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May 4, 1998

Ideas are welcome at Student Union planning forum May 4
What does the Student Union need? Be part of the process. Share your ideas with architects and planners at an open forum on the renovations to the Student Union under UConn 2000. The forum will take place Monday, May 4, at 7:30 p.m., in Student Union Room 270.

Help needed for UConn alumna with cystic fibrosis
John Roulier, a professor of computer science and engineering, has issued a request for help for his daughter, UConn alumna Danelle Roulier DeCiantis. Danelle has end-stage lung disease as a result of cystic fibrosis, a genetically inherited disease for which there is no cure. It causes thickened mucus to clog the lungs, which leads to chronic lung infection and lung damage. The digestive system and pancreas may also become damaged.

Danelle, 31, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of two, and since infancy has required twice daily chest physical therapy and inhalation therapy to drain her lungs. In March Danelle, who graduated from UConn in 1988 with a bachelor's degree in elementary education, was listed for a double lung transplant. Although most of the expenses for her surgery and hospitalization will be covered by insurance, there are many uncovered expenses, including travel to and from transplant centers, six months of temporary housing, insurance premiums and post-transplant drugs, biopsies and tests. If a suitable organ match is not found, Danelle will require a living donor transplant from family members or friends. This will require additional expense, as medical insurance covers only part of the procedure.

The Roulier family hope to raise $75,000 to $100,000 to cover these expenses. The National Transplant Assistance Fund, a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, acts as trustee for transplant funds throughout the United States. Donations for Danelle may be made to a tax-deductible fund in her name. Checks should be made out to NTAF-The Lung Transplant Fund, with "In honor of Danelle DeCiantis" printed in the memo section of the check. Questions about this fund may be directed to the NTAF at (800) 642-8399..

Books on extended loan are now due back next year
Faculty, staff, graduate students and retirees who have books out on extended loan that are due May 15 won't have to bring them to the library for renewal. The library is in the process of renewing these books. They are now due May 14, 1999.

Library staff decided to automatically renew all books on extended loan because renovations and preparations for the relocation of Circulation Services to the plaza level will make library access difficult, says Barbara Mitchell of Circulation Services. The renewals include books from Babbidge library, Cookson Music Library, the pharmacy library and the regional campus libraries.

Notices were sent in April to all borrowers about the automatic renewal, together with a list of items checked out by each borrower.

Extended loan materials that are no longer needed should be returned by May 15. Any extended loan borrower who is graduating or will no longer be affiliated with the University after May 15 must return all materials by this date.

From May 11-15, a van located outside the library near the UConn Co-op will be available for book returns.