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Activities and Achievements
December 7, 1998

Entries Welcome

The Advance invites faculty, staff and graduate students to submit entries for this section, under the headings articles and chapters, awards, books, grants (other than those received through the Research Foundation, which are published elsewhere in the paper), journals, presentations, and professional societies. We also appreciate notification news and feature articles in various media for our Newsmakers column.

Entries typed in Advance style are welcome and will be published as space permits, in the order in which they are received.

Elizabeth Omara-Otunnu, ed., compiles this section and questions may be directed to her at (860) 486-3530.

William Hill, Purchasing and Stores, has been appointed as associate director of purchasing and stores. He joins UConn from the University of Washington, where he was manager of purchasing services.

Wayne Landry, Purchasing and Stores, has been appointed central stores manager. He previously worked for Corporate Express in Stratford, Conn., where he was most recently director of operations.

Vicki Lovett, UConn Foundation, has been appointed major gifts secretary. She has been doing temp work in the development office and previously worked for TriFoods Internation in Pomfret Center, Conn.

Articles and Chapters
Carmen Cirincione, Political Science, "Integrated Performance Monitoring Systems: Benefits, Pitfalls, and Prescriptions," International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior, 1.4 (1998), pp. 393-413.

Donald L. Gilstrap, University Libraries-Stamford, "Managing World Wide Web Information in a Frames Environment," Library Software Review, 17.4 (1998).

Richard Vengroff, Political Science, and Momar Ndiaye, I nstitute of Public Service International and Political Science, "The Impact of Electoral Reform at the Local Level in Africa: The Case of Senegal's 1996 Local Elections," Electoral Studies, 17.4 (1998), pp. 463-82.

Bob Chudy, International Affairs, has received the 1998 Sally M. Heym Memorial Award from the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs (NAFSA): Association of International Educators Region XI at a conference in Hyannis, for outstanding contributions to the field of international education and for leadership at both regional and national levels. Chudy is currently a member of the NAFSA New England Region Government Regulations Advisory Committee affecting foreign students and scholars and New England coordinator of the NAFSA 50th anniversary fund.

Mabel Obidoa, Education, postdoctoral fellow, has received a fellowship for the 1998-99 academic year from the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Roger Buckley, History and Institute for Asian American Studies, The British Army in the West Indies: Society and the Military in the Revolutionary Age (Gainesville, Fla.: University Press of Florida, 1998)

Dennis Chapron, Clinical Pharmacy, has been appointed to the editorial board of the journal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

Other Activities
Cynthia Adams, Allied Health, served as a reviewer for the Juvenile Diabetes International Foundation in Washington, D.C., in June.

Dwayne Proctor, Communications Sciences, Ph.D. student, and School of Medicine, adjunct, has been appointed to the board of directors of the Corporation for Independent Living, a non-profit housing development corporation.

Ronald and Nancy Rohner, Family Studies, Center for the Study of Parental Acceptance and Rejection, were invited participants at the fourteenth annual Rosalynn Carter Symposium on Mental Health Policy on Promoting Positive and Healthy Behaviors in Children, at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Ga., on November 18 and 19. Participation is by invitation only and is limited to 200 people from around the country.

Frederick Turner, Political Science, is teaching an intensive graduate semin meeting in Vienna, Austria, on October 9.

Ron Blei, Mathematics, presented a talk, "How random are random walks?" at the Analysis Seminar at Brown University on November 4.

Larry Bowman, Political Science, gave a paper, "The Ramgoolam Government at Mid-term: Problems and Prospects for the Mauritian Polity," at a conference organized by the Observatoire des Relations Internationales dans L'Hemisphere Sud, at the University of Nice, France, November 7.

Gary Cornell, Mathematics, co-authored an article which appeared in Software Development in June about object-based computer languages and their relation to computing across networks.

Steven Floyd, Management, presented a paper "Knowledge, Resources and Advantage in Formula One Racing," at the 18th Annual International Conference of the Strategic Management Society in Orlando, Fla., in November. At the same conference, Michael Lubatkin, Management, presented a paper "Learning Together and Apart: A Process Model of Reciprocal Interfirm Learning;" William Schulze, Management, presented a paper "The Impact of Distribution of Ownership on Risk-Taking in Family Firms," co-authored with Richard Dino, Business Administration, MBA in Storrs, Family Business Program; Avinash Mainkar, Management, graduate student, with Lubatkin and Schulze, presented a paper "How Much Does Strategic Adaptation Matter? Evidence from Three Cases of Horizontal Merger;" Mohan Subramaniam, Management, presented "The Influence of Leveraging Tacit Knowledge Across Borders for Global New Product Development Capability: An Empirical Examination;" and Mark Youndt, Management, presented "Intellectual Capital and Organizational Performance: A Resource-Based View Approach."Subramaniam's paper was selected as candidate for the 1998 McKinsey/SMS Best Conference Paper Prize.

