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The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in June.

(Those with UConn listed as a source represent a distribution of a larger federal award to the University.

Department Researcher Amount Source
Chemical Engineering Robert Coughlin $100,000 Agency for International Development
Methodology for Development of Marketable Biotechnologies
Chemical Engineering Joseph Helble $59,736 Physical Sciences Inc.
Toxic Substances from Coal Combustion -- Comprehensive Assessment
Chemical Engineering Montgomery Shaw $52,000 Electric Power Research Institute
Natural/Artificial Equipment Aging Study
Chemistry Dominic McGrath $65,000 NSF-Div. of Materials Research-Career Development Program
Structure/Property Relationships for Dendritic Macromolecules Containing Stereogenic Centers
Civil Engineering George Hoag $587,163 United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney
DNAPL Remediation Initiative: Technology Evaluation for Remediation of Subsurface Acculumations of Chlorinated Solvents
Civil Engineering Fred Ogden $14,768 NSF-Div. of Earth Sciences
Hydrometeorological Analysis of the Spring Creek Flood of 1997-Fort Collins
Civil Engineering Barth Smets $49,812 NSF-BES-Career Development Program
Quantification of Horizontal Gene Transfer as Adaptive Response to Contaminant Stress in Subsurface Microbial Communities
Computer Science Robert McCartney
Alexander Shvartsman
$20,800 United Parcel Service
Eight ADS821 Microcontroller Development Systems, Plus Associated Cables and Interface Boards
Computer Science Robert McCartney
Alexander Shvartsman
$16,000 Diab Data Inc.
Software And Licenses: D-CC Cross Compiler Suit, Host Win-XX, Target Power PC
Environmental Research Institute Robert Carley $290,500 Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection
Mobile Analytical Laboratory Design, Procurement and Operation
Electrical & Systems Engineering John Enderle $35,482 Neurogen Inc.
UConn Biomedical Engineering Industrial Internship Program at Neurogen
Electrical & Systems Engineering John Enderle $46,234 Corometrics
UConn Biomedical Engineering Industrial Internship Program at Corometrics
Electrical & Systems Engineering David Kleinman $55,114 Alphatech Inc.
Adaptive Coordination for Flexible C3 Organizations
Geology Lanbo Liu $5,000 Lanbo Liu Personal Research Funds
GPR Survey at Lebanon, Conn., Historical Site
Geology Lanbo Liu $25,000 Stanford University
State of Stress at Drilling Depth Inferred from Seafloor Bathymetry and Density Stratigraphy - Application to the Gulf of Mexico
Math Charles Vinsonhaler $23,000 UConn-Provost (Redistr.)
Internal Redistribution of Funds from Hewlett Foundation Grant for General Education: Learning to Enhance Learning: Incorporating Active Learning
Metallurgy Owen Devereux $62,140 NSF-Division of Materials Research
Master's Level Materials Program with Significant Industrial Interaction
Mechanical Engineering
Maurice Gel
Eric Jordanl
$50,000 South Carolina Research and Development Center
Bond Strength and Stress Measurements in Thermal Barrier Coatings
Physics Edward Eyler $182,598 NSF-Division of Physics
High Resolution Studies of Atomic and Molecular Structure and Coherence
Physics William Stwalley $438,948 NSF-Division of Chemistry
Spectroscopy of Diatomic Molecules at Long Range
Total Physical Sciences this listing $2,179,295
Anthropology James Boster $24,477 NSF-Office of Polar Programs
Social Structure, Agreement, and Economic Conflict in Groups in Extreme and Isolated Environments: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
Anthropology Sally McBrearty $86,506 NSF-Social & Behavioral Research
Archaelogy and Paleoenvironments of the Kapthurin Formation, Baringo District, Kenya
Educational Leadership Marijke Kehrhahn $12,960 The Hartford Life Co.
Evaluating Training Effectiveness Project
Educational Leadership Streifer Philip $51,417 Connecticut Academy for Education
Connecticut Educational Information Management System in Select Pilot School Districts
Geography Thomas Cooke $8,116 NSF-Division of International Programs
US-UK Cooperative Research: A Cross-National Analysis of Family Migration and the Labor Market Achievement of Partnered Women and Men
Geography Dean Hanink $21,500 UConn-Provost (Redistr.)
Internal Redistribution of Funds from Hewlett Foundation Grant for General Education: Learning to Enhance Learning: Incorporating Active Learning
Computer Science
Judith W. Meyer
Keith Barker
$29,543 The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
Incorporating Active Learning in the General Education Curriculum
Family Studies Robin Harwood $94,553 PHS-NIH-Child Health And Human Development
Culture and Attachment
Political Science Mark Boyer $37,617 DHE-Title II Math & Science
Teaching International Studies over the Internet
Psychology Jeffrey Fisher $686,747 PHS-SAMHSA-Center for Mental Health Services
Changing Aids Risk Behavior in High School Students
Total Social Sciences this listing $1,053,436