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December 7, 1998

The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in September:

(Those with UConn listed as a source represent a distribution of a larger federal award to the University.)

Department Researcher Amount Source
Agricultural & Resource Economics Marilyn Altobello $16,280 UConn-Regional Research-462 (Redistr.)
Natural Resource Planning
Agricultural & Resource Economics Boris Bravo-Ureta $12,000 Instituto De Desarrollo Agropecuario, Chile
MOA Between UConn's Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics and the Instituto De Desarrollo Agropecuario, Santiago, Chile
Agricultural & Resource Economics Ronald Cotterill $300 UConn-Regional Research-462 (Redistr.)
Food System Performance
Agricultural & Resource Economics Kenneth Hadden $36,850 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (Redistr.)
Woodland Stewardship
Agricultural & Resource Economics Linda Lee $16,239 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (Redistr.)
Resource Use And Change
Agricultural & Resource Economics Tsoung-Chao Lee $46,520 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (Redistr.)
Resource Allocation
Agricultural & Resource Economics Emilio Pagoulatos $26,066 USDA-Smith-Lever-430
Agriculture Economics
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $13,731 USDA-Smith-Lever-430
Employee Retirement Contributions
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $548,958 USDA-Hatch Administration-428
Hatch Mother File FY 1999
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $45,605 USDA-Mcintire Stennis-536
Mcintire-Stennis Mother File FY 1999
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $19,615 USDA-Animal Health-537
Animal Health Mother File FY 1999
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $329,212 USDA-Regional Research-462
Regional Research-462 Mother File FY 1999
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $47,456 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (Redistr.)
Hatch Administration
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $54,656 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (Redistr.)
SAES Administration
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $3,871 UConn-Animal Health-537 (Redistr.)
Animal Health
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $350 UConn-Mcintire Stennis-536 (Redistr.)
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr $104,216 UConn-Regional Research-462 (Redistr.)
Regional Research
Allied Health Jane Kerstetter $13,868 Yale University
Impact of Dietary Protein on Calcium Kinetics
Animal Science Michael Darre $300 UConn-Regional Research-462 (Redistr.)
Poultry Production Systems
Animal Science Cameron Faustman $7,872 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (Redistr.)
Myoglobin and Lipid Interactions
Animal Science Ian Hart $27,313 USDA-Smith-Lever-430
Animal Science
Animal Science Gary Kazmer $300 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (Redistr.)
Growth Hormone Response
Animal Science Robert Milvae $15,446 UConn-Regional Research-462 (Redistr.)
Follicular Development
Animal Science Louis Pierro $35,001 UConn-Regional Research-462 (Redistr.)
Skeletal Muscle Growth
Animal Science Lawrence Silbart $7,872 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (Redistr.)
Food Safety
Animal Science Xiangzhong Yang $78,738 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (Redistr.)
Transgenic Animals
Animal Science Steven Zinn $7,872 UConn-Regional Research-462 (Redistr.)
Nutrient Regulation
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Eric Schultz $178,022 Hudson River Foundation
Transport of Larval Bay Anchovy (Anchoa Mitchilli) in the Hudson River: Vertical Movements, Tidal Flows, and Net Cohort Transport
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Peter Turchin $24,941 Institute of Ecosystem Studies Inc.
Developing and Testing Models of Gypsy Moth Poulation Dynamics and Lyme-Disease Risk
Physiology & Neurobiology Stephen Korn $240,000 NSF-Integrative Biology & Neurosciences
Mechanisms of Ion Selectivity in Cloned Potassium Channels
Marine Sciences Hans Dam $99,999 NSF-Division of Ocean Sciences
Omnivory and Fate of Ingested Food in Zooplankton: Implications for Material Fluxes in the Oceans
Marine Sciences Collin Roesler $50,000 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Ecohab: Ecophysiology of Subpopulations of Alexandriam Tamarense
Natural Resources Management & Engineering Daniel Civco $24,905 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (Redistr.)
Land Cover Mapping
Natural Resources Management & Engineering David Miller $46,391 UConn-Hatch Administration-428 (Redistr.)
Natural Resources Management & Engineering David Miller $37,383 $13,000

This is a partial listing of the Life Sciences grants for September. This list will be continued next issue (December 14).