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The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in Januaryar.

Those with UConn listed under "source" represent a redistribution of a larger federal award to the University:

Chandra Roychoudhuri, a professor of electrical and systems engineering, has received $180,000 worth of equipment, in addition to the $120,000 grant he received from Laser Fare that was reported in the February 9 issue of the Advance

Civil Engineering Michael Accorsi Dynamic Behavior of Large Multifunction Submarine Antenna Structures $22,374 DOD/Navy Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Civil Engineering Gerald McCarthy A Continuing Transportation Technology Transfer Center at the University of Connecticut $220,000 Conn. DOT
Civil Engineering Gerald McCarthy Management of the New England Transportation Consortium $73,021 Conn. DOT
Civil Engineering Jack Stephens Superpave Implementation $74,978 Conn. DOT
Computer Science Thomas Peters Space Filling Curve Instructional Animation $2,000 Project to Increase Mastery of Math & Science
Computer Science Dong-Guk Shin Interlinking Laboratory and Public Genome Databases $142,289 PHS/NIH Human Genome Research
Electrical and Systems Engineering Mehdi Anwar Handheld Personal Communication Network $360,000 Starrtel Group Inc.
Electrical and Systems Engineering John Enderle Clinical Engineering Internship Program at the UConn Health Center $240,730 UConn Health Center
Mechanical Engineering Amir Faghri Evaporation Boiling Condensation Capillary Structures High Heat 2-Phase Devices $30,000 NASA
Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Maurice Gell and Eric Jordan Advanced Coating Technology Development for Enhanced Durability and Reduced Cost in Naval Application (Phase I) $2,551,705 DOD Office of Naval Research
Physics William Stwalley Reaction Dynamics of the Li/H2 System $7,422 NATO
Total physical sciences this listing $3,724,519