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The following grants were received by the Office of Sponsored Programs in September: (Those with UConn listed as a source represent a distribution of a larger federal award to the University.)

Department Researcher Amount Source
Chemistry Harry Frank $124,984 PHS-NIH-General Medical Studies
Structure and Function of Carotenoids
Chemistry Steven Suib $160,000 Japan Fine Ceramics Center
Plasma Catalysis
Chemistry Steven Suib $52,952 Texaco Inc.
Activation of Methane via Microwave Heating Over Catalysts
Civil Engineering Mohamed Amine Dahmani $65,767 Carrier Corp.
Monitoring Well and Injection Well Installation at the BDP Site in City of Industry, Calif.
Civil Engineering Christian Davis $30,000 Pennsylvania State Univ.
I-95 Corridor Coalition Field Operational Test 10, Coordinated Safety Management
Civil Engineering Charles Dougan $139,680 Conn. Dept. of Transportation
Roughness Analysis of Connecticut Roadways
Civil Engineering George Hoag & M. Amine Dahmani $71,980 United Technologies-Corporate Headquarters
Contaminant Site Assessment at the Norden Site
Civil Engineering John Ivan $13,134 Transcore Inc.
Transportation Systems Engineering Internship
Civil Engineering Ramesh Malla $6,000 Univ. of Hartford-Space Grant College Consortium
Study of Oxygen Generation De-Ionizing Bed Structure for Space Station
Civil Engineering Fred Ogden $10,000 Dept. of Defense-U.S. Army
Symposium on Hydrologic Modeling of Diverse Regions with Sparse and Uncertain Data
Civil Engineering Fred Ogden $119,373 Dept. of Defense-U.S. Army
Addition of Lakes, Wetlands, and Detention Basins to CASC2D
Civil Engineering Jack Stephens & Christian Davis $198,550 Conn. Dept. of Transportation
Connecticut Advanced Pavement Laboratory - FY 2000
Computer Science Steven Demurjian $15,332 Mitre
JINI/Java Spaces: Evaluating the Technology and Impact on Present and Future Army Systems
Computer Science Robert McCartney $10,000 Univ. of Hartford-Space Grant College Consortium
Diagrammataic Information System
Computer Science Dong-Guk Shin & Steven Demurjian $106,054 Conn. Dept. of Insurance
Feasibility Study of Information System Reengineering: Part II
Connecticut Small Business Development Center DennisGruell $20,000 Mixed Sources
Center-University Support and Services Conn. SBDC Match FY 2000
Cooperative Extension Chester Arnold $50,000 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Dissemination of a Model Urban Nonpoint Source Education Program
Cooperative Extension Richard Meinert $9,000 USDA-Smith-Lever-430
Torrington Extension Center
Cooperative Extension Robert Ricard $35,000 Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection
Connecticut Urban Forestry Volunteer Coordinator
Curriculum & Instruction Liliana Minaya-Rowe $250,908 U.S. Dept. of Ed.-Bilingual Education
Bilingual Education Fellow Program: An Action-Research Program of Specialization in Bilingual-Bicultural Education for Preparing Teacher Trainers
Curriculum & Instruction David Moss $24,778 Conn. Dept. of Education
Promoting Early Mathematics and Science for Connecticut's Students
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Donald Les $24,919 Conn.-DEP-Long Island Sound
Impacts of Development on Connecticut's Coastal Resources: A Case Study of Eriocaulon Parkeri
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Stephen Trumbo $9,270 National Geographic Society
Phylogeny, Behavior and Life History of the Nicrophorines of Nepal
Economics Fred Carstensen $4,850 New Britain Museum of Art
Economic Impact Assessments (Data Manipulation)
Economic Impact Assessments (Data Manipulation)
Educational Psychology Sally Reis $25,000 Conn. Dept. of Education
Institute for Teaching and Learning
Educational Psychology Stanley Shaw $343,765 U.S. Dept. of Ed.-Postsecondary Education
Assuring Equal Access for College Students with Learning Disabilities by Implementing Universal Design in the Instructional Environment
Electrical & Systems Engineering John Enderle $46,738 NSF-Bioengineering and Environmental Systems
An Annual Review of Engineering Senior Design Projects to Aid Persons With Disabilities
Electrical & Systems Engineering John Enderle $32,885 NSF-Bioengineering and Environmental Systems
Engineering Design Projects for the Disabled
Electrical & Systems Engineering Peter Luh $2,930 United Technologies-Research Center
The New Role of the Global Manager: UTC Requirement and Toolkit
Family Studies Stephen Anderson & Ronald Sabatelli $60,000 Conn. Office of Policy and Management
Evaluation of Neighborhood Youth Center Programs
Family Studies Richard Meth $11,433 Conn. Dept. of Justice
Pretrial Family Violence Education
Geology Norman Gray $4,814 Conn.-DEP-Long Island Sound
Connecticut's Coastal Features - A Website
Graduate School Robert V. Smith $53,000 NSF-Division of Graduate Education
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program