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Halogen lights are banned
March 7, 1997

Halogen lamps have been banned from University residence halls because they are a fire hazard, the UConn Fire Department said.

Francis Williams, deputy fire chief, issued the notice after four fires were reported at UConn involving halogen lamps. The floor lamps will no longer be allowed in residence halls, fraternities, sororities and other University housing.

Notices were distributed to residents this week. Resident assistants will be trained to look for the lamps during inspections.

The fires at UConn involving the lamps were minor. In one case, curtains and a window shade caught fire. In another, a student left a sweater over a lamp.

Halogen bulbs burn at a much higher temperature than standard incandescent bulbs. A 500-watt tubular halogen bulb can get as hot as 1,200 degrees, the equivalent of a stovetop set to high.

The lamps also have been banned at Yale University. The UConn ban will be included in the next student handbook.

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