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May 11, 1998

The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in March.

(Those listed as a source represent a distribution of a larger federal award to the University.

Chemical Engineering Joseph Helble Formation of Submicron Ash During Coal Combustion $40,000 Colorado School of Mines
Chemical Engineering Robert Weiss Liquid Crystalline Polymer/Ionomer Blends $53,762 Hoechst-Celanese Corp.
Chemical Engineering Robert Weiss Ionomer-Containing Polymer Blends $5,000 NSF - DMR - Research Experience for Undergraduates
Civil Engineering John Dewolf Strain Monitoring-Washington Bridge $10,350 Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc.
Civil Engineering John Leonard and Michael Accorsi Simulation and Evaluation of Innovative Tactical Parachute $98,925 DOD-Army-Augmen. Awards Sci & Eng. Research Train.
Civil Engineering Nikolaos Nikolaidis Long-Term Pilot Scale Demonstration of the ASRT Technology for In-Situ Remediation of Arsenic Contaminated Ground Water $25,000 United Technologies-Corporate Headquarters
Civil Engineering Nikolaos Nikolaidis Contribution of Copper-Based Architectural Material to Copper Concentrations and Toxicity in Storm Water Runoff $109,225 International Copper Research Association
Electrical & Systems Engineering Peter Luh Planning, Scheduling and Coordination of Design and Manufacturing Activities $20,000 United Technologies Research Center
Electrical & Systems Krishna Pattipati A Software Environment for the Analysis and Synthesis of Adaptive Organizations $109,620 DOD-Navy-Augmen. Awards Sci & Engineering Eng Research Train.
Electrical & Systems Engineering Chandra Roychoudhuri Telecommunications and Networking Engineering Technology Education $29,741 Springfield Technical Community College
Mechanical Engineering Anga Pitchumani Total Quality Optimal Manufacturing of Composite Materials Via Liquid $100,000 DOD-Navy-Young Investigator Program
Metallurgy Maurice Gell Bond Strength and Stress Measurements in Thermal Barrier Coatings $10,000 General Electric Co.
Metallurgy Donald Potter Impurity Penetration into Thallium Bromide $18,254 Xicon Technologies LLC
Physics Niloy Dutta High Speed Optical Demultiplexing $100,461 Lucent Technologies
Physics William Stwalley REU Site in Physics at the University of Connecticut $56,750 NSF-PHY-Research Experience for Undergraduates
Statistics Charles Hall Statistical Methods in Migraine Clinical Trials $50,000 Glaxo Inc.
Total Physical Sciences this listing $946,708