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The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in May:

Department Researcher Amount Source
Allied Health Linda Pescatello $15,000 New Britain Hospital
Cardiometabolic Health Benefits of Physical Activity on Special Populations
Chemical Engineering James Bell $70,549 Dacco Sci. Inc.
Corrosion Protection Using Surface Polymerized Coatings
Chemical Engineering Douglas Cooper $795 National Starch and Chemical
Emerging Technologies
Chemical Engineering Douglas Cooper $795 Owens Corning Corp.
Emerging Technologies
Civil Engineering Christian Davis $98,066 Conn. Dept. of Transportation
Management of the New England Transportation Consortium
Chemical Engineering Gerald McCarthy $216,925 Conn. Dept. of Transportation
Continuing Cooperative Highway Research Program
Computer Science Eugene Santos $269,813 Dept. of Defense-U.S. Air Force
Large-Scale, Multiagent, Distributed Mission Planning and Execution in Complex Dynamic Environment
Cooperative Extension Luane Lange $4,988 Conn. Humanities Council
20th-Century Connecticut Agriculture: The Untold Story
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Janine Caira Charles Henry $6,000 NSF-DEB-Research Experience for Undergraduates
REU: Monography of the Diphyllidea, Lecanicephalida, and Tetraphyllidea: a Program to Train the Cestodologists of the Future
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Eric Schultz $52,000 Foster-Davis Foundation
Fall Fattening in the Fathead Minnow
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology David Wagner $5,160 Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection
The Imperiled Dragonfly and Damselfly Fauna of Connecticut
Educational Psychology Lee McLean $122,243 Conn. State Board of Ed., Div. of Rehab. Services
Tech Act Training
Educational Psychology Stanley Shaw $162,474 U.S. Dept. of Ed.-Special Education and Rehab. Services
University/School Partnerships: Leadership Preparation Dedicated to Collaboration, Urban Education, and Inclusion
Electrical & Systems Engineering Douglas Abraham $27,998 San Diego State University Foundation
Multipath Estimation Using Electromagnetic Matched Field Processing for DS-CDMA Communication Systems
Electrical & Systems Engineering John Enderle $10,000 NSF-BES-Research Experience for Undergraduates
REU: Supplement to Engineering Design Projects for the Disabled
Environmental Research Institute Robert Carley $100,000 Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection
Status Update of the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites II
Geography Thomas Cooke $30,000 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Place, Migration, and the Career Paths of Women in Dual-Career Families
Geology Lanbo Liu $30,000 Interior-U.S. Geological Survey
Using Gound Penetrating Radar to Study Prehistoric Earthquakes in the New Madrid Seismic Zone
Health Systems Management Patricia Born $4,686 Illinois State University
Who Decides What's Necessary? Medical Necessity and the Ethics of Managed Care
Marine Sciences Peter Auster $40,000 Boston University
Modeling and Monitoring Habitat Recovery and Fish Population Dynamics
Marine Sciences Robert Whitlatch $120,330 NSF-Div. of Ocean Sciences
Physical and Biological Processes Linking the Sources of Larval Production to Subsequent Recruitment into Subtidal Benthic Communities
Materials Sciences Steven Boggs $25,000 Exxon Chemical Co.
Promotion of EPR Cable Technology
Mechanical Engineering Amir Faghri Eric Jordan $100 Compaq
Senior Design Projects
Metallurgy Maurice Gell $10,000 General Electric Co.
Bond Strength and Stress Measurements in Thermal Barrier Coatings
Molecular & Cell Biology Thomas Chen $131,736 Kent Seafarms Corp.
Production of Transgenic White Bass by Introducing a Fish Growth Hormone Gene
Molecular & Cell Biology Michael Lynes $152,390 PHS-NIH-Environmental Health Sciences
Mechanism of Metal Mediated Immunosuppression
Nursing Deborah McDonald $106,184 PHS-NIH-National Center for Nursing Research
Postoperative Pain Communication Skills for Older Adults Area Grant
Nursing Helen Shah $49,005 PHS-HRSA-Nursing
Professional Nurse Traineeship
Pathobiology Sylvain Deguise $15,000 Morris Animal Foundation
The Immune Response of Cetacean-Reconstituted SCiD Mice to Morbillivirus Infection
Pharmaceutical Sciences Alexandros Makriyannis $293,548 PHS-SAMHSA-Drug Abuse
Dopamine Transporter Ligands as Cocaine Medications
Physics Joseph Budnick $80,000 NSF-Div. of Materials Research
Structural, Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Interstitially Modified Magnetic Systems
Plant Science Karl Guillard $5,000 Potash & Phosphate Institute of Canada
Potassium Fertilization of Kentucky Bluegrass in Increase Summer-Stress Tolerance
Political Science Everett C. Ladd $2,000 University of New Mexico
Roper Center Membership
Psychology Janet Barnes-Farrell $4,000 Manchester Public Schools
Industrial Psychology Applications Center Project
Psychology Etan Markus $97,549 PHS-NIH-Aging
Aging Changes in Behavior and Hippocampal Unit Activity
Psychology Benjamin Sachs $95,481 NSF-Integrative Biology & Neurosciences
Psychobiology of the Autonomic Arousal Process
Public Service International Elizabeth Mahan $24,984 Dept. of Higher Education
A Summer Institute: Mesolore and Indigenous Issues: Using Technology to Bridge Past and Present Mesoamerican Cultures