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The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in December:
Those with UConn listed under "source" represent a redistribution of a larger federal award to the University:
Department Researcher Project Total & Source
Chemistry Steven Suib Microporous and mesoporous manganese oxides: preparation, characterization and applications $89,000 DOE
Civil Engineering Roger Ferguson Optimizing GPS use in transportation projects $120,000 Conn. DOT
Electrical and Systems Engineering Yaakov Bar-Shalom Tracking with ESA $100,000 DOD-Office of Naval Research
Electrical and Systems Engineering John Enderle Industrial internship program in biomedical engineering at UConn $109,400 Whitaker Foundation
Electrical and Systems Engineering Krishna Pattipati Verification and validation of high integrity software for safety-critical applications $40,000 NASA
Electrical and Systems Engineering Chandra Roychoudhuri High power surface emitting diode lasers for materials processing $120,000 Laser Fare
Electrical and Systems Engineering Lang Tong Blind signal processing: new methodologies for adaptive communication and signal processing $100,000 DOD-Office of Naval Research
Electrical and Systems Engineering Lang Tong Multiuser blind equalization for wireless communication $8,000 Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles
Mechanical Engineering Eli Dabora and Baki Cetegen Feasibility study for non-contact testing of printed circuits $32,951 Probot Inc.
Mechanical Engineering Amir Faghri and Eric Jordan Senior design projects $25,000 Cooper Instruments
Physics Gayanath Fernando Modeling of diffusion of plutonium in other metals and of gaseous species in plutonium-based systems $117,770 Univ. of West Virginia
Physics Boris Sinkovic Fundamental limits to small scale magnetoresistive memory and elements $275,577 New York Univ.
Physics Boris Sinkovic Spin-and circular-polarized resonant photoemission $151,701 NSF

Total physical sciences this listing

Educational Psychology John Hintze School psychology program $24,375 Hartford public schools
Geography Robert Cromley GIS support for data fusion/spatial reasoning $24,738 Technology Service Corp.
Nursing Cheryl Beck Removal of barriers to mental health care: improving the detection of postpartum depression in the community $59,912 Donaghue Medical Research Foundation
Nursing Gail Harkness Spring sabbatic for research/teaching at University of Leeds $42,919 Univ. of Leeds, England
Nursing Gail Harkness Fall sabbatic for research/teaching at University of Leeds $40,054 Univ. of Leeds, England
Nursing Patricia Neafsey Preventing drug interactions in older adults $59,917 Donaghue Medical Research Foundation
Political Science Everett C. Ladd Promoting better American-Japanese understanding: building an on-line public opinion information system for survey data from Japan at Roper Center $69,928 Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission
Political Science Richard Vengroff Democratic government and private sector development in Senegal $100,000 Agency for International Development

Total social sciences this listing