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GRANTS ............. August 29, 1997

The following grants were received by the Research Foundation in June
Department Researcher Project Amount & Source
Chemical Engineering Robert Weiss Liquid Crystalline Polymer/Ionomer Blends $53,364, Hoechst-Celan
Chemistry Amy Howell 2-Alkylidene Oxetanes: A Versatile Molecular Scaffold for New Molecules and Advanced Materials $70,800, NSF
Chemistry Dominic McGrath Structure/Property Relationships for Dentritic Macromolecules Containing Stereogenic Centers $65,000, NSF
Chemistry Steven Suib Second NSF/EPRI Workshop on Microwave-Induced Reactions $5,900, NSF
Civil Engineering Gerald McCarthy The Cooperative Highway Research Program for FY 6/1/97 to 5/31/98 $158,559, Conn.-DOT
Electrical & Systems Engineering Faquir Jain Heterostucture Acoustic Charge Transport (HACT) Spatial Light Modulators (SLMS) for 3-D Parallel Optical Memory Interconnects $29,985, Materials Tech.
Electrical & Systems Engineering Chandra Roychoudhuri The Telecommunications and Networking Engineering Technology Education Project $29,193, Springfield Tec
Electrical & Systems Engineering Lang Tong IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communication $20,000, NSF
Institute of Materials Science Fotios Papadimitrakopoulous ACS Symposium on Organic Materials and Devices for Display Technology $5,000, NSF
Institute of Materials Science Thomas Seery Smart Multilayer Coatings: A Modular Approach $224,758, DOD
Mechanical Engineering Ranga Pitchumani Intelligent Stimulation-Assisted Liquid Composite Holding $190,561, DOD
Mechanical Engineering Bi Zhang Damage Control in Grinding $48,564, NSF
Metallurgy Arthur McEvily Fatigue Crack Growth Characteristics of Potential HSCT Alloys $55,000, NASA
Total Physical Sciences this listing: $956,684