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GRANTS ...for March 9, 1998
March 9, 1998

The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in January:
Those with UConn listed under "source" represent a redistribution of a larger federal award to the University:
Educational Psychology Lee McLean Developmental Disabilities Network Collaboration $20,210 Conn. Developmental Disabilities Council
Inst. for Social Inquiry G. Donald Ferree Business Quarterly $50,000 Conn. Dept. of Economic and Community Dev.
Psychology Susan Essock Memorandum of Agreement Between the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the University of Connecticut $195,000 Conn. Dept. of Mental Health & Addiction Services
Psychology Jay Rueckl Phonological Processes in Word Recognition $24,292 PHS-NIH-Child Health & Human Development
Psychology Harvey Swadlow Subpopulations of Motor Cortical Neurons in Locomotion $37,012 PHS-NIH-Neur. & Comm. and Irina Beloozerova Dis. & Stroke
Social Work Michie Hesselbrock Consortium on the Genetics of Alcoholism $48,305 UConn Health Center
Total Social Sciences this listing $374,819
Conn. Advanced Pavement Laboratory Susana Ulloa-Beal CONNCAP-The Connecticut Collegiate Awareness and Preparation Program $150,000 Dept. of Higher Education
Cooperative Exten. Syst. Robert Ricard Connecticut Urban Forestry Volunteer Coordinator $40,000 Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection
Health Services Thomas McGrath Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of Two Different Doses of Aspirin w/Pseudoephedrine & of Acetaminophen w/Pseudoephedrine in Adults $184,000 Schachtel Assocs.
Total Other this listing $374,000
Coop. Extension $7,315 Candace Bartholomew Conn. FY 1997 National Agricultural Pesticide Impact Assessment Program USDA-Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Services
Coop. Extension Nancy Bull Improve Water Quality $60,000 USDA-Smith-Lever-430
Coop. Extension Carole Eller Increasing Jobs and School Age Child Care $347,768 UConn-Cooperative Extension System-USDA
Coop. Extension Carole Eller Jobs Training Program-Project Core $98,539 UConn-Cooperative Extension System-USDA
Coop. Extension Carole Eller Jobs Training Program $872,488 Connecticut Dept. of Social Services
Ext. & Cont. Educ. Roland Holstead Jobs Training Program: Respite Care Program $150,162 UConn-Cooperative Extension System-USDA
Total Other this listing $1,536,272