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Students elected as officers on Co-op board

New officers of the UConn Co-op Board of Directors were elected during last month's board meeting. These officers include: undergraduate students Jason Abate, chair; Kevin Balfe, vice chair; and Debora Minnocci, secretary; and graduate student Noah Barsky, treasurer.

The board meeting followed the Co-op's annual meeting, which included two new directors, undergraduates Antonio Macatol II and Gabriel Minnocci, who were elected in the spring. Five directors who were re-elected in the spring were also present: Jason Abate, Debora Minnocci, Darcea Godfrey, Noah Barsky, and faculty member Mohamed Hussein.

Completing this year's slate of directors are: undergraduate students Melissa Boyce and Melanie Magnarella; graduate student Debra Kreyer; staff member M. Kevin Fahey; faculty member Frederick McKinney; alumni representatives Dan Mahon and Melissa O'Hara; and the Co-op's president/general manager William P. Simpson.