
Institute of Materials Science Steven Boggs $5,000 Exxon Chemical Co.
  $5,000 Uniroyal Chemical
$5,000 Dupont Co.
$5,000 Kerite Corp
Promotion of EPR Cable Technology
Institute for Public Service International Elizabeth Mahan $4,729 Univ. of Massachusetts
Partial Payment of Salary of K.J. Demuzzio, Coordinator, Latin American Studies Consortium of New England
Library-Dodd Center Thomas Wilsted $4,995 Conn. Humanities Council
Children's Literature: Teaching and Learning
Marine Sciences Hans Dam $5,000 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPA Fellowship (Graduate Assistant: Sean Colin)
Marine Sciences William Fitzgerald $274,272 NSF-Office of Polar Programs
Mercury Contamination and Biogeochemical Cycling in the Arctic
Marine Sciences Edward Monahan $201,065 NOAA
Connecticut Sea Grant College Program FY1999 National Strategic Investment Projects
Marine Sciences Paul Renaud $47,930 NOAA
Sorting and Identification of Georges Bank Infaunal Samples
Marine Sciences Robert Whitlatch $80,578 UConn-Sea Grant Program (redistr.)
Species and Community Attributes Affecting Invasion by Aquatic Nuisance Species
Marine Sciences & Technology Center Peter Auster $50,000 Pew Charitable Trusts
Conservation of Seafloor Habitats
Marine Sciences & Technology Center Heather Crawford $12,710 UConn-Sea Grant Program (redistr.)
A National Invasive Plant Outreach Initiative
Marine Sciences & Technology Center Richard Jadamec $21,942 UConn-Sea Grant Program (redistr.)
Development and Testing of a Prototype In Situ Sensor for Monitoring Hydrocarbons in the Marine Environment
Marketing Subhash Jain $220,000 U.S. Dept. of Ed.-International Business Education
A Proposal to Establish a Center for International Business & Research with a Focus on High Technology
Molecular & Cell Biology James Knox $10,000 Veterans Administration
Crystallization and Structure Analysis of the SHV B-Lactamase
Nursing Elizabeth Anderson $12,800 Conn. Dept. of Public Health
National Health Service Corps Student Experiences and Rotations in Community Health
Pathobiology Richard French $85,835 UConn-Sea Grant Program (redistr.)
Development & Application of a Chemiluminescent Quantitative Multiplex PCR for Perkinsus Marinus (Dermo), Haplosporidium Nelsoni (Msx)
Pathobiology Richard French $10,000 Univ. of Florida
Nitarsone Prevention of Histomonas Meleagridis Infection of Partridges, Zoalene Prevention, Control of Cecal, Intestinal Coccidiosis in Gamebird
Pathobiology Steven Geary $26,701 Pfizer Inc.
Evaluation of Alternative Bovine Herpes Virus-1 Disease (Bovine Vaccine Studies)
Pharmaceutical Sciences Michael Pikal $5,500 Ortho Pharmaceutical Corp.
Material Properties of Formulations for Freeze Drying
Plant Science Richard Ashley $20,000 Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection
Development and Publication of a Turfgrass Integrated Pest Management Manual
Physics Jeffrey Schweitzer $51,000 NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Combined Gamma-Ray, X-Ray and Neutron Spectrometer for Surface Surveying and Sample Selection
Political Science Kenneth Dautrich $50,000 Conn. Dept. of Social Services
Center for Survey Research and Analysis
Political Science Robert Gilmour $5,000 Town of Wethersfield, Conn.
  $5,000 Town of Newington, Conn.
$5,000 Town of Berlin, Conn.
UConn Municipal Personnel Policy Evaluation
Political Science Robert Gilmour $15,000 Town of West Hartford, Conn.
  $15,000 Town of Manchester,Conn.
$15,000 Town of Glastonbury, Conn.
$15,000 Town of Farmington, Conn.
$15,000 Town of Avon, Conn.
Municipal Program Evaluation Partnership
Psychology Linda Frisman $20,742 Conn. Dept of Mental Health & Addiction Services
Connecticut Behavioral Health Indicator Pilot
Psychology Linda Frisman $257,942 Conn. Dept of Mental Health & Addiction Services
An Evaluation of Housing Models for Homeless Persons
Psychology Linda Frisman $448,293 Conn. Dept of Mental Health & Addiction Services
Evaluation of Connecticut's Criminal Justice Diversion Program
Social Work Kay Davidson $50,760 Conn. Dept. of Social Services
Agreement Between the Department of Social Services and the UConn School of Social Work
Social Work Michie Hesselbrock $32,890 UConn. Health Center
Phenotypes of Alcoholism among Native Americans
Sociology Charles Logan $7,447 UConn. Health Center
Letter of Agreement for Corey Lebson
Sociology Bradley Wright $22,265 Univ. of Wisconsin
Further Studies of the Personal and Social Predictors of Criminal Behavior
The following grants were received by the Office of Sponsored Programs in November 1999:
Department Researcher Amount Source
Agricultural Economics Boris Bravo-Ureta $61,994 USAID
Socioeconomic Impacts of Alternative Peanut Production-Marketing Systems in Senegal
Art Bette Talvacchia $30,000 Princeton Univ.
