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Meeting scheduled to discuss landfill study
January 18, 1999

A public open house on the scope of study for the hydrogeologic investigation of the UConn Landfill Remediation Project will be held January 30 at the Bishop Center, Room 3, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

In addition to technical experts and UConn consultants, other officials will be present to talk with the public and receive comments. These include: representatives from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection; the federal Environmental Protection Agency; the Town of Mansfield and its consultants; Haley & Aldrich and ERI, UConn's consultants; the United States Geological Survey; the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Eastern Highlands Health District. UConn has also invited the technical consultant representing the organized interest groups to staff a table and present information.

The hydrogeological study will evaluate the nature and extent of soil, surface water and groundwater emanating from the landfill sites. Open house participants will have the opportunity to share ideas and comments. Any written comments submitted by the public will be given to the DEP.

The workshop will include tables staffed by experts offering information on: the purpose of the hydrogeological study and areas of science involved in the work; specific information on the UConn landfill sites and how landfills work; the nature of materials disposed at the sites and their transport; how the field investigation will be conducted; a description of the study's analytic approach, including identifying chemicals of concern, and quality control; and an overview of the Community Health Assessment process to be conducted by the Department of Public Health.

Also scheduled is a public meeting February 25 to collect final comments on the draft Scope of Study.

Sherry Fisher