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The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in March: (Those with UConn listed as a source represent a distribution of a larger federal award to the University.)

(NOTE: Portions of this list will be published in the print version of the Advance over several issues as space allows.)

Animal Science Sheila Andrew $3,300 UConn-Regional Research-462 (Redistr.)
Mastitis and Antibiotic Testing
Animal Science Xiangzhong Yang $294,660 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Cloning Pigs -- An Ideal Approach to Generate Organs for Transplantation in Humans (Xenotransplantation)
Chemical Engineering Can Erkey $179,931 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Synthesis of Nanoparticles Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Chemistry Kenneth Gonsalves $70,300 NSF-Division of Materials Research
Assembled Nanotubes as High Sensitivity Resists
Chemistry Amy Howell $57,500 NSF-CHE-Research Experience for Undergraduates
REU Site in Chemistry at the University of Connecticut
Civil Engineering Michael Accorsi $135,246 DED-CII Cooperative Grants
Computer Simulation and Design of High Performance Parafoil Systems
Civil Engineering Nikolaos Nikolaidis $10,000 United Technologies Corporate Headquarters
Long-Term Pilot Scale Demo of ASRT Tech In-Situ Arsenic Contaminated Water
Civil Engineering Nikolaos Nikolaidis $127,020 International Copper Research Association
Contribution Copper-Based Architectural Material to Copper Concentrate
Communication Sciences Susan Bartlett $3,819 Visiting Nurse & Community Health of Eastern Conn. Inc.
Providing Speech-Language Services to Patients of VNA East
Communication Sciences Diane Brackett $3,436 Conn. Dept. of Mental Retardation
Insurance Recovery Account on FRS# 630380 Birth to Three Program
Computer Science Dong-Guk Shin & Steven Demurjian $60,062 Conn. Dept. of Insurance
Feasibility Study of Information Systems Re-Engineering
Computer Science Dong-Guk Shin $99,994 NSF-Biological Instrumentation and Resources
Developing a Database Supporting Cell Biology Modeling -- A Feasibility Study
Cooperative Extension Chester Arnold $69,992 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National NEMO (Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials) Network
Cooperative Extension Natural Resource Management Economics Chester Arnold & Daniel Civco $1,099,576 NASA
Better Land Use Planning for the Suburbanizing Northeast: Creating a Network of Value-Added Geospatial Information, Tools & Education for Land
Cooperative Extension Stephen Broderick $9,760 Ruffed Grouse Society
Creating Forests for Wildlife and Timber Education through Demonstration for Owners of Forest Resources in Vermont and Connecticut
Cooperative Extension Carole Eller $4,000 Kansas State University
National Network for Childcare
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Louise Lewis $120,807 John Carroll University
Survey of the Algae, Lichens and Masses of Microbiotic Crusts in Selected Semiarid and Arid Sites in Western North America
Economics Fred Carstensen $11,500 Citizen's Committee for Effective Group
Economic Impact Assessments (Data Manipulation)
Educational Psychology Kathleen Bradley $31,651 Conn. Developmental Disabilities Council
Family/Community Employment Partnership
Educational Psychology Lee McLean $26,041 American Institute for Neuro-Integrative Development
Learning Center for Autism (Donnellan)
Educational Psychology Lee McLean $28,394 Conn. Developmental Disabilities Council
Inclusive Education Partnerships for Connecticut
Educational Psychology Kay Norlander $13,468 Hartford Public Schools
The Center of Pedagogy: Interdisciplinary Curriculum at Quirk Middle School
Electrical & Systems Engineering Douglas Abraham $54,000 DOD-Navy-Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Statistical Modeling of Non-Rayleigh LFAs (Low Frequency Active Sonar) Reverberation
Electrical & Systems Engineering John Enderle $48,000 Bay State Medical Center
Clinical Engineering Internship Program at the Baystate Medical Center
Electrical & Systems Engineering Bahram Javidi $49,000 Metrolaser
Optical Pattern Recognition for Security and Verification
Electrical & Systems Engineering Bahram Javidi $225,000 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Optical Security and Anti-Counterfeiting Device
Electrical & Systems Engineering Peter B. Luh $98,446 DED-CII Cooperative Grants
A New Generation of Neural Network Optimization Techniques with Application to Manufacturing Scheduling
Electrical & Systems Engineering Chandra Roychoudhuri $98,758 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Bragg Gratings for Commercial Applications in Photonics, Bio-Tech, Chemical & Communication Industries
Electrical & Systems Engineering Geoffrey Taylor $199,978 DED-CII Cooperative Grants
III-V Infrared Image Sensors
Environmental Research Institute Robert Carley $200,000 Conn.-DEP-Long Island Sound
Long Island Sound Estuarine Study
Geology Gary Robbins $35,572 Conn. DEP
An Evaluation of MTBE Occurrence in Diesel Fuel and Home Heating Oil
Institute of Materials Science Steven Boggs $100,000 Electric Power Research Institute
Development of Options for HRRM (High Range Radiation Monitor) Remediation -- Phase II
Institute of Materials Science Daniel Scola $195,341 DED-CII Cooperative Grants
Polyamide/Glass Fiber Composite and Buffer Coatings for High Temperature Optical Fiber Applications
Institute of Materials Science Thomas Seery $71,999 NSF-DMR-Career Development Program
Direct Synthesis of Polymer Brushes Using Organometallic Catalysts with Tethered Initiators
Marine Sciences Nancy Balcom & Heather Crawford $139,000 UConn-Sea Grant Program (Redistr.)
