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Aronson appointed to help schools

Lori Aronson, a special assistant to the chancellor, has been named to a panel that will take over management of the Hartford public school system.

Aronson, who oversees the University's strategic and master plans, offers the seven-member board a lifetime of public service in state government and in public education.

Prior to joining UConn in August 1995, Aronson twice served as deputy secretary of the Office of Policy and Management, twice as deputy commissioner of education, as commissioner of the Department of Income Maintenance (now Social Services), and in various capacities in the state Department of Education.

She said her position on the board will help forge new ties between the University and the school system, including curricular offerings for UConn students. "I am proud to be able to give my time to this as a university representative," Aronson said. "The future of our urban schools is the future of our state and it is the future of this University. We are a public university, we are dedicated to excellence and access and service. For us to have the kinds of students that we want to see walking through the doors of our lecture halls as freshmen - talented and diverse - it is absolutely essential that we be part of any effort to help the Hartford public schools.

"Excellence is not just making sure the students get a good education in high school but that they know we expect them to perform well enough to attend UConn - an expectation that will be rewarded at the end of the line."