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The following grants were received by the Office of Sponsored Programs in September: (Those with UConn listed as a source represent a distribution of a larger federal award to the University.)

Department Researcher Amount Source
Agricultural Economics Marilyn Altobello $17,186 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Natural Resource Planning
Agricultural Economics Ronald Cotterill $500 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Food System Performance
Agricultural Economics Kenneth Hadden $37,604 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Woodland Stewardship
Agricultural Economics Linda Lee $8,910 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Resource Use and Change
Agricultural Economics Tsoung-Chao Lee $56,344 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Northeast Agriculture
Agricultural Economics Rigoberto Lopez $16,440 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
World Trade Barriers
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $14,570 UConn-Animal Health-537 (redistr.)
Animal Health
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $23,061 USDA-Animal Health-537
Animal Health-537
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $6,522 UConn-McIntire Stennis-536 (redistr.)
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $57,075 USDA-McIntire Stennis-536
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $116,667 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Regional Research
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $363,575 USDA-Regional Research-462
Regional Research-462
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $54,665 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Storrs Agriculture Experiment Station Administration
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $52,871 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Hatch Administration
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $631,591 USDA-Hatch Administration-428
Allied Health Cynthia Adams $20,600 Cigna Corp.
Developing a Diabetes Protocol
Allied Health Ellen Darrow $14,638 UConn Health Center
Project 3000 X 2000 Health Professions Partnership Initiative Precollege Enrichment Program
Allied Health Valeria Duffy $43,843 Yale Univ.
Taste Psychophysics
Animal Science Sheila Andrew $8,491 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Mastitis and Antibiotic Testing
Animal Science Michael Darre $500 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Poultry Production Systems
Animal Science Cameron Faustman $130,000 USDA-National Research Initiative
Investigating the Basis of Lipid Oxidation Induced Oxymyoglobin Oxidation
Animal Science Cameron Faustman $8,555 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Myoglobin and Lipid Interactions
Animal Science Gary Kazmer $500 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Growth Hormone Response
Animal Science Robert Milvae $8,491 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Follicular Development
Animal Science Louis Pierro $37,128 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Skeletal Muscle Growth
Animal Science $105,728 John Riesen U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Promoting Cooperation in Creation and Use of Shared Computer-Teaching Technologies
Animal Science Lawrence Silbart $8,991 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Mycoplasma Mucosal Vaccine
Animal Science Xiangzhong Yang $81,898 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (redistr.)
Transgenic Animals
Animal Science Nissim Yonash $8,491 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Genetic Avian Diseases
Animal Science Steven Zinn $8,491 UConn-Regional Research-462 (redistr.)
Nutrient Regulation
Anthropology Sally McBrearty $11,358 The Leakey Foundation
Support of Graduate Study Toward Ph.D.
Graduate Student: Veronica Waweru
Anthropology Kevin McBride $20,781 Mashantucket Pequots
Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Cultural Research Center
Center for Academic Programs Maria Martinez & Bidya Ranjeet $202,281 U.S. Dept. of Ed.-Special Education and Rehabilitation Services
Student Support Services
Chemical Engineering Douglas Cooper $4,954 Allied Signal Inc.
Emerging Technologies
Chemical Engineering James Fenton $80,000 Giner Inc.
Novel Electrochemical Ozone Generator for Disinfection of Spacecraft Water
Chemical Engineering Joseph Helble $223,143 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Development of an In-Situ Instrument to Determine the Size and Composition of Ambient Particulate. Corporate Partner: Advanced Fuel Research
Chemical Engineering Patrick Mather $37,500 Cornerstone Research Group Inc.
Electroactive Gels for a Deployable Adaptive Mirror
Chemical Engineering Robert Weiss $256,671 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Development of Compatibilizers for Liquid Crystalline Polymer. Corporate Partner: Oxford Polymers