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Event showcases services for graduate students
February 1, 1999

Several dozen students attended the first Graduate Student Resource Fair at the Nutmeg Grille Tuesday, January 26.

The fair, cosponsored by the Graduate Student Senate, and the offices of the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, was intended to provide information for graduate students about services the University offers.

"This is an important, landmark event that allows graduate students to see the strong focus on their needs by exposing them to services that are available at the University," said Robert V. Smith, vice provost for research and graduate education and dean of the Graduate School.

Smith said he expects the resource fair will become an annual event.

The departments represented at the fair included Career Services, Dining Services, the Instructional Resource Center, International Services and Programs, Residential Life, and Student Health Services. Staff members from each department were available for two hours to answer questions and inform graduate students of the services they offer.

"The Graduate Student Senate's role is to make students aware of what's available on campus," said Jennifer Steinbachs, secretary of the Graduate Student Senate and one of the primary organizers of the event. "This fair also allows the students to talk to the staff to say 'this is what I need,' creating a two-way dialogue."

Sandy Schulte, assistant vice provost for research administration, who worked with Steinbachs to organize the fair, emphasized the Graduate School's commitment to serving the student body. She said this commitment is clearly stated in the Graduate School's strategic plan, and added that Smith and Vicky Triponey, vice chancellor for student affairs, have reached out to the graduate community and are actively promoting increased awareness of their needs throughout the University.

Marijane Kostrun, a Ph.D. student in physics, came to the fair to find out about job placement. He said he was pleased to learn more about the career services offered at the University.

Jason Bomback, a first semester graduate student in the new physical therapy master's program at the School of Allied Health, welcomed the opportunity to talk with staff from financial aid and the library.

Joanne Rees, a continuing education student also taking master's courses in the School of Allied Health, attended the Graduate Student Resource Fair looking for help with a computer problem. "I was happy to have some questions answered about computers, particularly in such a pleasant setting," she said.

Steinbachs said that graduate students who were unable to attend are encouraged to contact specific departments for any information they may need.

Joseph Holstead