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Briefs..................October 27, 1997

It's official: the name is Depot Campus
The section of the University located at the former Mansfield Training School site is now officially to be known as the Depot Campus.

"For too long now, the University units and programs utilizing the facilities at the former Mansfield Training School on Route 44 have suffered from the fact that there is no official University name for that site," said Mark Emmert, chancellor, in a letter to members of the University formalizing the name. "To attain consistency and to end this crisis in identity, the University facilities there will henceforth be known as the Depot Campus of the University of Connecticut."

Sign up in November for the dependent care program
November is open enrollment month for the dependent care program administered by the Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company. To enroll, you must see a Colonial Life representative, available at the Child Development Laboratories on the Storrs campus November 3 and 20, 7:30-11 a.m. and November 12 and 25, 3-5:30 p.m. For more information and other locations off-campus, contact the Department of Human Resources at (860) 486-0400.

Get ready for winter with a flu shot from Health Services
Faculty and staff will be offered flu shots October 29-30 for the discount price of $5.

The shots will be administered by nurses from Student Health Services from noon until 4 p.m. each of the two days, at the Asian American Cultural Center, now located in a temporary building between Hall Dormitory and the William Benton Museum of Art. Appointments are not necessary. Students may receive the shots at no charge.

Flu season runs from October through February or March. The symptoms of flu include the sudden onset of high fever (101 degrees or more), muscle aches, headaches, and a dry cough. It is very contagious.

Last season's outbreak was serious, although it is too early to tell how bad the season will be this year. Health professionals expect this season's flu again to be the "A-type" flu, the same strain as last year.

Distinguished lecture series to explore frontiers of science
The inaugural lecture in the Norman Hascoe Distinguished Lecture Series on the Frontiers of Science will be held on Monday, November 3, at 4 p.m. in Room P38, Edward V. Gant Science Complex, and features Wolfgang Ketterle of MIT, who will present "Matter Made of Matter Waves: Bose-Einstein Condensation and the Atom Laser."

The lecture will detail how atoms are cooled and trapped by techniques recently recognized in the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics. Ketterle's group cools these atoms further - to less than one millionth of a degree above absolute zero - creating the coldest matter in the universe. Ketterle's application of this so-called Bose-Einstein condensate is the atom laser, which is analogous to conventional lasers but which uses beams of atoms rather than particles of light.

The lecture is designed for undergraduate students with an interest in science, but all in the University community are welcome to attend.