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Advance seeking additional journal editors' information
We recognize that the list of journal editors published in the March 9 Advance was not complete, and plan to run a further list of journal editors in April. Please forward details of any journal editorships that were omitted from the list to Elizabeth Omara-Otunnu, editor, by fax at (860) 486-2063 or e-mail:, by Friday, April 3.

Social work school offers study-travel program in Denmark
The School of Social Work is offering a study-travel program to Denmark from June 5-17. The trip is open to current social work students, alumni, social workers and other human service professionals. Led by Lynne Healy, professor of social work, the trip offers opportunities for sightseeing and learning about social work in Scandinavia in the context of a small travel group. The program may be taken for two graduate credits. It may also be audited, but tuition is still required.

Through preparatory lectures and a 12-day travel program in Denmark, participants will explore the Scandinavian social welfare system, widely known as one of the most comprehensive in meeting social needs. During the trip, participants also will explore attractions such as museums, castles, and the scenery of a land of more than 400 islands.

The estimated cost is $1,899, including airfare, ground transportation, accommodations (additional cost for single occupancy), and breakfast, plus a course fee of $466. A non-refundable deposit is due by April 3, with balance due April 8. For more information and an application, call (860) 570-9129.

Student trustee candidates to hold election debate April 1
A debate among student candidates for the Board of Trustees and the UConn Co-op Board of Directors will take place April 1 at 6 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom. Election results will be announced April 29.

Candidates are:

  • Christopher Balfe, undergraduate, management information systems major
  • Alyssa Benedict, undergraduate, psychology major
  • Kingsley Stewart, graduate student, political science
  • Caroline Miner, doctoral student, psychology
  • Bob Scanlon, '90, second-year law student
  • Louis Bevilacqua, undergraduate, political science major
  • Kevin Hawkins, third-year law student

Open forum on Student Union renovations set for April 7
Architects selected to plan and redesign renovations to the Student Union will hold an open forum on Tuesday, April 7, at 7:30 p.m. in Room 380, Student Union. All members of the University community are welcome to participate.

Encourage your students to compete in calculus April 8!
Undergraduates are invited to participate in the 1998 UConn calculus competition on Wednesday, April 8, from 7-9 p.m., in Room 319, Edward V. Gant Science Complex. All undergraduates are eligible. Prizes will be awarded in three categories: beginner (100-level math courses); intermediate (200-level calculus); overall (beyond calculus sequence).

Students are asked to sign-up by Tuesday, April 7, in the math department reception room, Room 102, and to arrive at the exam room 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time. For information, call Stuart Sidney at (860) 486-3443.

Memorial symposium honoring Khairallah set for April 24
A memorial symposium in honor of Professor Edward A. Khairallah, titled "Biochemical Regulatory Mechanisms of Normal and Diseased Cells," is scheduled for Friday, April 24, at the Edward V. Gant Science Complex, Room 20. Presenters are Henry Pitot, University of Wisconsin; Alfred Goldberg, Harvard Medical School; Donald Reed, Oregon State University; Sten Orrenius, Karolinska Institutet; and Raymond Birge, The Rockefeller University. The conference is sponsored by the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, the Toxicology Program, and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, with support from the Departments of Nutritional Sciences, Pathobiology, and Physiology and Neurobiology, the Environmental Health Program, and the Graduate School.

University celebrates long-serving employees

John Abbott 32 English
Robert Adams 31 Mail Services
Robert Adzima 36 Plant Science
Albert Alissi 30 Social Work
Derek Allinson 30 Plant Science
Raymond Anselment 31 English
Robert Apt 30 Residential Life
Patricia Babcock 30 Sport, Leisure & Exercise Sciences
Robert Baldwin 30 Extended & Continuing Education
Andrew Baylock 33 Sport, Leisure & Exercise Sciences
Robert Bee 30 Anthropology
Michael Blumenthal 32 Waterbury Campus
Robert Bohn 31 Chemistry
Emory Braswell 35 Molecular & Cell Biology
Allan Brown 30 Technical Services Center
Laurence Burch 30 Marine Science & Technology Center
Kathleen Caldwell 39 Agricultural & Resource Economics
James Cavar 31 Purchasing & Central Stores
Sarah Chappell 34 Chemistry
William Chapple 31 Physiology & Neurobiology
Patricia Chaves 30 Research Foundation
John Conklin 38 Social Work
Ronald Coons 31 History
Marvin Cox 31 History
Roy Craddock 35 Hartford Campus Business Services
Carl David 34 Chemistry
Dorothea Dicecco 35 Waterbury Campus
Donald Dickerson 32 Psychology
Jeanette Duchesneau 30 Residential Life
Tom Dulack 37 Waterbury Campus
Luis Eyzaguirre 31 Modern & Classical Languages
Donna Fournier 34 Pharmacy Dean's Office
Charlene Freeman 33 Computer Center
Thomas Goodkind 32 Curriculum & Instruction
Robinson Grover 31 Torrington Campus
Yukap Hahn 31 Physics
Kurt Haller 33 Physics
Samuel Huang 33 Chemistry
Lee Jacobus 35 English
Ruth Jay 31 Business Administration
Dennis Kaba 31 Landscape Services
Marianne Kalbac 36 Pathobiology
Leonard Katz 32 Psychology
Quentin Kessel 30 Physics
Herbert Koenig 30 Mechanical Engineering
Edward Kominski 37 Plant Science
Linda Kruse 31 Physics
Joel Kupperman 35 Philosophy
C. Everett Ladd 33 Roper Center & Institute for Social Inquiry
Tsoung-Chao Lee 30 Agricultural & Resource Economics
Robert Luyster 33 Philosophy
David Maker 30 Music
Edmond Marrotte 31 Plant Science
Michael Merriam 30 Purchasing & Central Stores
Beverly Michaud 36 Registrar
David Morris 30 Computer Center
Karl Nieforth 36 Pharmacy
Maria Niles 33 Political Science
Stanford Nye 30 Facilities Management
Bonnie O'Brien 32 Admissions
James O'Hara 32 English
Arnold Orza 30 Hartford Campus Director
Henry Palmer 35 Pharmacy
Janice Palmer 32 Controller's Office
William Peterson 31 Computer Center
Edward Pollack 34 Physics
George Rawitscher 30 Physics
Joseph Renzulli 31 Educational Psychology
Thomas Roberts 34 English
Beverly Salcius 31 Extended & Continuing Education
Gerald Sazama 30 Economics
Carl Schaefer 33 Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Pamela Schaffer 30 Facilities Management
Ronald Schlehofer 30 Plant Science
David Schroeder 32 Natural Resources Management
Jay Shivers 35 Sport, Leisure & Exercise Sciences
Mark Showalter 30 Landscape Services
Barbara Simmons 36 Finance & Administration
Seymour Slessinger 42 Waterbury Campus
Karen Smith 31 Dining Services
Linda Smith 30 Student Activities & Union Programs
Crystal Snow 30 International Affairs
Avo Somer 36 Music
David Sonstroem 32 English
Domina Spencer 47 Mathematics
Joseph Speyer 30 Molecular & Cell Biology
Eugene Spiegel 30 Mathematics
Marie Spinelli 30 Hartford Campus Business Services
Duane Sturgeon 31 Farm Services
Colin Tait 31 Law School
John Tanaka 32 Chemistry
Edmond Tomastik 32 Mathematics
Edwin Tucker 34 Marketing
Michael Turvey 30 Psychology
Linda Whitehouse 30 Athletics
Robert Whitman 31 Law School
Roger Wilkenfeld 33 English