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GRANTS........................July 18, 1997

Department Researcher Project Amount & Source
Animal Science Xiangzhong Yang Personal Consulting Income $11,000, Genzyme Inc
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Robin Chazdon Modeling the Consequences of Heterogeneous Light Environments for Seeding Performance in Tropical Wet Forests: A Multi-Scale Approach $9,578, NSF
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Robert Colwell Arthropod Biodiversity in a Lowland Tropical Forest III $23,471, Duke University
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Eric Schultz Growth Rates of Larval Bay Anchovy (Anchoa Mitchilli) in the Hudson River Estuary $16,500, NOAA
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Peter Turchin Direct and Indirect Effects on Community Resilience in Oak Forests $9,533, Inst. of Ecosys.
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology David Wagner Caterpillars of Eastern Forests $9,333, USDA
Molecular & Cellular Biology Michael Lynes A Mechanism of Metal-mediated Immunosuppression $156,533, PHS
Physiology & Neurobiology Joseph Crivello Development of Polymorphic Markers for Bay Scallops $9,900, UConn-Sea Grant
Physiology & Neurobiology Laura Nisenbaum Regulation of Corticostrital Afferent Segregation $5,000, NSFs
Marine Sciences Walter Bohlen Enhancement and Modifications for the WWW Home Page of the Quinnipiac River Fund $5,000, New Haven FDN
Marine Sciences Thomas Torgersen Rare Gas Studies of Fluids in the San Josquin Basin: A Basin Scale Test of Hydrogeological Process Models $23,142, DOE
Nutritional Sciences Maria Luz Fernandez Mechanisms of Plasma Cholesterol Lowering by Atorvastatix (Transfer) $19,288, Parke-Davis
Pathobiologyr Dennis Hill Development of Drugs of Abuse in Urine Screening Assay $20,916, Hartford Hospital
Pharmacy Robin Bogner Exploring Careers in Pharmaceutics $12,000, Bayer Corp.
Pharmacy Robin Bogner Exploring Careers in Pharmaceutics $8,000, Bayer Corp.
Pharmacy Edward Kelly III Assessment of Pharmacist Attitudes Towards Sale of Sterile Needles and Syringes $85,000, mixed sources
Plant Science Carol Auer The Effects of Temperature, Gibberellins, Cytokinins, and Seed Coat Removal on Helleborus Seed Germination $2,000, NE Greenhouse
Plant Science Gerald Berkowitz Molecular and Biochemical Analysis of a Plant K+ Channel Beta Unit $95,298, NSF
Plant Science Richard McAvoy Studies on Poinsettia Bract Necrosis $2,000, NE Greenhouse
Total Life Sciences this listing: $443,492