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GRANTS ............. September 5, 1997

The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in July
Department Researcher Project Total & Source
Allied Health Pouran Faghri American Heart Association Fellowship (summer student: Sureka Bollepalli) $2,000, American Heart Assoc.
Animal Science Xiangzhong Yang Yang's Student Research Account $4,000, Taiwanese Govt.
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Janine Caira Dissertation Research: Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of the Major Lineages of Tapeworms $10,440, NSF
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Jane O'Donnell Invertebrate Zoological Services $28,000, Conn-DEP.
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology John Silander Dispersal as a Mechanistic Basis for Landscape Ecology: The Role of Scale and Heterogeneity $7,500, NSF
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology David Wagner Phragmites: Impact on Iinvertebrate Biodiversity and its Invertebrate Fauna $870, Nature Conserv.
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology David Wagner Robbins Swamp and Canaan Mountain Invertebrate Survey $8,900, Nature Conserv.
Molecular and Cell Biology David Knecht Initial characterization of Mouse Macrophage Cell Motility Summer Student Research Fellowship (summer student: Aaron Nelson). $2,000, American Heart Assoc.
Molecular and Cell Biology Michael Lynes Live Cell Sensing, A Kinetic Analysis of Cell Function $102,771, Perkin-Elmer
Molecular and Cellular Biology Antonio Romano Sugar Transport and Metabolism in Thermotoga $87,000, DOE
Physiology and Neurobiology Angel De Blas Gaba (A) Receptors in Aging $131,110, NIH
Physiology and Neurobiology Joseph Lo Turco Functional Effects of NMDA Receptor Heterogeneity in Corticogenesis $34,950, Human Frontier
Physiology and Neurobiology Pei-San Tsai Dynamics of the Hypothalamo-Pituitary System in the Ranid Frogs (Research Planning Grant) $17,754, NSF
Marine Sciences Hans Dam Omnivory and Fate of Ingested Food in Zooplankton: Implications for Material Fluxes in the Oceans $100,000, NSF
Marine Sciences James Kremer Quantifying Critical Responses to Nutrient Loading in the Waquioit Bay Ecosystem $89,999, EPA
Marine Sciences James O'Donnell Wave and Current Measurements on Long Island Sound $15,600, U.S. Geology Survey
Natural Resources Mgt. and Eng. John Barclay Wildlife convention research center $125,000, Anonymous
Natural Resources Mgt. and Eng. Robert Neuman The Role of Large Woody Debris as Habitat for Wild Trout in Connecticut Streams $3,500, Nature Conserv.
Natural Resources Mgt. and Eng. Glenn Warner Assessment of the Applicability of Engineering Hydrologic Models in CT $60,000, Conn.-DT
Pathobiology Dennis Hill Development of Drugs of Abuse in Urine Screening Assay $21,078, Hartford Hospital
Pathobiology Dennis Hill Development of Drugs of Abuse in Urine Screening Assay $22,185, Hartford Hospital
Pharmaceutical Sciences Robin Bogner Exploring Careers in Pharmaceutics. $11,575, Boehringer
Pharmaceutical Sciences Michael Pikal Eli Lilly Research Assistantship in the Freeze Drying of Pharmaceuticals $18,000, Lilly Co.
Pharmaceutical Sciences Kevin Sweeney Pharmacokinetic Disposition and Drug Interaction Studies $6,000, AM. FDN. Pharm Ed.
Total Life Sciences: $910,232