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The following grants were received by the Office of Sponsored Programs in September:
(Those with UConn listed as a source represent a distribution of a larger federal award to the University.)
Department Researcher Amount Source
Natural Resources Management & Engineering Isaac Ortega $8,491 UConn-McIntire Stennis-536 (redistr.)
Beaver and Forest Ecosystems
Natural Resources Management & Engineering Charlotte Pyle $8,491 UConn-McIntire Stennis-536 (redistr.)
Forest Ecology
Natural Resources Management & Engineering Xiusheng Yang $36,651 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Ecosystem Molding/Climate Change
Nutritional Sciences Richard M. Clark $17,402 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Bioavailability of Dietary Carotenoids
Nutritional Sciences Maria Luz Fernandez $8,491 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Vitamin C Deficiency and Hyperlipidemia
Nutritional Sciences Hedley Freake $8,491 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Thyroid Hormone Action
Nutritional Sciences Carol Lammi-Keefe $45,617 National Cattlemens Beef Association
Dietary Beef as a Source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid During Pregnancy and Lactation
Nutritional Sciences Carol Lammi-Keefe $33,698 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Nutritional Assessment
Nutritional Sciences Mary McGrane $8,910 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Growth Hormone Effects
Nutritional Sciences Rafael Perez-Escamilla $8,910 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Diet and Obesity
Nutritional Sciences Nancy Rodriguez $8,910 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Amino Acid Metabolic Regulation
Pathobiology Sandra Bushmich $8,491 UConn-Animal Health-537 (redistr.)
Lyme Disease in Farm Animals
Pathobiology Richard French $29,716 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Pathobiology Antonio Garmendia $8,491 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Vector DNA Vaccines
Pathobiology Steven Geary $8,491 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Pathobiology Dennis Hill $22,762 Hartford Hospital
Development of Drugs of Abuse in Urine Screening Assay
Graduate Assistant: Minh-Nguyet Tran
Pathobiology Mazhar Khan $38,324 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Poultry Immunity-Infectious Bronchitis Virus
Pathobiology Herbert Whiteley $4,500 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Aquaculture Genetics Map
Pathobiology Herbert Whiteley & Steven Geary $79,984 Pfizer Inc.
Molecular Vaccine Research and Development Facility
Pharmaceutical Sciences Brian Aneskievich $106,501 PHS-NIH-Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases
Peroxisome Proliferator Effect on Keratinocytes
Pharmaceutical Sciences Ben Bahr $493,242 Dept. of Defense-U.S. Army
Comparison of Novel and Known Neuroprotectants for Treating Exposure to Different Types of Toxicants
Pharmaceutical Sciences Steven Cohen $169,625 PHS-NIH-Environmental Health Sciences
Biochemical Toxicology Mechanisms Research
Pharmaceutical Sciences Andrea Hubbard $106,246 PHS-NIH-Environmental Health Sciences
Regulation of Silica-Induced ICAM-1 Expression in Mice
Pharmaceutical Sciences Atmaram Khanolkar & Alexandros Makriyannis $114,303 PHS-NIH-National Institute of Drug Abuse
Novel Probes for Cannabinoid Receptors
Pharmaceutical Sciences Alexandros Makriyannis $115,830 PHS-NIH-National Institute of Drug Abuse
Cannabinoid Effects and Cannabimimetic Drugs
Pharmaceutical Sciences Alexandros Makriyannis $125,268 PHS-NIH-National Institute of Drug Abuse
Training Program in Medications Development for Drug Abuse
Pharmaceutical Sciences John B. Morris $203,564 PHS-NIH-Environmental Health Sciences
Toxic Responses of Nasal Mucosa to Irritants
Pharmaceutical Sciences Michael Pikal 15,400 BASF Bioresearch Corp.
Freeze Drying Formation and Process Development for BASF D2e7: Initial Studies to Define Scope of Problems
Physics Edward Eyler $161,871 NSF-Division of Physics
High Resolution Studies of Atomic and Molecular Structure and Coherence Equipment
Physics George Gibson $69,688 NSF-Division of Electrical & Communication Systems
High-Energy Cavity-Dumping in a Ti:sapphire Oscillator and Applications
Physics William Stwalley & Moshe Gai $6,213 Southeastern University Research Association-Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Proposal for a Memorandum of Understanding UConn-CEBAF Three Bridge Positions