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The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in August:

(Those with UConn listed as a source represent a distribution of a larger federal award to the University.)

Allied Health Cynthia Adams $20,600 Cigna Corp.
Developing a Diabetes Protocol
Animal Science Thomas Hoagland and John W. Riesen $199,728 DED-Connecticut Innovations Inc. Cooperative Grants
Novel Approaches to Produce Transgenic Pigs as Animal Models for Xenogenic Transplantation/Corp: Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Marine Sciences James O'Donnell $21,600 ERIM International Inc.
Acoustic Doppler Current Measurements for Comparison with Insar and Radarsat Observations
Marine Sciences Pieter Visscher $40,387 NSF-Division of Ocean Sciences
Methyl Bromide Degradation in the Oceans
Molecular & Cell Biology Thomas Chen $183,797 DED-Connecticut Innovations Inc.-Critical Technologies
Production of Transgenic Finfish, Shellfish and Crustacea for Commercial Aquaculture/Corps: Sea Green Fish Co.; Niantic Bay Scallop Co.
Molecular & Cell Biology Carolyn Teschke $104,562 PHS-NIH-General Medical Studies
Folding of Phage P22 Structural Proteins
Nutritional Sciences Maria Luz Fernandez $155,000 USDA-National Research Initiative
Gender Differences in the Hypolipidemic Effects of Dietary Soluble Fiber
Physiology & Neurobiology Robert Gallo $80,000 NSF-Integrative Biology & Neurobiology
Dynorphin andKappa-Opioid Receptor-Mediated Regulation of the Ovulatory Luteinizing Hormone Surge
Physiology & Neurobiology Akiko Nishyama $146,241 PHS-NIH-Neurological & Common Disorders & Stroke
Unique Glial Cell Population in the Brain
Plant Science Mark Brand and Carol Auer $141,886 DED-Connecticut Innovations Inc. Cooperative Grants
Genetic Engineering of Rhododendron for Resistance to Phytophthora and Developing a Diagnostic Assay Corp: Imperial Nurseries Inc.
Plant Sciences Mark Bridgen $121,369 DED-Connecticut Innovations Inc. Cooperative Grants
Research and Economic Development Initiatives for Plant Biotechnology in Connecticut
Total life sciences this listing $1,215,180
Communication Sciences Leslie Snyder $432,200 PHS-SAMHSA-Alcohol Abuse
Natural Experiments of TV Liquor Ad Effects
Curriculum & Instruction Liliana Minaya-Rowe $141,970 U.S. Dept. of Education-Bilingual Education Fellowship Program
Bilingual Ed Fellow Program: An Action Research Program of Specialization in Bilingual Education for Preparing Teacher Trainers
Educational Psychology Lee McLean $203,794 U.S. Dept. of Education-Special Education and Rehab Services
Special Projects and Demos Transitional Rehabilitation Services
Family Studies Richard Meth $11,100 Conn. Dept. of Justice
Pretrial Family Violence Education Program
Institute of Public Service International Elizabeth Mahan $410,772 U.S. Dept. of Education-Office of International Education
National Resource Centers and Foreign Language and Area Studies
Nursing Patricia Tabloski $17,600 Conn. Dept. of Public Health
Memorandum of Agreement-National Health Service Corps Fellowship
Psychology Harvey Swadlow $89,236 NSF-Integrative Biology &Neurosciences
Functional Microcircuits of Sensory Neocortex
Psychology Michael Turvey $84,000 NSF-Social &Behavioral Research
Haptic Perceptual Instruments
Education Francis Archambault $3,000 National Network for Educational Review
Diversity in Teacher Education Initiative
Total social sciences this listing $1,393,672