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It's official: It's the Nutmeg Grille
January 19, 1998

The Nutmeg Grille has been chosen as the name of the new upscale restaurant opening in the center of campus in early February. The restaurant's name was chosen from a list of recommendations developed by students in the School of Business Administration as part of a class project last semester.

The Nutmeg Grille is opening in direct response to the need for facilities to bring the University community together. Its development is an integral part of the strategic plan and the campus master plan.

"The restaurant will be a place where faculty, staff, students, visitors, and other guests can come together to share the University experience," said Chancellor Mark Emmert. "It is a great opportunity to cultivate a new sense of community."

The Nutmeg Grille will offer lunch on weekdays and will be available at other times for special and catered events. The space has been renovated by the University and is being furnished through a $100,000 gift from the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).

The 100-person capacity dining room is located in the Student Union, in rooms 278 and 282.

The name was recommended by one of the four student groups in Marketing 208, a consumer behavior class taught by Susan Spiggle, head of the marketing department in the School of Business Administration. The students worked with Spiggle to create names and test them in the marketplace, the University community. Standard industry techniques were used in the market analysis. Numerous deans, directors, department heads, faculty, staff and students were polled on the various suggestions.

The Nutmeg Grille was favored by both the students and those polled as a name suggesting a New England feel, while being warm and friendly at the same time. The name is also symbolic of Connecticut, known as the Nutmeg State. The choice of name was recommended by the advisory groups overseeing development of the new restaurant, endorsed by the Student Union Board of Governors Policy Council and received final approval from Emmert. With renovations almost complete and a name chosen, The Nutmeg Grille is now scheduled to open in early February.

Renu Aldrich