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(February 8, 1999)

The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in December: (Those with UConn listed as a source represent a distribution of a larger federal award to the University.)

Allied Health Jasminka Ilich-Ernst $56,329 Donaghue Medical Research Foundation
Sodium Intake and Bone Mass in Postmenopausal Women
Molecular & Cell Biology Johann Peter Gogarten $50,000 National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Deciphering the Molecular Record of Early Evolution
Molecular & Cell Biology Debra Kendall $257,242 PHS-NIH-General Medical Studies
Redesign of Structural Regions of Alkaline Phosphatase
Physiology & Neurobiology Barry Johnson $65,000 American Heart Association
Regulation of the Cardiac L-Type Calcium Channel by the Cytoskeleton and Associated Signaling Pathways
Natural Resources Management & Engineering David Miller $60,000 Northeast Utilities
Delineation of the Long Island/Connecticut Airshed (Airshed/Watershed Modeling)
Nutritional Sciences Carol Lammi-Keefe $88,132 Donaghue Medical Research Foundation
Pregnancy with Diabetes: Infant Neurobehavior
Pathobiology Steven Geary $87,634 Pfizer Inc.
Neospora Caninum Vaccine
Pharmaceutical Sciences Michael Pikal $800 Aronex Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Material Properties of Formulations for Freeze Drying
Pharmaceutical Sciences Kevin Sweeney $56,029 Glaxo Inc.
3TC Drug Interactions
Plant Science Thomas Morris & Jeffrey Roy $10,000 University of Vermont Cooperative Extension
Sustainable Agriculture Education and Training: an Interactive Conference
Total Life Sciences this listing $731,166
Chemistry Steven Suib $91,000 Dept. of Energy
Microporous and Mesoporous Manganese Oxides: Preparation, Characterization, and Applications
Civil Engineering Emmanouil Anagnostou $100,000 National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Calibration of Ground-Based Weather Systems from Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Space-Based Radar Observations: a Demonstration Project
Civil Engineering Norman Garrick & Christian Davis $22,500 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Visualization Method for Teaching the Geometric Design of Highways (New England University of Transportation Center)
Civil Engineering John Ivan $20,000 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
New England University Transportation Center (NEUTC) Graduate
Civil Engineering John Ivan $67,500 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rural Pedestrian Crash Rates: Alternative Measures of Exposure
Civil Engineering Barth Smets $99,023 Dept. of Energy
Horizontal Gene Transfer as Adaptive Response to Heavy Metal Stress in Subsurface Microbial Communities
Computer Science Eugene Santos Jr. $58,384 Dept. of Defense-U.S. Air Force
Verification and Validation of Embedded Knowledge-Based Software Systems
Computer Science Howard Sholl & Reda Ammar $47,000 Dapco Industries
Real-Time Architecture for High Speed Pipe Inspection
Environmental Research Institute Robert Carley $240,000 Northeast Utilities
Atmospheric Mercury and Nitrogen Deposition Network in Connecticut
Electrical & Systems Engineering John Enderle $20,000 IEEE Industry Application Society & IEEE Foundation
Chicago 2000
Electrical & Systems Engineering David Kleinman $109,857 Dept. of Defense-Office of Naval Research
Adaptation to Organizational Structure to Task Environment
Electrical & Systems Engineering Peter Willett $78,055 Qualtech Systems Inc.
Enhanced Signal Processing for Real-Time Supervisors of Reactive Systems
Mechanical Engineering Amir Faghri & Eric Jordan $8,946 Systems & Process Automation Center, Singapore
Senior Design Project
Mechanical Engineering Amir Faghri & Eric Jordan $255 Cannondale Corp.
Senior Design Project
Mechanical Engineering Amir Faghri & Eric Jordan $6,849 United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney
Senior Design Project
Metallurgy Nitin Padture $94,675 Dept. of Defense-U.S. Air Force
Fundamental Studies of Novel Contact-Damage Resistant Ceramics with Surface Layers
Physics Phillip Gould $6,000 North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Quantum Interference Effects in Atom Optics
Physics Kurt Haller & Muhammad Islam $138,000 Dept. of Energy
Investigations in Particle and Field Theory
Physics William Stwalley Joseph Budnick $42,108 DOE-Brookhaven National Laboratory
UConn-Brookhaven Partnership in Condensed Matter Physics
Total Physical Sciences this isting $1,250,152