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Paid parking in center campus
available to all employees

The opportunity to apply for a paid parking spot in center campus has been extended to all UConn employees, effective immediately.

The decision to extend this parking privilege to all classified employees was announced Wednesday by William Barrett, director of administrative and logistical services, after consultation with the University's Parking Advisory Committee.

The decision to widen the pool of restricted area parking permits is in response to the number of available spaces in the academic core. While every available space is accounted for, Barrett says, national studies indicate that no more than 60-70 percent of university employees are actually on campus at any one time. Barrett is moving cautiously, to be sure that the national figures hold true in Storrs, too, and to ensure that people who have paid for permits can find spaces.

The announcement gives every employee the option to pay for parking in the center of campus. It continues the efforts by parking and transportation services staff to make the transition to a pedestrian-oriented academic core as smooth as possible, and follows on the heels of a decision to add morning and afternoon express routes to UConn's expanded shuttle system.

Barrett says he and his staff will continue to monitor the parking and transportation system, and will continue to modify it in concurrence with the University's goals and objectives.

The new offering will be available to the first 100 applicants at the pro-rated cost of $60 for the remainder of the fall semester (good until spring semester begins January 21, 1998). Applicants may also purchase a permit for the spring semester, at the standard rate of $150 per semester.

Parking fees may be paid through payroll deduction.

Applications for the parking spots are available on the World Wide Web, or in the parking services office above Towers Dormitories on Route 195.