A Critical Edition of Aton Francesco Doni's Disegno
Chemical Engineering Patrick Mather $40,000 Cornerstone Research Group Inc.
Laser Processing of Thin-Film Mirrors Using Shape Memory Polymers
Chemistry Gary Epling $8,580 Hartford Hospital
Analysis of Poppy Seed Metabolites
Chemistry Steven Suib $50,000 Miyasaka Rubber Company Ltd.
Plasma Catalysis
Civil Engineering Michael Accorsi $120,875 DOD-U.S. Air Force
Simulation and Modeling of Wind Effects on Airdrop Systems
Civil Engineering Rusk Masih $99,689 Conn. Dep .of Transportation
Analytical and Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Concrete Removal Operations on Adjacent Concrete that is to Stay
Computer Science Eugene Santos Jr. $52,423 DOD-U.S. Air Force
Verification and Validation of Embedded Knowledge-Based Software Systems
Cooperative Extension Candace Bartholomew $4,000 USDA-Cooperative State Research, Educ. and Ext. Serv.
Development of Crop Profiles for Connecticut, 1999
Cooperative Extension Catherine Malley $12,725 Conn. Dept. of Mental Retardation
  $12,725 Conn. Dept. of Education
Birth to Five Newsletter
Curriculum & Instruction Mary Weinland $62,266 Capitol Region Education Council
Implementation of a Reading Recovery Program
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Robin Chazdon $270,000 Mellon Foundation
Vegetation Dynamics, Species Composition, and Ecosystem Processes in Tropical Second-Growth Forests
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Eric Schultz $89,970 Hudson River Foundation
Transport of Larval Anchovy Bay in the Hudson River
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology David Wagner $6,000 Nature Conservancy
Survey of Mansfield Hollow and West Thompson Lake Projects for Rate and Protected Species and Outstanding Natural Communities
Economics Stephen Sacks $37,175 USAID
Mandela Economics Scholar
Educational Psychology Thomas Kehle $11,737 Norwich Free Academy
Psychological Services to Students
Electrical & Systems Engineering Yaakov Bar-Shalom $120,000 DOD-Office of Naval Research
Tracking with Electronically Scanned Arrays
Electrical & Systems Engineering Krishna Pattipati $186,000 DOD-Office of Naval Research
Analytic Model-Driven Design of Adaptive Organizations for Dynamic and Uncertain Mission Environments
Electrical & Systems Engineering Physics Quing Zhu & Niloy Dutta $72,477 UConn Health Center
Diagnostic Optical Imaging of Periodontal Tissues
Geography Thomas Lewis $94,000 National Geographic Society
99/00 Connecticut Geographic Alliance Program Plan
Geology Gary Robbins $59,808 Conn. DPW
An Evaluation of Vertical Contaminant Spreading in Ground Water at Underground Storage Tank Sites
Health Services Mary Manton $242,650 Schachtel Assocs.
Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel Group Clinical Study
Institute of Public Service-International Elizabeth Mahan $4,729 Brown University
Partial Salary and Fringe Benefits for Coordinator of the Latin American Studies Consortium of New England
Jorgensen Auditorium Rodney Rock $2,950 New England Foundation for the Arts
1999/2000 New England Dance Project/Pappa Tarahumara Touring Grant
Metallurgy Harris Marcus $199,981 DED-CII-Critical Technologies (Corp: Precision Combustion)
Development of In-Situ Materials Analysis Techniques for Materials Optimization of Methane Combustion Catalysts
Molecular & Cell Biology Johann Peter Gogarten $23,800 Arizona State Univ.
Astrobiology Center at ASU-Horizontal Gene Transfer in Photosynthesis
Molecular & Cell Biology Debra Kendall $120,000 USDA-National Research Initiative
Molecular Interactions During Import of Thylakoid Proteins
Molecular & Cell Biology Michael Lynes $36,619 Ciencia Inc.
Portable System for On-Site Legionella Detection
Nutritional Sciences Rafael Perez-Escamilla $29,610 Univ. of California-Davis
Do Food Stamps, Food Label Use, and Nutrition Knowledge Affect Dietary Quality among Low-Income Adults?
Nutritional Sciences Ellen Shanley $143,601 Conn. Dept. of Education
Team Nutrition Training Grant 2000
Physics Boris Sinkovic $66,676 IBM Corp.
Measurements of Spin Polarization of Conduction Electrons for Magnetic Tunneling Junctions
Physics William Stwalley $152,467 Probot Inc.
Ion Channel Microprobe: Prototype Development
Physiology & Neurobiology Angel De Blas $41,568 Allegheny Univ. of the Health Sciences
Gabaa Receptors in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease
Plant Science Richard Ashley $1,500 Cornell Univ.
