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Wiggins honored with room of her own
April 11, 1997

She said it's her favorite room in the Student Union. And now it has her name on it.

Room 217, now officially called the Carol A. Wiggins Student Leaders Lounge, was dedicated last Thursday during a surprise party honoring Wiggins.

"I really was surprised!" Wiggins said. "You got me."

Wiggins, vice president for student affairs, will retire at the end of this semester after 34 years of service to the University. More than 50 people gathered in the room to wish her well and share in the dedication ceremonies.

The event was filled with a full spectrum of emotions - from the tingly giddiness that comes with having pulled off a surprise party, to the laughter produced by jokes and fond recollections, to the sadness accompanying farewells.

"This room is a reminder to students and staff about the great legacy left by a very special lady," said Carmen Vance, associate vice president for residential life, who had to fight to hold back tears during her comments. Artie Travis, director of the Student Union, and Rachel Heller, president of UConnPIRG, also spoke during the ceremonies.

Renovations to Room 217 included new carpeting and furniture and a portrait of Wiggins.

"I can't tell you how special this is for me," Wiggins said. "It's a special room. My favorite room. Because it's for the students, who are the bottom line."


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