Francoise Dussart, Anthropology, gave a gallery talk at the Wadsworth Atheneum titled "Aboriginal Acrylic Art from Central Australia," on November 10.

Martha Gibson, Political Science, was an invited discussant on a panel about a biography of Clare Boothe Luce presented by its author Silvia Jukes Morris, at the annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Connecticut History, in Hartford on November 7.

Farah Ibrahim, Educational Psychology, gave the keynote address at the fall conference on Group Counseling Strategies for College Students: A Developmental Perspective for a Diverse Population, organized by the Connecticut Association of College and University Counselors, on November 20.

Diane Lillo-Martin, Linguistics, Ronice de Quadros, Linguistics, Research Specialist, and Gaurav Mathur, gave a presentation on "Acquisition of Verb Agreement in ASL and LIBRAS: A Cross-Linguistic Study," at a conference on Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research, Washington, D.C., November 12-15. Also at that conference, Deborah Chen, Linguistics, grad student, gave a presentation titled "Contributions of Early ASL to Cross-Linguistic Understanding of Word-Order Acquisition."

Joan M. McGuire, University Program for College Students with Learning Disabilities, was an invited panelist for a session on "The Invisible Disabilities (LD,ADD/ADHD)" at the College Board National Forum in Orlando, Fla., on November 2. McGuire also, with Stan F. Shaw, Educational Psychology, gave a presentation on "A New Age of Professionalism: Serving College Students with Learning Disabilities" at the 20th International Conference of the Council for Learning Disabilities on November 6 in Albuquerque. As an invited speaker at the International Dyslexia Association's 49th Annual Conference in San Francisco on November 13, McGuire spoke on "Diagnosis, Disability, and Documentation under the ADA: What's Needed for Accommodations."

Gary Powell, Management, presented a paper titled "Co-workers' Reactions to Cross-Level Organizational Romances," at the Southern Management Association meeting in New Orleans in November.

Jeff von Munkwitz-Smith, Registrar, gave a presentation with registrars from the University of Maine-Orono, and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, on "Approaches to Student Information System Selection," at the annual New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers in Nashua, N.H.

Richard Vengroff, Political Science, was an invited speaker at a workshop on Multi-Party Elections in the Arab World: Controlled Contestation and Opposition Strategies, at Brown University, October 1-3. His presentation was titled "The Impact of Electoral Reform in Senegal." Vengroff also, with Erin Carriere and Marc O'Reilly, Political Science, graduate students, presented a paper titled "In the Service of Peace: Reflexive Multilateralism, Public Opinion and the Canadian Experience in Bosnia," at the Mid-Atlantic and New England conference for Canadian studies in Burlington, Vt.

Maki Yamane, Deborah Chen, graduate students, and William Snyder, Linguistics, gave a presentation on "Subject-Object Asymmetries and Children's Left Branch Violations" at the Boston University Conference on Language Development, November 6-8. At the same conference, presentations were given by Eva Bar-Shalom, Linguistics, on "Evidence of Early Mastery of Head Movement in Child Russian;" and by Nobuhiro Miyoshi, Linguistics, graduate student, on "Compounds and Complex Predicates: Japanese Evidence for a 'Global' Parameter."

Professional Societies
Robin Bogner, Pharmaceutics, has been elected grand treasurer of Lambda Kappa Sigma.

Diane Burgess, Pharmaceutics, has been elected chair of the Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery section of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences for 1999. She is co-chair of the AAPS annual meeting for 1999 and will chair the meeting in the year 2000.

Carolyn Butler, Registrar, Hartford Campus, was appointed chair of the Multicultural Committee of the New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.

Alex Cardoni, Clinical Pharmacy, is president-elect for the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists for 1998-99.

Larry Hightower, Molecular and Cell Biology, has been elected founding president of the Cell Stress Society International for 1999. This is a professional scientific society representing researchers worldwide who study cellular defenses against environmental stress.

Nejat Olgac, Mechanical Engineering, has been elected fellow of ASME International. The election recognizes significant engineering achievements, contributions to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the profession, authoring or contributing to technical publications or reports, and developing patents and inventions. The status of fellow is reserved for a small segment of the society's membership.

Jeff von Munkwitz-Smith, Registrar, was appointed chair of the Management Information Systems Committee of the New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.

David Walker, Political Science, has been elected to a second consecutive three-year term as a member of the board of trustees of the National Academy of Public Administration.