Inter-Regional Research Project #4 Liaison: Pesticide Regulation for Minor Users
Plant Science Mark Bridgen $6,000 American Floral Endowment
National Floriculture Forum
Plant Science & Natural Resources Mgmt. & Eng. Donna Ellis & David Schroeder $5,000 USDA-Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service
Cooperative Agreement Award for Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey FY 2000
Plant Science Thomas Morris $15,294 Univ. of Vermont
Sustainable Agriculture Education and Training: An Interactive Conference
Sociology Davita Glasberg $15,000 U.S. Dept. of Justice
Urban Policing in the Democratic Third World: a Comparative Study of Botswana and Mauritius (Fellow Student: Frederick Roth)
Women's Center Kathleen Holgerson $248,630 U.S. Dept. of Justice
Grants to Combat Violent Crimes Against Women on Campuses
The following grants were received by the Office of Sponsored Programs in December 1999:
Department Researcher Amount Source
Benton Museum of Art Thomas Bruhn $5,000 Conn. Commission on the Arts
Genealogies, Miscegenations, Missed Generations
Chemical Engineering Douglas Cooper $795 Colgate-Palmolive Co.
  $795 Uniroyal Chemical
$795 Benjamin Moore Co.
Emerging Technology Program
Chemical Engineering Thomas Wood $133,089 Electric Power Research Institute
Corrosion Control Using Protective Biofilms which Secrete Antimicrobials and Corrosion Inhibitors
Chemistry Harry Frank $102,000 NSF-Div. of Molecular & Cellular Biosciences
Role of Xanthophylls in the Mechanism of Nonradiactive Energy Dissipation
Chemistry James Rusling $191,078 PHS-NIH-Environmental Health Sciences
Electrocatalytic Studies of Toxic Pollutant Activation
Chemistry Steven Suib $93,500 Dept. of Energy
Microporous and Mesoporous Manganese Oxides, Preparation, Characterization, and Application
Civil Engineering Emmanouil Anagnostou $113,484 NASA
Calibration of Ground-Based Weather Systems from TRMM Space-Based Radar Observations: A Demonstration Project
Civil Engineering Domenic Grasso $257,000 Northeast Utilities
PAH Bioremediation at Former Manufactured Gas Plant Sites
Communication Sciences Carl Coelho $5,000 Hospital for Special Care
An Investigation of the Underlying Nature of the Discourse Deficits Following Closed Head Injury
Computer Science Eugene Santos $252,364 DOD-U.S. Air Force
Large-Scale, Multiagent, Distributed Mission Planning and Execution in a Complex Dynamic Environment
Cooperative Extension Chester Arnold $50,000 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
NEMO Programs for Western Long Island Sound
Cooperative Extension Edith Valiquette $5,700 Danbury Public Schools
21st-Century Community Learning Centers
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology John Silander $10,770 Inter-American Foundation
Field Research Fellowship Program at the Master's Level (Graduate Assistant: Ricardo Rozzi)
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Peter Turchin $25,071 Institute of Ecosystem Studies Inc.
Developing and Testing Models of Gypsy Moth Population Dynamics and Lyme-Disease Risk
Economics Fred Carstensen $52,275 Mashantucket Pequots
Economic Impact Assessments (Data Manipulation)
Electrical & Systems Engineering Yaakov Bar-Shalom $130,000 DOD-U.S. Air Force
Estimation with Multisensor Fusion
Geography Ellen Cromley $7,945 Connecticut Children's Medical Center
Identification of High Risk Areas for Child Pedestrian Injury in the Town of Hartford
Institute of Materials Science Thomas Seery $65,000 Rogers Corp.
Surface Initiated Polymerization from Inorganic Sulfides and Oxides
Marine Sciences Robert Whitlatch $239,616 NSF-Biological Instrumentation and Resources
Suspended Matter Analysis Laboratory for Education and Research
Marine Sciences Robert Whitlatch $69,769 NSF-Div. of Ocean Sciences
Development of an Autonomous, Time-Series Benthic Recruitment Sampler
Mathematics Evarist Gine-Masdeu $25,000 NSF-Div. of Mathematical Sciences
World Congress of the Bernoulli Society-Partial Support Junior Participants
Mechanical Engineering Theodore Bergman $5,000 Sumon Co.
  $7,945 University of Connecticut Foundation
$1,750 Cooper Instruments
$5,000 Wiremold
Senior Design Projects
Molecular & Cell Biology Charles Giardina $96,901 PHS-NIH-National Cancer Institute
Colon Cancer Chemopreventive Agents and Apoptosis
Molecular & Cell Biology Debra Kendall $249,424 PHS-NIH-General Medical Studies
Redesign of Structural Regions of Alkaline Phosphatase
Nat. Res. Mgmt. & Eng. Glenn Warner $50,000 Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection
Development of Educational Publications for the General Public, Town Officials, and Consultants in Connecticut
Physics Kurt Haller& Islam Muhammad $187,000 Department of Energy
Investigation in Particle and Field Theory
Physiology& Neurobiology Alice Villalobos $173,857 PHS-NIH-Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Stress Modulation of Choline Transport by Choroid Plexus
Psychology Susan Essock $355,914 Conn. Dept of Mental Health & Addiction Services
Assertive Community Treatment for the Dually Diagnosed
Social Work Kay Davidson $1,000 Univ. of Massachusetts
Subcontract Between UMass-Boston and UConn School of Social Work