Connecticut Sea Grant Extension Program
Marine Sciences Richard Cooper $296,896 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Research & Development of Marine Plant (Nori) Aquaculture in Connecticut Waters
Marine Sciences George McManus $64,594 UConn-Sea Grant Program (Redistr.)
Tropic Effects of Two Dinoflagellates upon Representative Pelagic and Benthic Consumers
Marine Sciences Edward Monahan $24,035 UConn-Sea Grant Program (Redistr.)
Environmental Changes in and Around Long Island Sound: Natural and Anthropogenic Factors
Marine Sciences Edward Monahan $28,406 UConn-Sea Grant Program (Redistr.)
Yale/Sea Grant Coastal Internship Program and Coordination of Public Policy and Environmental Education
Marine Sciences Edward Monahan $43,310 UConn-Sea Grant Program (Redistr.)
Hydrologic and Chemical Control of Phragmites Growth in Tidal Marshes
Marine Sciences Edward Monahan $149,000 UConn-Sea Grant Program (Redistr.)
Program Management: Administration and Planning
Marine Sciences Edward Monahan $128,167 UConn-Sea Grant Program (Redistr.)
Core Communications Program
Marine Sciences Edward Monahan $57,000 UConn-Sea Grant Program (Redistr.)
Program Development
Marine Sciences Edward Monahan $100,000 UConn-Sea Grant Program (Redistr.)
Multi-Program and Regional Initiatives
Marine Sciences Edward Monahan $52,174 UConn-Sea Grant Program (Redistr.)
Connecting Ecological and Social Systems: Watershed Research Relating Ecosystem Structure & Function to Human Values & Socioeconomic Behavior
Marine Sciences Edward Monahan $59,760 UConn-Sea Grant Program (Redistr.)
Bringing Marine Science into Classrooms: Outreach Programs and Teacher
Marine Sciences Edward Monahan $108,000 NOAA
Connecticut Sea Grant College Program: Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship 1999
Marine Sciences Molecular & Cell Biology Edward Monahan & Hans Laufer Co-PIs N. Balcom, H. Crawford, G. McManus, P. Scheifele, I. Babb $849,000 NOAA
1999-2000 Connecticut Sea Grant College Program: Program Plan for Continuing Sea Grant College Support Through February 2000
Marine Sciences Annelie Skoog $59,779 NSF-Office of Polar Programs
Carbon Cycling in the Arctic Ocean: Molecular Level Studies
Mechanical Engineering Amir Faghri & Eric Jordan $5,000 Sumon Co.
Senior Design Project
Mechanical Engineering Metallurgy Eric Jordan & Maurice Gell $140,509 Dept. of Energy
Development of a Non-Destructive Inspection Technique for Thermal Barrier Coatings
Mechanical Engineering Ranga Pitchumani $39,992 DOD-Navy-Young Investigator Program
Total Quality Optimal Manufacturing of Composite Materials via Liquid Molding
Mechanical Engineering Bi Zhang $168,278 DED-CII Cooperative Grants
Microgrinding of Nanostructured Materials
Metallurgy Nitin Padture & Maurice Gell Co-PI: Paul Klemens $30,018 Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Innovative Materials for Advanced Thermal Barrier Coatings
Molecular & Cell Biology Arlene Albert $236,405 PHS-NIH-National Eye Institute
Rhodopsin Structure and Environment in Vision
Molecular & Cell Biology Thomas Chen $275,000 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Production of Transgenic Finfish, Shellfish and Crustacea for Commercial Aquaculture
Molecular & Cell Biology Johann Gogarten $7,820 Arizona State University
Astrobiology Center at Arizona State University - Horizontal Gene Transfer in Photosynthesis
Molecular & Cell Biology Judith Kelly $29,999 PHS-NIH-Research Resources
Biomedical Research for High School Students and Teachers
Molecular & Cell Biology David Knecht $229,005 PHS-NIH-General Medical Studies
Molecular Genetic Analysis of the Cytoskeleton
Molecular & Cell Biology Margaret Sekellick $243,092 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Commercial Development of Recombinant Chicken Interferon (CHIFN-I) as an Antiviral Agent
Molecular & Cell Biology Philip Yeagle $3,195 Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Three Dimensional Structure of a G-Protein Coupled Receptor
National Undersea Research Center Peter Scheifele & Babb Ivar $3,354 UConn-Sea Grant Program (Redistr.)
