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Undergraduates display research,
presentation skills in poster session
(April 19, 1999)

Participating in original research fosters independent initiative and creativity. On April 16-17, 50 students from a broad range of disciplines presented the results of their research in the University's second annual poster session, Frontiers in Undergraduate Research, a forum for students to display their work in a professional setting and receive recognition.

Lauren Aleksunes, Angela Lucas and Steven Cohen (adv.: Steven Cohen, Pharmacy)
Can Ribose-Cysteine (RibCys) Protect Mice from Cisplatin-Induced Kidney Damage?
Liza Andrews, Lisa DiLeone, Nicole Natale, Darcy Nonemacher (adv.: Steve Rumery, Psychology)
The Influence of Gender and Harm Magnitude on Bystander Intervention
Joel Arcari, Ying Wang, Gan Wang and Amy Howell (adv.: Amy Howell, Chemistry)
Synthesis of [n.2.0] Fused Ketals from Methyleneoxetanes and an Investigation of the Reactivity of a Novel [2.2.0] Fused Ketal
Elizabeth Archambault (adv.: Valerie Duffy, Allied Health)
Sensory Changes in Women Taking Tamoxifen to Prevent Breast Cancer
Lisa Barbiero, Siu Ying Lee, and Carol Lammi-Keefe (adv.: Carol Lammi-Keefe, Nutritional Sciences)
Inter- and Intrasubject Variability of Trans Fatty Acids in Human Milk
Tien Bo (advs.: Rob Picone, Alexandros Makriyannis, Adam Hill, Pharmacy; also, Herbert Schuel and L. J. Burkman, SUNY)
Discovery of Cannabinoid Receptors in Human Sperm
Pamela Bonner and Edward Leadbetter (adv.: Edward Leadbetter, Molecular & Cell Biology)
Bacterial Utilization of Amines
Milissa Buccheri (adv.: Barbara Sanders, Psychology)
Eating Pathology in High Dissociators in a College Population
Beth Carusillo (advs.: Robert McDonald and Gary English, Dramatic Arts)
Creating a Character for the Stage
Daniel Craig (adv.: Robert Miller, Music)
Physiological Changes During Chills Induced by Music
Melissa Cunningham, Jennifer Tropp (adv.: Etan J. Markus, Psychology)
Analysis of Exploratory Behavior in Male and Female Rats
Andrew Czaja (adv.: Zoe Cardon, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)
Effects of Landslides on Surrounding Heart-Leaved Birch (Betula cordifolia Regel) in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire
Karen Erickson (advs.: Cheryl Beck and Deborah McDonald, Nursing)
Puerto Rican Adolescents' Successful Experiences with Breast-feeding: A Phenomenological Study
Ryan Kowalski, Steve Gensemer and Phillip Gould (adv.: Phillip Gould, Physics)
Generating Multiple Frequencies from a Single Laser
Marty Lang, Brian Lee, David Martin (adv.: Wayne Worcester, Journalism)
Access: Covering Freedom of Information Issues in Connecticut
Lisa LeBlanc, Isamir Martinez, Keriann Gray and Amy Howell (adv.: Amy Howell, Chemistry)
An Investigation of the Synthesis and Reactivity of 2-Methyleneazetidines
Brendan McMullen and Sandra Bushmich (adv.: Sandra Bushmich, Pathobiology)
Isolation, Identification, and Characterization of an Unknown Bovine Spirochete
Robert Montague, Theo Rhodes, Marta Kornatka (adv.: Steven Mellor and Brett Fajen, Psychology)
The Effects of Gender on Perceptions of Sexual Harassment
Noel Mrozinski and Nancy Rodriguez (adv.: Nancy Rodriguez, Nutritional Sciences)
Mood Profiles and Performance in Athletes Following a Nutritionally-Supplemented Endurance Run: Investigating Central Fatigue
Jennifer Nichols, Beth Gankofskie (advs.: Valerie Duffy and Jasminka Ilich-Ernst, Allied Health)
The Effects of Nutrition Education on the School Food Selections of Third Graders
Matthew Panciera (adv.: Barth Smets, Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Characterization of Microbial Communities from Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils and Examination of Whether Heavy Metal Resistance Traits can be Transferred Between Bacteria
Barbara Parsons, Steve Jordan and Chris Simon (adv.: Chris Simon, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)
Population Genetics and Systematics of the Hawaiian Damselfly Megalagrion hawaiiense and their Implications for Conservation
Marilyn Pearson, John Nolasco, Stephanie Hays (adv.: Kevin Shockley, Psychology)
The Influence of Health-Related Information on Motivation to Adopt Healthier Lifestyles
Megan Phillips (advs.: Valerie Duffy and Jasminka Ilich-Ernst, Allied Health)
Folate Intake Among Childbearing Aged Women: Development of a Rapid Method for Assessing Total Folate Intake
Laurie Rau (adv.: Joseph Sheehan, Health Center)
Measuring Disability Using Rasch Modeling
Kamini Singha (adv.: Lanbo Liu, Geology & Geophysics)
Use of a Physical Model of Fractured Bedrock the Characterize Ground-Penetrating Radar Response to Fracture Content
Carl Stoelzel, Mattison Ward and Etan Markus (adv.: Etan Markus, Psychology)
The Role of the Hippocampus and the Effects of Aging in Spatial Learning
Rachel Taub (adv.: Lynn Allchin-Petardi, Nursing)
The Lived Experience of Using a Guide Dog for Mobility
Hilary Whitlatch and Carolyn Teschke (adv.: Carolyn Teschke, Molecular & Cell Biology)
The Search for Temperature-Sensitive and Cold-Sensitive P22 Coat Protein Mutants