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UConn teams up
with distance learning group
May 11, 1998

The Connecticut Distance Learning Association has formed a partnership with the University to use the regional campuses and the University's teleconferencing network to broadcast the association's monthly meetings to members throughout the state. The plan will allow associates in Fairfield County, Torrington and elsewhere to actively participate in meetings that are actually taking place in Hartford.

Colonel Bruce S. Byrne, president of the association, says "One of our primary goals for 1998 is to use distance learning technology to run the association's business. By partnering with UConn we are taking a big step toward providing better service to Connecticut's distance learning professionals."

On June 8, the Stamford campus will become the first site to be connected live to the association's Hartford meetings.

Distance learning, one of the fastest growing areas of technology, includes the use of teleconferencing, satellite broadcast, the Internet and the World Wide Web to connect people in one location to education or training from another location that may be thousands of miles away. This "virtual classroom" approach, as it is sometimes called, can offer significant savings in cost and travel time.

"Distance learning has been available for a long time in various forms," says Byrne. "What's different today is that technology has finally evolved to a point where the full promise of distance learning is now achievable. The explosion that we are about to see in training delivered via the World Wide Web is a good example of this."

Susan Fisher, director of communication services at UConn, says "The University is pleased to support CTDLA's work to develop and expand Connecticut's distance learning infrastructure. We believe this has significance for our state and its future. UConn is a charter member of CTDLA and we hope that partnership will grow in the months ahead."