Advancing Science Learning for the Deaf Through Marine Science
Nutritional Sciences Guohua Cao $70,000 PHS-NIH-Aging
Modulation of Oxidative Stress in Aging by Anthocyanins
Nutritional Sciences Ellen Shanley $134,459 Conn. Dept. of Education
Team Nutrition Training Grant
Pathobiology & Chemistry Sandra Bushmich & Steven Suib $259,469 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Molecular Sieve Materials for Diminished Bleeding, Self Cauterization, and Improved Wound Healing
Pathobiology Richard French $64,719 Northeast Regional Aquaculture Center
Development and Application of Multiplex PCR for Screening of Shellfish Pathogens
Pathobiology Steven Geary $300,000 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Development of a Mycoplasma Gallisepticum Strain as a Live Attenuated Vaccine & Vector for the Protection of Chickens & Turkeys from Respiratory Disease
Pharmaceutical Sciences Brian Aneskievich $82,446 American Institute for Cancer Research
Decreased Retinoid Response in Peroxisome Proliferator Treated Keratinocytes
Pharmaceutical Sciences Diane Burgess $30,000 Parenteral Drug Association
Development of in Vitro Release Methods for Parenteral Biotechnology Controlled Release Products
Pharmaceutical Sciences Alexandros Makriyannis $150,000 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
Development of Fluorescent Probes and Assays for Drug Receptors
Pharmaceutical Sciences Michael Pikal $800 Formatech Inc.
Material Properties of Formulation for Freeze Drying
Pharmaceutical Sciences Sandra Vigil-Cruz $12,500 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
Design of Novel Peptides with Anti-HIV Activity
Physics Joseph Budnick $72,500 North Carolina State University
Construction of Enhanced Intensity Diffraction Anomalous Fine Structure Apparatus & Applications of Exafs to the Study of Binary & Ternary Systems
Physics Niloy Dutta $116,170 DED-CII-Critical Technologies
High Speed Optical Transmission
Physics Niloy Dutta $10,000 Uniphase Telecom Products
Laser and Modular Device Measurement and Analysis
Physics Michael Ramsey-Musolf $72,900 NSF-Division of Physics
National Science Foundation Young Investigator
Physics Jeffrey Schweitzer $23,938 U.S. Dept. of Transportation
Nuclear Resonance Reaction Analysis of Cement (NRRA)
Physics Boris Sinkovic $156,528 New York University
Fundamental Limits to Small Scale Magnetoresistive Memory and Elements
Physiology & Neurobiology Robert Gallo $80,000 NSF-Integrative Biology & Neurosciences
Dynorphin and Kappa-Opioid Receptor-Mediated Regulation of the Ovulatory Luteinizing Hormone Surge
Physiology & Neurobiology Pei-San Tsai $64,946 NSF-IBN-Career Development Program
Functional and Structural Evolutions of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone
Physiology & Neurobiology Pei-San Tsai $5,000 NSF-IBN-Research Experience for Undergraduates
Functional and Structural Evolutions of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone
Physiology & Neurobiology Alice Villalobos $55,034 NSF-Integrative Biology & Neurosciences
Characterization of Choline Transport by Choroid Plexus
Plant Science George Elliott $2,609 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (Redistr.)
Regulation of Plant Nutrients
Plant Science Yi Li $35,433 Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research Inc.
Genetic Improvement of Wood Productivity of Aspen
Plant Science Lorraine Los $25,744 Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station (New Haven)
Biological Control for Soil-Dwelling Insects and Diseases in Strawberries
Political Science Everett Ladd $2,000 New York University
Roper Center Membership
Political Science Everett Ladd $70,000 Times Mirror Foundation
Virtual Library Project
Psychology Etan Markus $60,000 NSF-Integrative Biology & Neurosciences
Sex Differences & Estrous Cycle Changes in Hippocampal Information Processing: Relating Learning to Hippocampal Single Unit Network Representation
Psychology John Salamone $91,618 PHS-NIH-Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Behavioral Effects of Nigral D1 Antagonism
Psychology Harvey Swadlow (Postdoctoral fellow: Irina Beloozerova) $45,268 PHS-NIIH-Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Subpopulations of Motor Cortical Neurons in Locomotion
Total $9,701,420