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UConn Advance

May 9, 1997

Department Researcher Project Amount & Source
Chemical engineering James Bell Spontaneous DIP Polymerization $20,000, General Electric
Chemical engineering Montgomery Shaw Real-time Raman Measurements in a Parallel-Plate Rheometer of a Curving Composite $150,000, Adv. Fuel Research
Chemistry Amy Howell The Synthesis of Octalactin in A Analogs with Enhanced Cytotoxicity $7,091, UConn Health Center
Civil engineering George Hoag Critical Technology Program in Environmental Technology (Year III) $315,000, DED-CII
Civil engineerings John Ivan Risk-Based Management Methods for Evaluating Roadway Safety $60,000, MIT
Civil engineering Barth Smets Biodegration of Nitroglycerin in Biofilter $25,000, DOD-Army-CERL
Civil engineering Jack Stephens SHRP Testing-Route 2 $16,645, Soneco Inc.
Computer science Thomas Peters Accuracy and Algorithms for CAD Model Transfer and Creations $16,290, S. Carolina Res.
Electrical & systems engineering Bahram Javidi Popularizing Neural Processors: A Project to Place an Optoelectronic Neural System in EveryWallet $50,000, NSF-ECS
Electrical & systems engineering David Kleinman Adaptive Coordination for Flexible C3 Organizations $60,260, Alphatech
Electrical & systems engineering Chandra Roychoudhuri Photonics Technology Program (Center for Advanced Imaging Technology) $540,000, DED-CII
Geology Vernon Cormier Heterogeneity, Anisotropy and an Elasticity in the Lowermost Mantel and Inner Core $174,618, NSF-EAR
Institute of Materials Science Tom Seery, Jeff Koberstein, Dom McGrath and Peter Klemchuk Durable Multilayer Coatings: a Modular Approach $895,518, AFOSR
Mechanical engineering Amir Faghri Senior design projects $4,000, Cannondale Corp.
Mechanical engineering Amir Faghri Senior design projects $5,000, U.S. Surgical Corp.
Mechanical engineering Kazem Kazerounian A Proposal for the Development of an Automated Resistance Welding Station $13,740, Cooper Instruments
Mechanical engineering Ranga Pitchumani Total Quality Optimal Manufacturing of Composite Materials Via Liquid Molding $99,998, DOD-Navy-YIP
Mechanical engineering Bi Zhang A Lithography Stage of High Performance $75,849, NSF-DMI
Metallurgy Maurice Gell Bond Strength and Stress Measurements in Thermal Barrier Coatings $10,000, ABB power plant
Metallurgy Norbert Greene Corrosion Study of Firearms $99,755, Justice-FBI-ARPA
Metallurgy Marcus Harris Advanced Materials Technology $495,000, DED-CII
Physicse Joseph Budnick Construction of Enhanced Intensity Diffraction Anomalous Fine Structure Apparatus and Applications of Exafs to the Study of Binary and Ternary Systems $56,000, N.C. State Univ.
Total physical sciences this listing: $3,729,764
Educational leadership Edward Iwanicki Hartford Teacher Evaluation Training for Administrators $20,000, Hartford Bd. Of Ed.
School of Social Work Michael Borrero Gang Intervention Services for Youthful Offenders $7,500, Dept. of Corrections
Sociology Josef Gugler Organizational Behavior in the Informal Sector: The Succession Crisis Among Micro and Small Enterprises in Nigeria $7,000, NSF-INT
Total social sciences this listing: $34,500

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