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Faculty serve as editors, reviewers
for hundreds of journals
May 4, 1998

Many faculty members responded to the March 9 Advance article about journal editors and several calls for further information about editorial participation with scholarly journals. Here is an additional list of editors, compiled from the information supplied.

Agricultural & Resource Economics
Boris E. Bravo-Ureta, editorial board, Revista Argentina de Economia Agraria

Allied Health
Pouran Faghri, associate editor, IEEE Transactions in Rehabilitation Engineering

Business Administration
Kathleen Dechant, associate editor, Academy of Management Executive

Steven W. Floyd, editorial board, Academy of Management Executive

Gary N. Powell, editorial board, Academy of Management Executive

Peter LaPlaca, editor-in-chief, Industrial Marketing Management

Michael H. Lubatkin, editorial board, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, European Journal of Management

John E. Mathieu, editorial board, Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes, Journal of Management, Group & Organizational Management, Personnel Psychology, Training Research Journal; journal reviewer, Academy of Management Journal, Basic and Applied Social Psychology, Group and Organizational Management, Human Performance, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Journal of Occupational Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Organization Behavior and Human Decision Processes

Gary N. Powell, editorial board, Academy of Management Executive

C. F. Sirmans, co-editor, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Journal of Real Estate Literature

John F. Veiga, consulting editor, Academy of Management Executive

John A. Tanaka, editor, publications committee, IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine

Communication Sciences
Ross Buck, editorial board, JPSP - Personality & Individual Differences, Psychological Bulletin

Leslie Snyder, editorial board, Human Communication

James Watt, editorial board, Communication Research, Progress in Communication Sciences

Computer Science & Engineering
Howard Sholl, editor-in-chief, International Journal for Computers & their Applications

Francis X. Archambault Jr., consulting editor, Educational Research Quarterly

Scott W. Brown, editorial board, Computers in the Schools, International Journal of Instructional Media

Eileen Furey, consulting editor, Mental Retardation

Robert Gable, consulting editor, Educational Research Quarterly

Steven Greenspan, editorial board, American Journal of Mental Retardation, Special Services in Schools

John Hintze, editorial board, School Psychology Review, Journal of School Psychology, School Psychology Quarterly, Canadian Journal of School Psychology, Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, Proven Practice in the Prevention and Remediation of School Problems; field reviewer, The Journal of Special Education, The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Farah Ibrahim, editorial board, American Psychological Association Psychotherapy Journal, International Journal for the Advancement of Counseling

Judith Irwin, editorial board, Reading and Writing Quarterly

Edward Iwanicki, editorial board, Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education

Jonna M. Kulikowich, editorial board, Journal of Educational Psychology

Joseph Madaus, editorial board, Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability

Carl Maresh, associate editor, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Joan McGuire, editorial board, Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability

Lee McLean, editorial board, Journal of Speech-Language-Hearing Research, Augmentative Alternative Communication; reviewer, American Journal of Mental Retardation

Steven V. Owen, editorial board, Journal of Adolescent Research

Timothy Reagan, editorial board, History of Education Quarterly, Language Problems and Language Planning, Issues and Inquiry in College Teaching and Learning, Journal of Language Teaching, Journal of Research and Development in Education, South African Journal of Applied Language Studies

Sally M. Reis, editorial board, Gifted Child Quarterly

Joseph S. Renzulli, editorial board, Ideaccion (Spain), Educational Research Quarterly, Gifted Education International, Exceptionality; field reviewer, Educational and Psychological Measurement, Psychological Reports, Educational Psychologist, Exceptional Children

Richard L. Schwab, editorial board, Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education

Stanley Shaw, consulting editor, Intervention in School and Clinic, Teacher Education and Special Education; field reviewer, Exceptional Children

Karen L. Westberg, editorial board, Gifted Child Quarterly

Michael Wilbur, editorial board, Journal for Specialists in Group Work, Publication of the Association for Specialists in Group Work, Publication of the American Counseling Association

Andrew Yiannakis, editorial board, Sociology of Sport Journal Online (Great Britain), Sociology of Sport and Social Issues, Tourism Management (Canada); reviewer, Annals of Tourism Research, Sociology of Sport Journal, Tourism Management (Australia)

Michael F. Young, editorial board, Journal of School Psychology, Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment

Lynn Z. Bloom, editorial board, Journal of Composition Theory, Auto/Biography Studies, Journal of Basic Writing

Donna Hollenberg, editorial board, Sagetrieb

Glen MacLeod, editorial board, The Wallace Stevens Journal; guest editor, William Carlos Williams Review

Brenda Murphy, editorial board, American Drama, The New England Theatre Journal, The Explicator

Extended & Continuing Education
Maria-Luz Samper, editorial board, Labor Studies Journal

Family Studies
Stephen A. Anderson, editorial board, Journal of Systematic Therapies, Teachers College Press Series on Counseling and Human Development ­ Family and Social Issues Section, Directions in Marriage and Family Therapy

Preston Britner, editorial board, Journal of School Psychology

Robin Harwood, associate editor, Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

James O'Neil, editorial board, The Counseling Psychologist, Journal of Men's Studies, Journal of Gender, Health, and Culture

Sandra Rigazio-DiGilio, associate editor, Journal of Mental Health Counseling ­ Clinical Practice Section, Teachers College Press Series Counseling and Human Development ­ Family and Social Issues Section; editorial board, Journal of Counseling and Development

Ronald P. Rohner, editorial board, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Scandinavian Journal of Social Welfare

Robert Ryder, president, board of directors, Family Process

Ronald Sabatelli, editorial board, Journal of Marriage and the Family, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships; associate editor, Journal of Family Issues; consulting editor, Family Relations, Journal of Family Psychology

