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Emmert announces fine-tuning
May 9, 1997

Mark Emmert, chancellor and provost for University affairs, has announced some fine-tuning of additional positions within the administration.

He has begun the search to replace the retiring Carol Wiggins, vice president for student affairs. Starting June 1, Carmen Vance, her associate, will serve in that capacity.

As previously announced, Emmert has recrafted the positions of three associate provosts and the dean of the graduate school. The associate provost position previously held by Leon Bailey has become the vice provost for multicultural affairs; a search is underway to fill the position. The associate provost position held by Judith Meyer has been redefined as the vice provost for undergraduate education and instruction; a search is underway with Meyer serving on an interim basis pending conclusion of the search.

The position of dean of the graduate school, held by Thomas Giolas, has become the vice provost for research; Giolas is serving in the interim while a third vice provost search is conducted to fill the position.

The fourth academic position is the associate provost job held by Fred Maryanski. Emmert has redefined his position to focus on administrative matters across all academic units, including academic budgets, information technology, personnel and space, and oversight of the regional campuses. To more accurately reflect this broad role, Maryanski's position has been renamed vice chancellor for academic administration. His appointment ends in September 1999.

"All of these redefinitions and reassignments will allow the University to focus its attention on implementing the strategic plan and providing services to students, faculty and staff more effectively and efficiently without the addition of senior managerial positions," Emmert said on UCFORUM, the University-wide e-mail list.

Similar redefinitions have occurred on the administrative side of the University.

President Philip E. Austin has asked Wilbur Jones, vice president for finance, to serve as University-wide chief financial officer and liaison with state and other governmental agencies. Dale Dreyfuss, formerly associate vice president for administration and finance, will take responsibility for those functions that had reported to Jones. His title will be vice chancellor for business and administration.

The University also has merged the Department of Personnel and the Office of Labor Relations to form a new Office of Human Resources. The title of Virginia Miller, formerly assistant vice president for labor relations, has been renamed assistant vice chancellor for human resources.

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