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GRANTS ............. September 19, 1997

The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in July
Department Researcher Project Total & Source
Chemical Engineering James Bell Loctite: Spontaneous Dip Polymerization $25,000, Loctite Corp.
Chemical Engineering Douglas Cooper Emerging Technology Program $4,500, Allied Signal
Chemical Engineering Jeffrey Koberstein Environmental Aspects of Plastics Recycling $112,500, National Science Foundation
Chemistry Qiuhong He Homonuclear Coherence Correlated Electrophoretic NMR $20,000, American Chemical Society
Chemistry Challa Kumar Oxidative DNA Strand Cleavage by Hemoglobin (summer student: Andrew Webber) $2,000, American Heart Association
Chemistry Steven Suib Metal Doped Gels as Potential Laundry Additives $30,000, Clorox Company
Civil Engineering Christian Davis Establishment of Connecticut Advanced Pavement Laboratory $125,000, Conn. Dept. of Transportation
Civil Engineering Roger Ferguson Optimizing GPS Use in Transportation Projects $120,000, MIT
Civil Engineering George Hoag Ground Water, Soil and dnapl: Characterization and Treatability Study $108,384, United Technology-Auto
Civil Engineering Jia Lin Hydrodynamic and Transport Models of Coastal Waters for Use in the Design and Management of Highway Structures $115,935.00 Conn. Dept. of Transportation
Civil Engineering Gerald McCarthy Management of the New England Transportation Consortium $77,244, Conn. Dept. of Transportation
Civil Engineering Gerald McCarthy A Continuing Transportation Technology Transfer Center $285,000, Conn. Dept. of Transportation
Civil Engineering Erling Murtha-Smith Design Against Progressive Collapse $73,863, National Science Foundation
Electrical and Systems Engineering Yaakov Bar-Shalom Multisensor-Multitarget Data Fusion and Tracking $100,000, Department of Defense
Electrical and Systems Engineering Peter Luh Optimization-Based Scheduling for Gas Insulated Switchgears Production $33,000, Toshiba Corp
Electrical and Systems Engineering Chandra Roychoudhuri Group Advertisement for Connecticut's Photonics Industry $12,000, Dept. of Econ. & Comm. Development
Geology Timothy Byrne Tectonic Exhumation in an Arc-Continent Collision, Taiwan, Republic of China $200,666, National Science Foundation
Geology Norman Gray Establish a Cooperative Research Agree Between UConn & the Us Geology SurveylSurve Water Resouces Division, Branch of Geophysical Applications & Support $70,935, US Geology Survey
Geology Gary Robbins An Evaluation of Vertical Contaminant Spreading in Ground Water at Underground Storage Tank Sites $49,413, Conn. Public Works
Mech Engineering Eric Jordan Chemical and Mechanical Instabilities at Thermal Barrier Coating Interfaces $261,375, S. Carolina r&d Corp.
Metallurgy Owen Devereux Intergovernmental Personnel Act Agreement for Kesh Narayanan $150,436, National Science Foundation
Metallurgy James Galligan Measurement of Instantaneous Dislocation Velocities in Iron $94,927, National Science Foundation
Metallurgy Gell Maurice Bond Strength and Stress Measurements in Thermal Barrier Coatings $150,000, S. Carolina R&D Corp.
Statistics Alan Gelfand Problems in Hierarchical Model Determination $45,000, National Science Foundation
Total Physical Sciences: $2,267,178