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GRANTS ...for February 2, 1998
February 2, 1998

The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in December:
Those with UConn listed under "source" represent a redistribution of a larger federal award to the University:
Department Researcher Project Total & Source
Agricultural Economics Boris Bravo-Ureta Memorandum of agreement between UConn's Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics and the Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario, Santiago, Chile $11,500 Inst.. de Desarrollo Agropecuario, Chile
Agriculture Kirklyn Kerr Connecticut FY97 National Agricultural Pesticide Impact Assessment Program $35,820 USDA-Smith-Lever-430
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology David Wagner EPA graduate fellowship (Graduate student: Goldstein) $4,188 Environmental Protection Agency
Molecular and Cell Biology Charles Giardina Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, short chain fatty acids and TNF-induced apoptosis of colorectal cancer cells: synergistic effects $12,500 Pharm. Manufacturers Assoc. Foundation
Molecular and Cell Biology Debra Kendall Redesign of structural regions of alkaline phosphatase $189,978 PHS-NIH-General Medical Studies
Molecular and Cell Biology Hallie Krider Early Lyme disease protection $123,000 Connaught Laboratories Inc.
Molecular and Cell Biology Brian Shepherd and Thomas Chen Endocrine correlates and nutritional constraints on environmental adaptation and growth in the euryhaline tilapia, oreochromis mossambicus $90,000 USDA-National Research Initiative
Molecular and Cell Biology David Yphantis Procedures for analytical ultracentrifugation $177,486 NSF-Biol. Instrumentation and Resources
Marine Sciences Richard Cooper Oil spill research and technology development efforts $100,000 Conn. Office of Policy and Management
Marine Sciences James Kremer Social and ecological transferability of integrated ecological assessment $72,300 Marine Biological Laboratory
Marine Sciences Collin Roesler A hyperspectral tethered spectral radiometer buoy: ocean color algorithm development in estuaries, coastal waters & marginal seas $30,817 DOD-Office of Naval Research
Natural Resources Management & Engineering John Clausen Stormwater treatment devices section 319 project $18,725 Conn. Depart. of Environmental Protection
Natural Resources Mgmt, & Eng. David Miller Nocturnal atmospheric exchange over forests $10,800 Yale University
NURC Peter Scheifele Advancing science learning for the deaf through marine science $6,708 UConn-Sea Grant program (redistr.)
Nutritional Sciences Linda Drake Connectiut family nutrition program-food security $45,440 UConn-Dept. of Nutritional Sciences
Nutritional Sciences Ann Ferris and Colleen Thompson Connecticut nutrition education and training program $50,552 Conn. Dept. of Education
Nutritional Sciences Ann Ferris Connecticut nutrition program-senior nutrition awareness program $200,300 UConn-Dept. of Nutritional Sciences
Nutritional Sciences Ann Ferris Connecticut family nutritional program-administration program $94,617 UConn-Dept. of Nutritional Sciences
Nutritional Sciences Ann Ferris Connecticut family nutrition program-iron deficiency in children program $159,962 UConn-Dept. of Nutritional Sciences
Nutritional Sciences Rafael Perez-Escamilla Connecticut family nutrition program-Hartford infant/toddler program $349,744 UConn Dept. of Nutritional Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences Robin Bogner General research support $2,000 Jobson Publishing Corp.
Pharmaceutical Sciences Steven Cohen Biochemical toxicology mechanisms research $74,887 PHS-NIH-Environmental Health Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences Jose Manautou Regulation of hepatic ATP-dependent transport proteins & their potential role in the hepatobiliary secretion of model hepatotoxic agents $12,500 Pharm. Manufacturers Assoc. Foundation
Pharmaceutical Sciences Michael Pikal and Robin Bogner Critical process and formulation factors in the freezing of labile proteins $7,500 Parenteral Drug Association
Pharmaceutical Sciences Kevin Sweeney Renal disposition of tacrolimus, cyclosporine, mycophenolic acid and mycophenolic acid glucuronide in the isolated perfused rat kidney $42,216 Fujisawa USA
Plant Science Richard Ashley Nitrogen management for pumpkins and squash $40,000 Univ. of Vermont
Total life sciences this listing $1,963,540