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Members of Class of 1998 selected for Who's Who
March 9, 1998

Forty-five students in the Class of 1998 have been selected by a committee of faculty, staff and students for inclusion in the 1998 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges:

Alyssa Benedict
Polly A. Berruti
Jennifer Sue Bosquet
Eileen F. Brancale
Judith Diane Brown
Diane Carlson Burgess
Diego Frank Burns
S. Kent Butler
Lynn M. Calling
Jocelyn Chan
Michael T. Eisenhart
Karen Erikson
Kathleen T. Fahey
Sara Foran
Michelle Harris
Rachel A. Heller
Jo A. Kelly
Christina-Marie Krajewski
Laura E. Landwehr
Francesca Lefante
Jacqueline B. McNeil
Deborah A. Minnocci
Kathleen Ann Moriarty-Wyatt
Christina D. Morreale
Sara Jane Northway
Eunseak Oh
Keith Pixton
Matthew Cohen
Catherine A. Comazzi
Phuong Linh Dang
Vinay Radhakrishnan
Ryan Rembaum
Margaret A. Robinson
Donna Marie Rogalski
Michael A. Rush
Janet L. Savage
Wendy J. Scherban
Jennifer Shea
Edward Singleton
Stephanie Stoops
Kimberly H. Todd
Kimberly L. Vozzo
Courtney Beth Wallenius
Kimberly A. Yeager