Robert Cromley, editor, Cartography and Geographic Information Systems

John A. Davis, joint founding editor, Journal of Modern Italian Studies

Howard A. Reed, emeritus, editorial board, board of advisory editors, The Middle East Journal; editorial board, Journal of American Studies of Turkey; editorial committee, The Bulletin of the International Conference on Higher Education

Institute of Materials Science
Steven A. Boggs, contributing editor, IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine

Judaic & Middle Eastern Studies
Nehama Aschkenasy, associate editor, Journal of the Association of Jewish Studies

Arnold Dashefsky, editor-in-chief Contemporary Jewry

Norman D. Stevens, editorial board, Library and Informational Sciences: Annals of Improbable Research, Reference Services Review, Journal of Irreproducible Results; advisory board, Journal of Information Ethics; board of consulting editors, Popular Culture in Libraries

Zeljko Boskovic, editorial board, The New Journal

Howard Lasnik, associate editor, Linguistic Inquiry; editorial board, Languages and Linguistics, Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics, Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory; advisory board, Language Acquisition, Rivista di Linguistica, Lincom Studies in Theoretical Linguistics

Diane Lillo-Martin, editorial board, Sign Language Linguistics

Marine Sciences
Hans Dam, associate editor, Estuaries: Journal of the Estuarine Research Federation

Robert Whitlatch, board of editors, Journal of Marine Research

Evarist Gine, associate editor, Annals of Probability, Journal of Theoretical Probability, Electronic Journal of Probability, Electronic Communications in Probability, Test, Publicacions Matematiques

Gaston Hernandez, editor, Scientia ­ Series A: Mathematical Sciences

Walter B. Lowrie, chair, committee on papers, Proceedings of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries

Venu G. Menon, advisory editor, Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics

Michael Neumann, associate editor, Journal of Linear Algebra and its Applications

Eugene Spiegel, associate editor, Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics

Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
Harris Marcus, editorial board, Rapid Prototyping Journal, Materials Science Foundations

Arthur J. McEvily, editorial advisory board, International Journal of Fatigue

John E. Morral, deputy editor, Journal of Phase Equilibria; editorial board, Journal of Mining and Metallurgy; review board, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions

Nitin P. Padture, contributing editor, Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Leon L. Shaw, guest editor, Materials Science and Engineering

Molecular & Cell Biology
E. R. Leadbetter, founding editor, co-editor, Bacteria in Nature; editorial board, Microbiology (UK), The Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology

Philip I. Marcus, editor-in-chief (correction), Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research ­ Interferons Section

Patricia Neafsey, editorial board, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development

Steven D. Cohen, associate editor, Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health

Zbigniew J. Witczak, editorial board and book review editor, Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry; editorial board, Current Medicinal Chemistry

Margaret Gilbert, editorial board, Journal of Ethics

Leonard Krimerman, editorial coordinator, Grassroots Economic Organizing Newsletter; editor, Social Anarchism

Joel Kupperman, editorial board, American Philosophical Quarterly, Public Affairs Quarterly

Diana Meyers, editorial board, Public Affairs Quarterly; Senior Editorial Consultant, APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy

Ruth Millikan, editorial board, Philosophical Studies, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

Robert L. Phillips, editorial board, Ethics and International Affairs

Jeffrey Schweitzer, editor, Applied Radiation and Isotopes

Physiology & Neurobiology
Angel de Blas, editorial board, Journal of Neurochemistry

Bruce Goldman, editorial board, Journal of Pineal Research, Hormones and Behavior

J. Larry Renfro, editorial board, American Journal of Physiology

Political Science
Russell Farnen, editor, Politics, Groups and the Individual

Richard C. Kearney, co-editor, The Review of Public Personnel Administration; editorial board, Public Administration Quarterly, The International Review of Public Administration, The International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior

Norman Kogan, board of editors, Comparative Politics

Social Work
Al Alissi, advisory board, Social Work With Groups

Martin Bloom, associate editor, Journal of Primary Prevention; editorial board, Crisis Intervention and Time-limited Treatment

Kay Davidson, editorial board, Social Work in Health Care; consulting editor, Journal of Teaching in Social Work

Lynne Healy, editorial board, Administration in Social Work, Asia-Pacific Journal of Social Work

Nina Rovinelli Heller, book review editor, Clinical Social Work Journal

Kasumi Hirayama, consulting editor, Social Work in Education: A Journal for Social Workers in Schools

Nancy Humphreys, consulting editor, Journal for Women and Social Policy, Journal for Teaching and Social Work

Harriette Johnson, consulting editor, Social Work, Families in Society

Waldo Klein, editorial board, Journal of Applied Social Science, Journal of Case Management

Judith Lee, editorial board, Social Work With Groups, consulting editor, American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

Julio Morales, co-editor, Journal of HIV/AIDS Prevention & Education for Adolescents & Children; editorial board, Journal of Multicultural Social Work, Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services

Clinton R. Sanders, associate editor, Marketplace Exchange, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Symbolic Interaction; editorial board, Society and Animals

Dipak K. Dey, editor, Institute of Mathematical Statistics Bulletin; guest editor, Sankhya, the Indian Journal of Statistics; international editorial board, Parisankhyan Samikkha; associate editor, Journal of the American Statistical Association-Theory and Methods

Joseph Glaz, editor-in-chief, Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability

Alan Gelfand, associate editor, The American Statistician

Lynn Kuo, associate editor, Naval Research Logistics

Nitis Mukhopadhyay, editorial board, Statistics and Decision; associate editor, Sequential Analysis

Nalini Ravishanker, associate editor, Journal of Forecasting

Richard Vitale, editorial board, Advances in Applied Probability